Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


19. Monday

I ditched school with Alessio on Monday to go to on a walk up to box hill along with Niall, Stacey, Kennedy, Louis, Micheal, Tom, Jack and Stella. That was a list and a half!

We began walking up the hill and as soon as we started I knew wearing highway shorts and a jean semi top with buttons down from half way of my breasts to the midst of my belly, was a bad mistake. On top of that, converses most likely wasn't sensible either. But it was too late now.

" my legs Ache all ready," Niall complained, leaning against the tree causing us all to stop and use his excuse as our own,

" yeah same. How much longer?" Kennedy added and Alessio, despite we climbed up millions of steps to get half way in the scorching heat, didn't look at all hot or sweaty and was emotionless.

I took a gulp of water to stay hydrated and carried on surviving although I wanted to cry so bad from the ache in my lower legs.

" Let's make this fun!" Laughed Stacey, clutching on Louis' hand as her other rested upon her swelling belly.

" go in one group of four and the other five, the first group to meet by the ice cream truck at the top of the hill gets free ice creams from the other group." Louis smugly says and we all bet on it.

Alessio, Tom, Nial and I are one group. Which evens out siblings and puts two couples together. 

On Nial's count, both groups went their separate ways, us up the hills steps and the other group climbing up roots on the mud.

We started racing up the steps quickly until we ran out of steps and there was still a good ten minutes away from the ice cream truck.

" follow me," Tom instructed and we accepted, meeting him at a tall wall like hill. Alessio held out his hand and gave us all a boost over the wall before he pulled himself over. Can I just note now how sexy that was and all the boys had ridden their shirts but Alessio had the best achievement by miles. God, I'm getting turned on just by him taking off his shirt.

" ouch! Shi-" I cursed, twisting my ankle dramatically so it has a loud click and I half collapse, falling into Alessio's arms swiftly.

" I think you just fell for me," he chuckled before kissing me on the lips quickly and chucking me over his shoulder before carrying on. I was laughing so much and couldn't believe that Alessio was still not breaking a sweat.

"Alessio!" I squeal when he slaps my butt, lingering on there longer than he should and I could hear the smirk through his voice,

"There was a bug,"

I rolled my eyes and allowed Alessio to do all the heavy lifting because my foot felt sore and swollen.

" can I have a lift?" Nial pouted to Tom, the two lovers flirting as they playfully pushed each other, racing to be ahead. I stuck my middle finger up at him cheekily and then waved at him because we were faster. Note how I say we? 

When the group got there, we were the first causing a celebration cheer and Alessio gently sat me on the grass before propping himself next to me.

" your foot looks bruised," he carefully examined my foot, using his hands to feel the swelling which made me flinch a little.

" yeah, see, this is why we shouldn't do exercise!" I laugh through the pain and Alessio's dimples shot out of his smile, sending the pain nerves away.

Alessio's head moved in front of mine and I roll so I lay on top of him. He smirks up at me and I flick my hair around so it's creating a cover and began to suck his lips lustfully. Quickly, his hands make their way up my body and push me down so my whole body is inches away from his and carried on playing with my temptations.

" oi, love birds! Come over here," Tom yells and I feel Alessio grin against the kiss with lust,

" to be continued," I wink at him before he sweeps me up bridal position and carries me over to Tom who is gawping at the other team.

"I broke a my high heels," grunted Stella, hugging onto Jack who looked irritated. 

"Loooseerrrsss!" Nial yelled and practically tackled Micheal In a friendly yet exited way as they both crashed to the ground laughing. Tom's eyes stuck onto his boyfriend messing around with another guy on the floor which made me swoon.

" what happened to you?" Louis cocked an eyebrow up at us and I giggled slight before pointing at my swollen ankle,

" I stacked it"

Everybody was laughing and Tom kept going on and on at how funny it was which was getting annoying.

" Kay Tom- they get the picture..." I snorted which made Louis furrow his eyebrows together,

" I'm going to get us all ice creams, Kennedy, Stella and Jack, give me a helping hand please," Louis said and they all walked off, talking. Louis' eyes remained on me for a few extra seconds before he led the pack away.

" I was just saying-" Complained Tom. I rolled my eyes and before we both made up the little cat fight.

The next thing I know, we were all sitting on the hill, scoffing down ice creams,

" You got some on your nose," Alessio chuckled to me and I peered up from his lap. He lent down, pretending to kiss me and then Louis dunked the ice cream upon my nose.

" Ugh! You faggots!" I scream, bouncing up and then falling back down from my weak ankle, straight into Alessio's strong grip.

"Oi, offensive towards my boyfriend and me!" Nial grinned, faking hurt as his hand clutched where his heart would be.

" Oh-my-gawd!" Laughed Louis in stitches of laughter as the girls began giggling as well, acting into it. Stacey's head was back, laughing loudly as her round belly began bobbing up and down with her heavy breaths. 

" I cant believe you boys!" I scoff and begin wiping it off my face.

" I-Im sorry..." Louis said with a fake hard expression before bursting out with laughter as did everyone else, including me,

" You are bullying me, people!" I sarcastically pout, Stella rolling her eyes and Tom staring at Michael with an unknown reason. Alessio swept me onto my feet and pulled something out of his pocket.

" this is something that will reduce the swelling and pain so you can walk on it without it hurting too much," Alessio wrapped something around my ankle, I cursed a bit before it done exactly what Alessio said,

" Thank you Babe," I smirk and I feel his presence strike ever so closer to me, eyes light and happy. I snake my arms around his neck and he does the same but around my waist.

Louis coughed. I pulled away but Alessio still wrapped his arms around me therefore I faced everyone but my head on his shoulder to ease the awkward position.

" what do you wanna do then? Shall we call it a day and head back?" Niall suggested, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

" Kay, by the way," Alessio butted in,

" Tomorrow, after school, some frat guys that I know are having a party, you guys wanna come?"

"Another party? I am still recovering from last night!" Stella pouted miserably, clutching onto her broken, black heels,

"Yeah, i am going to pass. My little bubba is playing up too much." Stacey joined in, rubbing her stomach with Louis' hand. She looked quite sick today, pale and green blotches on her skin.

"You guys go have fun though." She adds with a weak smile. 

I shrugged and hid my head into Alessio's shoulder, sniffing up his gorgeous scent. 

The truth is, wherever Alessio was, i will be.


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