Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


6. morning


I awake, hearing my name being called by Alessio who was laying directly next to me in my bed. We left the cafe and then went back to his house. For some reason, he offfered me to stay the night and i accepted. We watched horror films all night until we passed out, one on another, the most fun i have had in a while.

"What? What time is it?" I groan sitting up on my bed checking the time.


"We have school today. Remember? It's Tuesday!" Alessio chuckled before throwing an arm on me and pulling me closer to him. My heart skipped a beat.

"Besides, wouldn't want to be late on my second day of being babysat." He teased, his smirk flashing his gorgeous teeth. I wanted to kiss this smug grin off of his face.

"I might strangle you to death, that way i get out of my sanction." I sleepily smiled, pulling myself closer into his arms and drifting back off to sleep slowly.

"Oh no you don't." I hear Alessio chuckle before i was lifted from the bed and over his shoulders.

"Alessio!" I squealed,

"Put me down you crazy psycho!" 

We walk for a bit until he reaches the bathroom and then puts me back on my feet effortlessly.

"You are insane!" I roll my eyes, flattening down my t-shirt which had rode up.

"Have a shower, you smell."

His teasing earned him a gentle wack around the head followed by me pulling him towards me mischievously. I wiggled my eyebrows and back up into the shower, fully clothed. Alessio was too transfixed on my eyes which i looked up to him through my long eyelashes.

"Kiss me?" I pluck up the energy for our first kiss as my heart wobbles with fear. He didn't respond. However, his fingers lightly caressed up my chin, curving around my cheek and then running over my lips. A raw hunger broke in his eyes as he gently connected out lips together. 

A spark instantly was lit, the bliss of the kiss making me wrap my arms around his neck and pulling him closer for more. Alessio's hands quickly wrapped around my back, pressing me to him as his tongue prodded at my lips for entrance. Mischievously, i ran one hand down Alessio's chest being extremely turned on by him.

"Hmnn," I whimper as Alessio grabbed my ass, backing me against the wall cheekily. However, our kiss suddenly stopped because as he pressed my back to the wall, he pressed the shower button. The mass of water shot down, soaking both of us.

"Oh my God!" i shrieked, laughing loudly as i peered down to my shirt which immediately became see through, exposing my bra-less breasts. Amused and extremely hard, Alessio observed me as i ran my fingers down his abs which the water had exposed for me. 

"How long do we have before school?" I tease, licking my lips and peering up to him.
"Not enough time to do everything i want to do with you." Alessio growled, kissing me again, suddenly and quickly. It lasted a minute before he pulled away reluctantly,

"I will lay some of my smallest clothes out on the bed for you." He announced before unwillingly turning and leaving the room, getting one last look at me before he went. 

I dressed in one of his long t-shirts which came to a dress on me, ending thigh high, and threw on the tights i took off last night to avoid sleeping in them. Good luck, right?

When i crept downstairs of his surprisingly big house, i caught him in the kitchen without a shirt on. 

Rippling muscles tore through his tanned body, tattoos covering his arms swiftly. His bed head hair looks so freaking sexy and my breath hitched in my throat as his arms stretched, applying more muscle to the situation when he reached for breakfast.

"Fuck," I breathed as a sly smirk played on his lips when he turned around to face me.

" like what you see?" His eyes were now burning into mine and all I wanted is to curl up with him and never let go.

" love it." I lick my lips, half dizzily when I see how close he suddenly was to me.

"Sausages and bacon good for breakfast?" He grins, returning to the stove.

"Perfect, thanks."

I grinned widely as i offered if he needed any help. He just told me to sit down and pour us orange juice, which i did. After breakfast, we ran around the house, gathering everything we needed for school.

"Where is my phone?" I called out to him as i slipped on my little dolly shoes. 

"Here." Alessio grabbed it off the table and approached me, now changed into a black, tight top and loose jeans. His eyes fell onto my outfit and he smirked,

"You look sexy. I really like the top, where did you get it from?"

"Oh, the charity shop. Yeah it was only 50p." I teased, enjoying his awe-stricken expression as we climbed into his car and drove to school. 

Lessons went quick, my mind only thinking about Alessio and how close he sat to me. I am sure he was thinking the same because he kept making little glances at me every now and then.

"Oh, Jack!" I called out when i saw the fiery red haired boy as Alessio and I walked to lunch. Jack stood next to a freckly, pretty woman who had matching ginger hair.

"Stella i am guessing?" I greet her warmly as she smiles,

"yeah. Urm, you are Kelsey, right?" 

I blink a couple of times, how would she know? 

"Oh, Louis talks about you and Alessio a lot. Hey, Alessio." She addresses him, reaching out to shake his hand. Dismissively, Alessio puts his arm around my waist, avoiding conversation with this girl.

"Are you coming back to my house tonight? I think we are all heading out to the night club?" Jack asks us, looking at Alessio suspiciously. Alessio shrugs and makes no attempt of hiding his boredom.

"Yeah, we will go." I say, speaking on behalf of both of us. Alessio's eyes jump onto me and i smirk evilly, sending him a cheeky wink.

"Oh okay great. See you there, then." Jack smiles before heading off with Stella.

"I don't want to go." Alessio grumbles, his arm never being removed from around my waist. I cheekily grin up to him as we take our seats in the bistro.

"Shouldn't have soaked my clothes then, should you?"

Alessio laughs lightly, shaking his head and then kissing my cheek gently. I look over to all of Louis' friends who seem to be coming over, Louis included. They all do one or two lessons here, but not as many as me.

I opened my bag and subtly grabbed my drug bottle, popping the cap. 

"Don't." Alessio warns under his breath, catching onto me.

"How did you even see that?"

"Special training. Now put the pills away." 

I bit my lower lip and stared up at him with sadness,

"Please? I need them."

"You haven't used them for a week. Why do you only need them when all the boys are here?" He asked cautiously and i gulped. Damn he was good at reading situations.

"I feel nervous in crowds." I lie,

"You work in one of the busiest places around here." He counter acts, sliding closer to me on the bench. He opens his hands for me to put the bottle in. Hesitantly, i hand them over and watch as his eyes scan the label.


"Something like that." I whisper, watching as everyone sits down on our table, the group number almost doubling in size. Louis was here with Stacey, his girlfriend, Jack here with Stella, Tom was with Nial (an on and off thing) and then there was Jake all alone. Nine of us!

Alessio subtly handed me back the drug tin with a wary look,

"Don't do anything stupid."

I gulp, of course i wouldn't. 

"Kelsey!" Stacey beams at me, grabbing at my hand without the drugs in. Alessio swoops in, grabbing the tin and tossing it into my back discreetly so i now had both hands free.

"How are you, i haven't seen you in ages!" She smiled sadly, her blue eyes matching my brothers. Stacey was the perfect girl for Louis! She was a thick, happy woman who worked in hairdressing. Though she wasn't the most intellectually appealing, she knew how to make small talk and make friends. Louis liked her smile, a lot. When she smiled, he said, the world keeps spinning.

I have my suspicions about a proposal soon. 

"I am good, thank you. How are you? Is your dog okay now?" I warmly greet back, trying not to be rude as i pull my arms back from her. She was lovely, yes, but she had no personal space awareness. 

"Yeah, pepper (the dog) gave birth to six puppies! I am still trying to sell them but they are super gorgeous, you have to come see them soon!" She squeals, talking about the dog that Louis and her adopted a few years back. 

"Anyways, enough about the dog." She stops, her smile turning mischievous as i sipped on my water,

"Louis tells me this is your new boyfriend." 

Alessio grins besides me as i almost choke upon the drink. Eyes wide open, i stare over to Louis who is watching me evilly,

"Since i got no text last night and you slept around at his house, i assumed you two were a thing." He says,

"Also, you are wearing his clothes. If anything happened last night, i will kill the both of you."

His threats were less sinister with Stacey shaking her head and giggling. Her hand laid upon his shoulder lovingly as she rest her head on it,

"Don't be like that, baby. Being in love is all about growing up and exploring." She explained, calming Louis down quickly and efficiently. 

"Whatever, i don't want my baby sister to be exploring anyone."

I laughed and winced slightly, perhaps a little too awkward.

"Why are you wearing his shirt?" Louis rolled his eyes, taking a deep breath as if he was trying to compose himself.

"There was a mishap with the shower." I smile innocently and Louis clenched his jaw,

"Nothing happened, chill." 

Louis, with encouragement from Stacey, calmed down shortly afterwards. It took a few soft words and little kisses to convince him but Stacey had him wrapped around his little finger; she lives with us on and off, so she understands his moods.

I peer over to Alessio who is watching me with a smirk. He nudges me under the table cheekily and i bite my lip.

"So is everyone going to the club tonight?" Jack chimed in, destroying the tension. Alessio, as usual, stops talking and just observes. 

"Yeah, should  be fun." Jake also drops in, his eyes meeting mine a moment longer than they should.

"Louis, you want to go?" Stacey asks him, taking his hand and watching my brother carefully,

"Sure. Want to stay the night too?" 

"And you tell me to stop exploring." I cheekily add, narrowly dodging the pea that came flying in my direction. I jumped into Alessio who smirks, bringing his lips to my ear seductively,

"Stay at my house too?"

"Okay." I grin like a love-struck puppy who has been told he is a good boy.


(This chapter sucked, i know eeeeek)

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