Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


7. Night club

My hands clutched around Alessio's muscles as we walked into the dark nightclub, as a couple. I wore a luscious black sparkly dress which exposed my breasts and Alessio wore a matching suit, we were couple goals.

"You want a drink?" Alessio smirks, one hand wrapped around my waist as he whisks me away to the bar. 

"Yeah, vodka and coke please."

He smirks at me, the look in his eyes making me get excited.

"Your dress is very..." Alessio begins, observing it up and down,


His eyes never leave mine as he sips at his beer, daring me to make a move. I shrug and press my arms together, my breasts bulging with the pressure,

"It is new. You like it?" I seductively ask, spinning around for him to see the open back before facing him again.

"Stunning, unbelievably stunning. When did i get so lucky?"

His words make my knees weak so i lean against him, lips barely touching his. Swiftly, his hands reach up to my hips, balancing there as his eyes challenge me silently. My lips touch his gently, a soft and sensitive kiss which will drive him insane hopefully. When i pull away, i was correct, a low growl is audible.

"You are teasing me." Alessio groans, clicking his neck as he shakes his head disapprovingly,

"What are you going to do about it?" 

My challenge is not ignored. He whisks me closer to him, lips attacking the sensitive spots on my neck, gently biting and sucking. A breathless gasp falls from my lips as his hand squeezes my ass.

"That will be enough." I hear Louis say as Alessio pulls back, a smug grin upon his lips as i stumble with my thoughts. My body is pressed up against Alessio's as i sip my drink slowly.

"Where are the others?" I ask, scanning the room.

"Jack and Stella are not here yet. Tom and Nial are dancing and Jake is somewhere." Stacey tells me with a sweet smile. She looked gorgeous with her curvy purple dress, and sensible little flats. Her feet were a little swollen though but i would guess that was because of wearing heels all day. 

"What do you want to drink darling?" Louis turns to Stacey and with a loving grin orders her a coke.

"Aren't you drinking?" I frown, taking a sip from my own glass. Alessio watches me carefully and Louis blushes for some reason. 

"Ur, no actually. I haven't been feeling too well lately, i think it was food poison so the doctor told me to lay off drinking for a while until my body is repaired." She stutters and i narrow my eyes in on her. She innocently bats her eyelids, taking the coke off of Louis and sipping at it slowly. I drop the subject, for now.

"There Jake is." Louis points out, changing the topic too as Jake stumbles over to us. His eyes scan over me with a hungry look as i cast my eyes away, not wanting to lead him on with any misguiding looks.

"You are looking ravishing tonight, Kelsey." He licks his lips and i feel Alessio tense up besides me. My hand discreetly runs patterns over his fist, soothing his breathing back to a normal-er pace.

"You look like shit." I reply with boredom as i take another drink. Behind me, Alessio chuckles and wraps his other hand around, making sure Jake knows his place.

"You may have her now but i was her first boyfriend. It doesn't last long, trust me." Jake spits to Alessio and i almost choke on my vodka and coke.

"Grow up Jake. That was two years ago, i have moved on and you are still sleeping around with the girls you cheated on me with." 

Jake growls but Louis firmly places a hand on his chest, warning him to back off. I blink back the past pain and spin around to Alessio, making a scene of kissing him. Alessio responds quickly, it was as if this was his idea too, trying to forget the wanker behind us and focus on the now.

"Whatever," Grunts Jake before he wanders off somewhere amongst the crowd.

"I have to pee." Stacey announces before she kisses Louis on the cheek. 

"I will come too." I offer and she quickly grabs up, hugging me tightly before leading us both down towards the toilets. I peer back to Alessio who was warily watching me before turning back to Louis with something i couldn't quite hear. Alessio's eyes widen and he pulls Louis in for a hug, patting him on the back with joy. I struggled to understand until Stacey dragged me into the toilets.

The loud thundering music thankfully came to a halt as she turned to me,

"I don't actually need the toilet." She admitted, grinning to me as if she had a devious plan.

"Then why are we here?" 

Nervously, i looked around,

"You are not going to kill me, right?" I chuckle and she bursts out laughing, grabbing onto my arms in the mean while.

"I need to tell you something and i am not sure how you will react." She suddenly stops, staring at me curiously with sad eyes yet a massive smile on her lips. I nod fearfully.

"I am pregnant." She grins and my heart sinks.

"Like baby inside of you pregnant or guessing pregnant?" I stutter, my face falls. How do i respond? 

"I am three months pregnant, Kelsey." 

Her smile is infectious as she points down to her stomach where a small bump was forming. She grabs my hands, forcing them onto her swollen belly as i squeal, hugging her tightly.

"Congratulations!" I exclaim, a genuine smile on my lips. Louis would be happier with a baby, i would think. He is going to make the greatest dad ever, he raised me after all; but then again, i am a little shit.

"You okay with it?" She nervously smiles and i nod, grinning.

"You two are going to make the cutest baby!" 

She bursts out laughing, a sigh of relief leaving her,
"I am so glad you approve. Louis said that you may freak out." 

I shrug with a teasing smirk,

"It is your baby, you are the one going to have to wake up at stupid o'clock every night."

"Oh, yeah about that..." She becomes quiet again,

"I am moving in with you and Louis, is that okay?"
My mood deepens but i remain forcing a smile on my face,

"Where will the baby go?" I chuckle nervously.

"We are converting your parents room into our room and then the bubba will get louis' room. Is that okay?" She now looks worried, holding my hands and watching me carefully. 

It wasn't fine, of course it wasn't. That was my mums and dads room, the one they built with there bare hand, the last part of the house Louis and i promised to never rearrange. I felt sick, but how i tell a pregnant woman this without becoming extremely selfish?

"Of course." I croak. Stacey bear hugs me, stealing the breath as i hug her back. Be happy, Kelsey. This is your brothers baby we are talking about.

"You are going to be an auntie!" Stacey grins, laughing loudly. 

"Oh!" I gasped, forgetting about that part of it.

"I am going to be an auntie!" 

My squeal was infectious as i jump up and down with excitement, Stacey standing and watching me with a wide grin.

"I am so glad you approve, i have no idea what i would have done if you didn't." She pants, worry crossing her face. I wrap an arm around her waist and lead us out the bathroom,

"I love you and my brother, you guys would make the perfect parents, I would never disapprove!" I smile.

"Who else knows?" I wonder out loud, looking to Stacey who bites her lower lip,

"Louis, you and Alessio. We are going to tell everyone else later tonight."  

Worry crosses her face again but i give her a reassuring squeeze,

"It will be fine, don't worry about it."

We trailed back over to Louis whose eyes are already latched onto me with fear. My arm gently drops from Stacey as i return to my position next to Alessio, who is also observing my reaction.

"Congratulations!" I smirk to my brother who blushes quickly, averting his eyes. A bigger grin crosses my face as my brother looks to Stacey with loving eyes, confirming that this baby will be the most loved child ever. 

Alessio's arm swiftly wraps around me, resting upon my hip as he passes me my drink again. I sip it slowly, scanning the room before my eyes returned to Louis and Stacey who were now in the corner of the bar, kissing each other.

"I am happy for them." I confirm, peering up to Alessio who is grinning widely,

"Never have i ever seen him this excited."

Alessio smugly nods, kissing me on the lips softly. This random gesture still made my knees weak as i responded, one hand clutching onto my drink and the other running through his hair. Alessio makes the hottest grunting sound before he pulls away, hunger stained into his mesmerising eyes.

"What was that for?" I joked, watching him carefully with an innocent smile.

"I couldn't help myself."

Our eyes remained interlinked, never faltering as we just smiled at each other, our eyes doing all the talking.

However, our moment didn't last long. His arms tighten around my back as someone approaches us, sliding onto the bar stool besides me.

I curiously peer over to see Jake, his leg touching mine as he orders a beer. Quickly, i snap my body away from him, standing on my own two feet away from Alessio and Jake.

Awkwardly, i down my drink, finishing it, and placing it on the bar side before pulling Alessio to the dance floor. Hesitantly, he follows behind.

"Dance with me." I tease, wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him closer. The music was loud enough to hide everyone's conversation as Alessio grabbed my waist.

"I don't like him." He grunts, eyes averting from me as he scans the scene.


"Jake. There is a bad air around him."

I chuckle, making light of the situation.

"Sure, he is a dickhead. But Jake can be alright." I say, dancing slowly against Alessio who moved minimally. His eyes widen and the crazed, hungry looks is shown again. Quickly, his grip fastens on my hip as we grind against each other, smirking and teasing.

"Why didn't you tell me you and him were a thing before?" He changes the sexual tension into irritation,

"It never came up."

I spun, twirling and letting my ass gently scrape against Alessio in the mean while. 

"He still loves you." He points out and then he spins me in the direction of Jake, whose eyes were glued onto me. Seductively, Alessio's lips came down to my ear as he stood behind me.

My eyes fell onto Jake with a gasp.

"Want to give him something to watch?" Alessio teased, his strong big hand slithering around my waist and resting on my higher thigh. A small moan escaped my lips as i spun around to Alessio, laughing, and kissed him hard. Fireworks broke out of the room, an eruption of flames licking at my sensitive skin as my lips were passionately attacked. His tongue curled into my mouth, taking me by surprise as i gasped out, clutching onto his arms with building tension. 

"I don't want him, Alessio." I whimpered out, breaking from the kiss,

"I only want you."

Alessio growled with a deep longing. 

He quickly looks around him,

"Want another drink?" He offered,

I passed him some money but he shook his head quickly, escaping my money grasp.

I carried on dancing in the middle of a crowd, everyone jumping and drunk together. Suddenly, another body slipped behind me and assuming it was Alessio, i carried on dancing. His arms wrapped around my waist but they were smaller. Quickly, i spun around to see Jake grinning at me.

"Jake! What are you doing?" I yelp, trying to push his arms away from me. They didn't budge.

"I just wanted to dance with my girlfriend." 

"Ex! I don't love you anymore!" I scream at him, smacking his arms away and trying to escape. His hand grabbed my wrist pulling me close to him as his other hand grabbed my hair, hoisting my head to look him in the eyes.

I spit, a direct hit at his cheek.

"Darling, you still love me. I can see it in your eyes." He cooed, one arm now sisterly travelling downwards. I stumbled backwards, him pushing me out the mass group of people. No one would find or hear us in the corner of the room.

"See, so willing." He growled, his hand grasping my thigh tightly. I screamed out but it was useless, the music hid my voice effortlessly. My head shook back and forth as i struggled and squirmed.

"Fuck off!" I cried out as his finger crept under my dress. Snapping my legs shut, i forced myself to scream louder. Tears fell down my eyes,

"No, Jake! Please not again!" I bellow as he undone his belt. Jake was a horrid boyfriend, a violent and abusive wanker. I tried to tell Louis but Jake would make excuses and threaten me into stop confessing, so eventually i did. I broke up with him multiple times yet he kept coming back.

"J-j-jake!" I shriek, as his hands try to part my legs. I smack his chest repeatedly and cry harder. I was a changed person, or so i thought.

Old habits never die.

Suddenly, his dirty fat fingers ripped my panties, dropping them to the ground as he took his member out of his pants. 

"Get off, please! I wont tell anyone, just get off me!" I shriek and suddenly he does, but he goes flying across the room. My legs give in with fear and i collapse in a heap, head hiding in my legs as i sob uncontrollably. 

Swearing and loud thuds are echoing across the room, even above the music but i was too terrified to even peer up.

"Don't touch my fucking girlfriend!" I hear Alessio bellow as another three thuds are heard. Weakly, i peer up to see Alessio ruthlessly pounding his fist into an unconscious Jake, blood oozing freely down his face. My eyes cast over to Jack and Louis who are sprinting towards the scene, pulling Alessio off. Nial and Tom are not far behind as they help restrict Alessio who is on full, vibrate mode, Growling. My head dips below my arms again, forcing myself to stop hearing the yelling, music and my tears. 

"Kelsey? Oh, Kelsey!" I hear Stella scream as her voice gets closer and closer. Stacey and Stella were now parked in front of me, saying comforting things but i couldn't hear them. I didn't want to anyone to see me this weak and scared. The old me was seeping through. I shook with fear, i wanted my pills. I needed the anxiety drugs that helped me stay calm around Jake. Where will they be?

Alessio's harsh shrieks soon dimmed and then a pair of large arms scooped me off the floor. I screamed, still terrified but i couldn't move to fight back with the man. Instead, i dug my head in closer to their chest, using the alluring after shave to calm myself down.


This was Alessio.

Pathetically, my hands clutched onto his black top as he carried me outside, the cold hair thrashing against my over heating body as i cried. 

"Kelsey?" I hear my brother shriek from behind us, his foot steps getting louder and louder. Then there was mumbling between Louis and Alessio before Alessio dipped, climbing into a cab with me still clung onto him.

"Look after her!" Louis yells as the door slams and my body shakes again, still worked up.

"Kelsey?" A soft voice soothes as a large, warm hand traces down the back of my dress. I wanted to peer up and look at him but the fear still coursed through my veins.

"Baby, it is just me. You are safe now." He tries again. Weakly, my head peeks up, eyes looking up to Alessio.

"Alessio?" I whimper, slowly sitting myself up before hugging him tightly again,

"I am scared."

His voice cracks and he looks broken as he holds onto me tightly,

"I know, baby. I know."

We got into the house, my legs weak and sore as Alessio helps me into the bathroom. He ran a quick, hot bath and told me to get in it. 

Like a gentleman, he helped me remove my dress but then left for me to take off my bra. Since Jake pulled off my panties, i was exposed and felt dirty.

The bubbly water soothed my tears as i rubbed my makeup off and scrubbed the horrid touch off of my skin. It was a weak attempt, but i wasn't strong enough to do anything else.

We lay in bed together, his arms wrapped securely around me,

"You have rubbed yourself raw." Alessio croaks, looking at my bright red skin. I shrugged and let my head fall further into his chest as sleep overtook me.




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