Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


48. Photo shoot


We had to be pictured at the beach so we went to the beach! I wore a small black bikini which the agent sent me, Alessio wore matching black shorts, Julia wore a beautiful little swimsuit dress which was multi-coloured and Tommy matched the colours but he wore just shorts like Alessio. We looked like the image perfect family.

The stylist has matched my hair colour with the rest of our family which was dark, locks of brown which actually brought out all the high jaw bones in our family and the crystal blue eyes.

" First, just the parents." The director ordered as Alessio and I were positioned in me linking my arms around his shoulder and his arms wrapped around my waist. We were incredibly close and we had the wind blowing in our hair gently which was most likely from the huge fan standing in front of us.

" Okay, now look in love and mysterious." He demanded again as I done my best mysterious look, pouted lips with a sharp love glisten in my eyes. Alessio bit his lip and kept his eyes focused into mine. He looked breath winningly sexy.

" Now, the children,"
We had to pretend like we were walking away from the camera holding hands in a line. I held Tommy's hand who then held Julia's and then Alessio's. The stylists zapped around each and everyone of us, adjusting flaws in our hair, clothes and other things until after a few minutes, the camera clicked.

" Take break," The director ordered and I pulled Alessio to my side and kissed him passionately. Click. Damn, that wasn't suppose to be a picture.

I pulled back with a innocent smile before I brought my lips to Alessio's ear,

" Ask them if we could go in the water Please baby?"

He bit his lip harshly as his eyes ate up my figure, hesitating to touch me and then nodding and talking to the director.

" He said yes!" Alessio shouted, throwing his arms in the air as we all ran for the water.

The next thing i knew, Tommy had arm bands on, floating aimlessly around in the water with Julia next to him laughing when she splashed him and he would splash her back. Alessio and I were included in the water fight and we were completely unaware of the camera which was clicking amazingly fast.

Alessio pulled me in from behind, kissing my cheek longingly and the smirk on my lips couldn't get bigger.

" There taking photo's, baby." I whisper and he nods into my neck.

" Giv 'em something to picture?"

I scoffed, turning around and looking over to our children who were now on the beach playing in the sand.

" C'mon, I know you want to..."

I rolled my eyes and sighed before pulling his head into my hands and kissing his lips innocently,

" Nope," 

I popped the 'p' and laughed when his face turned to disappointment. I threw my head back and laughed, clapping my hands before something has picked me up and I am wrapped around a figure.

" eekkkk!" I squeal into Alessio's lips which are now hungrily feasting on mine. I'm not complaining cause of those fireworks. Man, I have never felt this wrapped up into our love until the butterflies have completely blossomed and are soaring through my stomach.

His hands creep up my back sneakily and I tilt my head upwards a bit, my mouth agape as his lips fumble around my jaw bone and neck.

Click. click. click. click. clic- NO! This is bad, I don't wanna be naked in a second with pictures of me.

I quickly splashed Alessio and dived out his arms gracefully. Swimming quickly away. hehe, :)

I could hear Alessio spluttering from swallowing the water as I quickly raced back onto land and collapsing next to Julia and Tommy, laughing hysterically.

"What's wrong Mummy?" Julia smiled as Tommy crawled over to me, flopping onto my stomach and giggling sweetly.

" Mummy splashed Daddy!"

they both burst into laughter as Alessio wandered back over to us, soaking.

" I'm wet." He complains as I smirk seductively, sending a sexy wink,

" So am I,"

He pretends to collapse next to me, flopping onto the sand with a huff.

" OKAY, WRAP IT UP FOR TODAY!" I hear the director say as he pays us and we head back to the car to call it a day.



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