Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


2. Punishment

Afterwards, i ditched school and made my way home, certain someone would die if i remained in that prison.

“What did you do?” Louis groaned as i walked through the door, home three hours early. I shrugged and popped open the stress relief pills on the table.

“You should stop taking those, they are bad for you.” Louis complains again, reaching for the pot of mummy’s little helpers- perfectly named too. I snatched them away from him and downed a couple of them.

“What is going on with the pigs?” I ask, referring to social services.

“I rearranged the dates. Social services are coming on May 26th. Now tell me about school.”

I shake my head and put the pill box down,

“I didn’t do anything!”

He shook his head disapprovingly,

“Why are you lying to me? You do realise the school call me.”

“What did they say?” I murmur quietly, shuffling my feet and lowering my head.

“You called a man old and then called out someone’s hair growth and weight, Kelsey!”

Childishly, i bit my lower lip and fiddled with my fingers,

“I am sorry, louis.”

“No you are not, if you were sorry, you would stop getting us in so much trouble!” He boomed, frightening me a little. Louis never yelled, sure he snapped, but he never showed any violence towards me. He was the perfect older brother and money maker, and i kept ruining it. Undoubtedly, if he wasn’t stuck babysitting me, he would be top of the company and be married.

“You are going to school tomorrow and you are to apologise to him.” Louis sighed, finalising the plans.

"I don't want to go in for the rest of the week!" I argue but he brushes me off swiftly.

"You should have thought of that before being so disrespectful." 

I spun and stormed off to my room, annoyed at nothing in particular, just the world.


The next morning, i was at school early and shuffling my feet outside of my science teacher’s room. Louis had driven me here so i couldn’t escape and make a runner which sucked.

“Kelsey? What a surprise!” My science teacher gasped as he opened the door. Playing with the locket in my left hand, i muttered an apology.

“Not very sincere, but thank you nonetheless.” He notes, nodding his head. I bit my tongue, holding back some very nasty words. There was a stretch of silence as i shuffled my feet again, thinking of something nice to say.

“I spoke to your brother.” He pointed out, grinning as if he won this argument,

“Nice lad.”

I nod in agreement.

“He said you would make it up to me if i promised not to take this issue further.” Sir grinned, stretching his large belly out and flashing his pit stains.

Louis managed to keep that one quiet.

“He did? What did he say i will do?” I spit, thinking about the argument i was going to start when he picked me up from school.

“There is a new person joining the school next week. I am putting you on report with them to help them settle in. You shall not leave their side for a minute.”

Sickness rose up in me, i didn’t want to be nursing a new student. Especially if it is a younger kid from the lower school.

“For how long?” I burrow my eyebrows together,
“Three weeks.”

I clench my jaw. Stuck with a sticky eleven year old for three weeks? Stuff that.

“Take this issue further, i am not doing it.” I hiss, daring him to test me.

“Your brother said you would.”

I shook my head,

“My brother isn’t here.”

“The way i see it, Kelsey. You have three options.” The teacher smirked, glaring me down.

“One, you care for the new student until they settle in. Two, we call your brother and social services in to discuss this horrid attitude. Or three, i press charges against you, meaning you will be kicked out of school and step two will have to take place again.”

I felt my mouth fall agape. He was a bugger, horrid but a smart bugger.

“You are threatening me.” I say quietly, eyes darting everywhere but his face as if that gave me slight power over him.

“It is your choice, Kelsey. One, two or three?”

I toss my head back with irritation,


His smirk seems to grow on his already smug face as he nodded and began closing the door on my face,

“Meet me next Monday at ten o’clock.”


It took all of three seconds for sir to close that door for me to be on the phone to Louis with an attitude.

“Louis?” I screamed into the answer phone after he doesn’t pick up the first three times,

“Louis answer me or so god help you when i get home!”

I yell down the phone a little bit more until i am satisfied that he gets the message.

My heart rate is accelerating loudly and i was mad. I didn’t take my pills this morning which clearly didn’t help my mood.


However, i still went to class, hoping to calm down in the corner of the room, alone.


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