Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


13. ourHouse

We stood out side the mansion and I had never been so happy in my life. This was it, I was finally moving in with my boyfriend in whom I hope to start my family with.

The house was double your regular sized big house and stretched on for a decent amount of time. Judging by the windows, there appeared to be four floors and I could tell just by looking at this house, this would be the house I start a family in with Harry.

" I love it already baby," I turn and face Harry who is cautiously staring into my eyes, observing my every movement. He soon relaxes when I tug his hand to pull him inside the house....

A massive glass chandelier hangs from the ceiling which leads four stories high but still managing to give us an amazing amount of light.

An elevator which was rimmed in soft white fluff, sores straight up to the top of the house looking famously classy and morden. And two rooms either side of the house is equally balanced out allowing the house to look elegant but not snobbish. It was perfect.

One room was a modern day, full electrical kitchen which was coated in a decent amount of white and black. Surrounded by the high tech cooking supplies, It had a stranded island table in the middle allowing a tasteful look.

Another room was a living room which was surprisingly colourful and breath taking. It was a proper teenage dream with shelves on classic movies, a beer fridge and three soft, plump white sofas which had colourful cushions to match the atmosphere.

Further more, the opposite side had a toilet and a Washing room. Both of which were interestingly decorated to a certain extent and were hung with pictures of Harry and I that I didn't know we're taken.

" harry...I don't know what to say-" I sighed as we got into the elevator, applying a button to take us to the second floor.

" don't say anything then, cause you still have three more floors to visit," he winks at me, stepping closer and cornering me so he can kiss me.

" I love you so much it hurts babygirl," he tenderly pecked my lips before the ding of the elevator doors opening interrupted our moment.

This second floor was just as breathtaking as the first but this one was more for rebelling teenagers because there was two rooms, one each side.

One room was a bar which stretched round the whole of the back, making a corner cut for the dj booth. It had purple and black nightclub seats tweaked everywhere and a disco ball which hung above the disco floor. A proper night club.

I let out a snigger and raced onto the dance floor pretending to dance as Harry chucked his head back in laughter and followed me.

" what do you think your doing?" He grabbed me from behind and spun me around placing his lips to my neck.

" dancing," I giggled, grinding my booty against his crotch, seductively.

" later," his breath tingled the hairs on the back of my neck and sent cloudy vibrations through my body.

"C'mon you got one more room on this floor," he dragged me out the disco room and into the second room which was a cinema room.

" oh my gawd!" I screech as I run into the room with the 2 meter by 4 meter cinema screen which is placed in front of 7 rows of black fury sofas. Along each side, desks ran down holding different items. Pop corn machine, candy floss machine, fizzy drink dispenser and more yummy items.

" best room so far!" I hug the popcorn machine before practically jumping into Harry's arms with happiness.

"Why does everything you do have to be so perfect?!"

He plants a lengthy kiss onto my lips before allowing his hands to wonder to my hips.

"'re my good luck charm"

I smiled at his comment and before he could give me another kiss, I sprinted out the room to get in the elevator first before Harry did.

The second I left the room, I was in the air, being carried to the elevator in laughter.

" doctor said I had to stay by you at all times" Harry widely feasted into my eyes, never loosing a grip on me and entered carefully.

" doctor is always correct.." I sighed before he put me down and connected our lips together in amusement at me.

"We can skip level three, all it is, is eight guest rooms with connected bathrooms," he assured me before clicking 4.

I nodded my head before closely inspected his once bruised eye,

" at least it's gone now." He noticed my inspection and re-assured me before the doors slid open.

" now it's time to allow me to give you a tour like you done for me.." He took my hand and showed me look at 1 huge room in the middle and 2 little room either side.

Each door was differently multi colored which gave the floor a inspiring mood.

" the red one is our room, we will come back to that one though..." He referred to the huge centre one but led me through the first pink door one.

" this is the baby's room, if we have children." He smiles as I it was the most natural thing in the world, which it is, but it verbally doesn't feel like it.

The room was beautifully white with bright colours and a window which had the view of the garden. There was everything expect for a bed which I suppose was because it was bad luck but it seemed so spacious and beautiful.

" you never fail to amaze me Harry..." I smile weakly feeling very sick from how much I loved him. My knees grew weak and i could tell Harry figured something was wrong when he whisked me off my feet, passionately kissing my cheek for a minute.

I send him a thankful look as we entered another room. It was a toddlers room with a blue door in which linked through to the pink door. In this room, there were two beds, either side of the room and there was beautiful sparkly colors, words and numbers placed for an intelligence purpose.

" finally, our room."he smiled at me and I felt really confused,

" baby? what about the other two?" I said as explained that he hasn't decided what to do with them yet before carrying me into our bed room.

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