Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


10. Monday Love

The time was 7:26am and I was rushing around my house searching for my things. Of course, i had managed to relocate my bag to an unknown place. 

" ugh! For fucksake! Where the fu? Where is it!" I was storming around upstairs and down stairs until I found it under a pile of coats which was in my cupboard.

" it's always lovely to see my girlfriend bright and happy in the morning," teased Alessio, striding pass me, planting a small kiss on my forehead.

" sorry. I'm sorry... just couldn't find anything," I apologised before he took me by the arms and lovingly looked into my eyes.

"Come here."

His lips attached to mine, causing fire works to soothe the stress running through me. It was passionate and thrilling, altering my thoughts.


"Well look who's changed," grinned Miss Morris as I walked into school, Alessio holding my hand protectively. I pulled away with a snort at the comment,

"I still think he is a snotty, new kid."

"And i think Karol has a weird name." He joins in, grinning as his arm wraps securely around my waist. Miss Morris rolls her eyes and then quickly leaves as we move into the hall where we took our seats. There was an assigned drama production playing and it meant we could skip a few classes, so of course we were here.

" ugh, drama. Basically all you have to do is either cry or kiss someone and then your an 'actor'" I bitched to Alessio who was grinning uncontrollably, dimples bursting out of his cheeks. I blushed and my heart almost stopped.

Control yourself Kelsey!

" when I was a kid I wanted so bad to be an actress," I sighed.

" then I guess I will make it come true," he stood closer to me, brushing a loose strand behind my ear before delicately placing his lips to mine, chewing my bottom lip seductively. 

"Save it for later please ," interrupted Miss Stafford, the drama teacher, as strolled past us.

"Oh I will," I teased Alessio,wrapping an arm around me.

"Today we have a special class-" miss Stafford babbled on about her stupid play as I zoned out, focusing on her growing moustache. Yuck!

It was like a squirrel growing on her lip and it was so disgustingly funny. What shall I call it? Pepsi? Pepsi the moustache that is a squirrel on the drama teachers face? Perfect.

"This will count for 80 percent of their grade and- "

Ew! It moves as she talks... Disgustingg!

"So i hope you enjoy!" miss Stafford finally finishes her lecture and I heard nothing of what was going to happen.

Lets just say that the "play" was more of a btec glass of screaming toddlers. 

"Is it safe to say that they all failed their exams?" Alessio grins as we walk out the hall, hand in hand and laughing mischievously,

"Where do you want to go? That play just drained our school day." 

I scan the room and then look back to Alessio,

"I am going to hit the gym on campus." I say, swinging my sports kit back onto my shoulder. Alessio nodded and then kissed me on the lips,

"I am going to grab my sports kit, will come in, in  a bit."

We parted our different ways.

Immediately, i began punching the punching bag in the corner of the room- it was my favourite. I took all my anger out on the bag because that's the only way I can express my feelings. That was my tactic in sports and it almost always worked.

How else would i escape my past? Punch.

One punch, Jake.

Second punch, my parents.

Third, my love for a man who deserves better than me.

Fourth, my brother's new family that i am intruding in on.

And so on and so on.

As I was punching, I felt someone's eyes burn onto my body but I wasn't sure who's. I punched harder and faster, trying to threaten whoever it was but it was not doing anything.

Then I heard clapping.

"You are cute punching something too," Alessio strolled towards me, flashing his bearing teeth.

" you scared me," I gasped taking off the huge boxing gloves.

" did I now?" He became close to me and I could tell he had been working out recently from the fact his muscles were bulging out his top.

" yeah?" I squeaked, still eye raping his muscles closely.

" fuck," he gently pushed me back, taking a look at my body. I wore a tight sports bra which my boobs were mostly out and covered in sweat. I also wore some mega tight sports trousers which complimented my toned bum.

"You look so fucking sexy," his eyes were struggling to find one place to look at and were examining my whole body like I was meat. Although, I felt icky and sweaty plus my face felt red and blotchy.

" I try my best," I smirked running my hands underneath his top, silently begging for him to take it off. I traced each fine detail and couldn't be more horny in my life. I wanted to run my tongue all over him especially the bugle in his pants which I knew was packaging a lot in that tight space. My heart skipped a beat at my gorgeous, monstrous boyfriend and the dirty thoughts threatening to spill.

"You look-" I didn't have time behind to answer before Tom walked in with Nial and Jack laughing about something. They all stopped and stared at me for a second,

" wooh." They all said which made me blush slightly. We had had the whole gym to ourselves.

My eyes averted to Alessio, sending him a cheeky wink before pulling away to go to the running machine.

The boys all gathered together on the weights, a manly sight. A smile fixed onto my lips as i began running, ignoring my breasts bouncing at the same pace.

I focused on Alessio, who had a smirk playing on his lips delicately as he watched me. Alessio's gaze then flickered at his mates who were staring at his girlfriends breasts.

"Stop that!" Alessio grunted, shoving Jack slightly. Nail and Tom were looking at each other, Nial had a nervous twitch in his eyes. Tom, though loved him very much, still had his suspicions he was straight.

Alessio joined the tread mill and we worked out together for an hour, eyes teasing each other. It was humiliating at first but then it soothed down into a fun seductive day.


(Guess who just wrote the worst filler chapter in history? THIIISSS GIRRRRLLL)





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