Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


15. lonnnnggg

By eight o'clock, everyone was in the nightclub part of our house, grinding against each other as the music blasted through our ears. There must of been around one hundred and something people in the room and more and more people were coming in which set the scene perfectly.

" heyy babygirl, enjoying the n-night?" Alessio Alessio snuck up from behind me, gently chewing on my , earlobe, making me grin widely.

" yeah, loving it. Loads of people have congratulated me on moving in, what bout you?"

He said yes before I turned my head in his direction, kissing him delicately on the lips. He turned me round to deepen the kiss but I didn't want to get too into it at our party.

" could we stay the night?" Niall stumbled up to us, reeking of alcohol with Louis and Jack close behind. I pulled away from Alessio’s snog, and laughed slightly when he stood behind me, his hands on my hips and resting his chin on my head.
We all turn to see Tom talking to some girl about her dress. She looked slightly flustered at his knowledge and was trying to politely run away.

" rescue that poor girl, please." I turned to Louis who is already speed- walking towards the pair with jack close behind.
" Enjoying yourself then?" I asked Niall who is downing a can of Stella, looking very wasted as his eyes remained on his boyfriend chatting up a woman.

Before he could answer my glance traveled to two people walking in through the door. Oh no. It couldn't be.

" what's wrong baby," Alessio’s face leant round to see my icy cold expression completely pale.

" Jake and Kenedy.." I whimpered and I felt Alessio go even colder, a shiver creeping through my spine.

" what shall we do?" I spun around to Him, who is completely fuming, not happy at all.

" they have to leave."


Swiftly, Alessio and I made our way over to Kennedy and Jake who were looking around, bitching to each other.

Kennedy wore a two piece outfit, a black boob tube and a long luminous yellow skirt which clung to her hips. She looked so pretty it was indescribable.

" I'm going to have to ask you to leave." ALessio’s voice was strong and firm, scaring even me. I linked my hand into his, to calm him down, but he wasn't having none of it.

" why? The party's just started," Kennedy grinned, jake smugly smacking her booty and then looking deep into my eyes.

" hello again, Kelsey. Nice to see you after your... Stunt," jakes words painfully tore through my soul and it was as if all the music drowned out and it was just the four of us, sending daggers to each other.

" hello jake. Nice to see your fucking other women,"

I regretted saying it about Kennedy because it was Alessio’s sister but it brought an evil smirk to his face. Beside me, I could feel Alessio gripping his hands in tight fists and I all I could do is stare at jake.

" ouch. Is that all I am to you?" Kennedy put her hand to her heart and laughed coldly, making Alessio tense even more.

" w-well I don't know you-" I stuttered and thankfully Alessio came to my rescue.

" yes. Yes your are for the both of us."

The tension was killing everyone and I felt so small and innocent compared to the others but if someone brought up my family, those two "lovers" were going down. If you could even call them that.

" long time no see, brother." Kennedy slid out from beside Jake and walked around Alessio, observing him carefully.

My eyes would flicker back and forth to Jake and Kennedy trying to figure out who's the one I should be watching for wicked actions.

" don't call me that. I'm not your brother!" Alessio’s voice was a growl which scared me a little but apparently had no effect on Kennedy.

She carried on walking round him, Alessio’s head staring straight on, emotionless but angry. I felt his grip tighten on my hand and he pulled me closer as Kennedy tried to tilt my head.

" relax i just wanna look at her," Kennedy grinned but Alessio was just getting tighter. She grabbed my face and roughly examined me side to side but I gave her a wicked, bitchy look and spat on her face.

Alessio let out a chuckle before pulling me back in his arms, kissing my forehead in approval. Kennedy wiped her cheek accordingly and looked disgusted.

" what were you raised by wolves!"

Time started to slow, My heart beat quickened and I felt my eyes get darker in a sort of whimper. She noticed my change and scoffed slightly,

" you were raised by?" She played with the words with sick and twisted expression splattered across her face.

Jake looked a little more stressed now, his eyes searching for hers but she wasn't paying attention.

" kenedy!" Louis called out. Ugh! Fuck, nice going Louis.

Her eyes lit up in amusement,

" louis," she snarled and I almost jumped on her.

" take that back," I growled and Alessio’s grip on me tightened holding me back almost and I struggled to escape.

" nope." She pursed her lips together before walking out to the elevator altogether, leaving the house soon after with Jake trailing behind.

" your sisters such a bitch," I sobbed into Alessio who wrapped me round him, staring straight at the elevators wickedly.

" I know,"


" URGH my head," I groan, propping my head In my hands, finding myself exactly in the middle of the huge bed.

On the shelf, next to the stand, there were 3 pills with a note:


Good morning beautiful,

I know your not allowed to take these, but I trust you ;) pregnancy pills and head ache tablet forgot we didn't use protection ;) ;) xxxx love you baby..

Alessio x


I gasped a little at the fact there was pills but then scoffed them without a thought. How much I have missed these you wouldn't believe but I can't go into overload again. No I won't go into overload again. I needed to get out of here.

I rushed to the elevator and without thinking  and clicked on number 1. I didn't bother looking down at my outfit or at my hair or makeup but I did bother checking my phone,

Louis: where are you xx

Sent Friday, at 3:06am

Alessio: you ok? Xx

Sent friday, at 1:34am

Tom: WTF ARE YOU!!??

Sent Friday, at 2:24am

Jack: we are all worried sick, please tell us where you are!!

I let out a grunt and scratched my head, trying to remember anything. Nothing.

The elevator doors opened and I walked into the kitchen to find Alessio. To my surprise, Tom, Louis, Niall and Jack were all sitting at the island, eating cornflakes.

Then there was a wolf whistle.

" w-what?" I spun my head towards Niall who let out the whistle and he pointed for me to look down. Oh shit.

I was wearing a new set of a black lace bra and panties with boots which stretched up to my knees and my choker still on. My hair down and wavy and i already knew my makeup was properly still the same as last night. I looked like a prostitute!

" fuck!" I felt my Cheeks burn a huge shade of pink.

" I have the book- whooh!, you look. Fuck!" Alessio walked in from the door behind me and then sent me a confused look before something clicked in his eyes.

He grabbed me quickly before taking me out side the room so the boys wouldn't stare and Alessio chuckled darkly.

" look who's up and dressed," he pressed a kiss on my lips and I responded quickly before I pulled away.

" w-what happened last night?" I whimpered afraid of the answer, not because I didn't want it, because I wish I had remembered. He had a smirk forming on his lips before his eyes darted down my body lovingly.

" you stripped down," His eyes looked anxious and then his hands rested on my hips seductively, turning me on like mad.

"Did we have sex?" I whisper, wide eyes and slightly terrified.

"Do you want to?"

His grin was infectious as i playfully slapped him, forcing a serious look to my face.

grinned back at him, pressing my body against his when he pushed my back to the wall, kissing my lips quickly.

" we can do round two if you like?"

His morning voice was so fucking sexy and all I wanted to do is make him make me beg for more but not whilst we had guests.

Before I could answer, his member was as hard as a rock and digging Into my sweetspot making me moan a bit. My words turned to paste and all I could do it moan slightly when he leant forward a bit, making his member enter slightly.

" mmm, so wet." His eyes flickered for my breasts and I let a raspy whimper out, turning him on even more.

" I didn't hear a no?" His eyebrow cocked up at me and I faintly smiled, knees wobbling feeling really weak on my own.

" n-not yett." I breathed out, closing my eyes, trying to focus.

Still with my eyes closed, I let out a small sigh,

" take off your top."

He looked a bit confused and thought I meant it for sex but I actually wanted to cover myself up in front of my brother and all those boys. Any other day, I would gladly walk in there dressed like this, but today I was totally wet and I couldn't risk it.

Harry passed it over to me and I slid it on, he looked very upset when I added another piece of clothing on but soon washed over when I placed a small kiss on his lips.

" it was either this or I give your friends a lap dance wearing this." I teased him sexily before he put his finger to my lips to stop me talking.

In the kitchen, all voices were hushed and I knew they were listening to us.

" haha, nosy." I whispered to Harry who was now pretending to moan.

" Kelsey, oh your so tight!"

I tried to hide back a snigger and pursed my lips before screaming in pleasure,

" ahh, HARRY! Fuck me harder please,"

I put a really sexy moan on and I could hear the boys breathings becoming hitched. I leant my head into Harry's shoulders trying not to laugh when he grunted.

" babyy, not much longer now.. Ahh! FUCCKKK!!" Harry groans and I scream in pleasure,

" h-Harry! Oh! Shit!' BABY YOUR TOO BIG! I'm too tight for you,"

Then we burst through the door making everyone scream and I moan,

" I think we were too loud,"

Theres silence and a few embarrassed glances towards Harry's bare chest and the top that's on me.

" shit! That's a shame we were trying to be as quiet as we can. "

I could see Niall burst out laughing,

" okay. You got us.."

I tut at them and Harry threatened,

" hasn't anyone told you curiously killed the cat."

Louis sat there with a smug expression and then he blurted out,

" hasn't anyone told you, don't fuck your mates sister."

I laugh uneasily thinking that Louis knows we had sex more than once, before pulling out my phone,

" where did I go last night then?"

Everyone looks around confused and then Tom winced,

" you were drunk nothing really mattered,"

I felt sick at the fact he was keeping something from me.

" what did I do?" I growl before I felt Harry tense and walk around to the fridge, pouring out two glasses of orange juice.

" there was a misunderstanding,"

What do they mean, misunderstanding?

" a guy was stripping you and you were too drunk to notice... In the nightclub." Jack explained and I immediately remembered someone grabbing my booty.

" w-what? What else happened?"

My voice was trembling and I felt completely used and vulnerable.

" nothing, he got your dress off and Harry rescued you before he could kiss you." Louis added in with a disgusted look on his face.

Harry turned around and passed me the drink with a slight smile,

" and that's when we went to bed," he winked at me, leaving me with heavy breathing. He was turning me on just by winking.

" yeah well, we cleaned for you this morning," Niall grinned.

" ahh, guys thank you. You wanna stay the night all weekend?" I mocked and they all agreed to my surprise, I cleaned up after breakfast and all the boys were playing on the playstation in the movie room. Still unexplained where I was nearly all night.


" who's winning?" I emerged through the door, kissing Alessio's lips before slipping down onto the sofa.

" me," Louis' voice was proud and Niall scoffed harshly,

" just you wait lou-serrr!"

I laughed at the nickname and watched as all the boys scrambled around on a separate sofa and cursed through the violent game.

My attention turning over to my phone and I began clicking on Facebook to check all the updates.

@terris&rosie66: thank you @kelseyCasey and @Alessioboy for the awesome party last night <3 xx

I scrolled through around twelve other updates thanking us for the party and a warm feeling buzzed around in my heart for once. Then the light stopped shinning,

@KennyBabe : love my boyfriend @jak.ecole xx and was rudely kicked out @kelseyCasey and @Alessioboy party last night after she spat on me :~

I couldn't breath. Time slowed down almost completely and all I could do Is whimper. Behind me, Louis was focused straight on the tv screen but then paused it to my reaction.

"Alessio? Kennedy updated on face book bout our party last night.."

I read out the text and Louis sat there, gobsmacked at my words.

I heard Niall gasp before jumping to his feet In amusement. I turned my attention to Alessio who was staring directly at the floor.

" baby? You alright?" I touched his arm gently, he shrugged me off before his gaze met mine sadly. He croaked a bit before Niall started chuckling,

" you spat at Kennedy?"

I nodded my head in embarrassment and Niall had a sly grin spreading across his face.

" you. Spat. At. Your. Boyfriends. Sister?" Tom laughed standing up and easing his way closer to everybody.

" she grabbed my face and then critiqued my family. I would of smacked her if she wasn't his sister." My words came out angrier than I expected and Alessio's face stiffened,

" you should of smacked her"

He was really tensed and I had no clue why he was suddenly having a temper tantrum.

" I-I didn't m-mean it baby, you ok?" I stuttered stepping away from him a bit because he looked utterly scary.

" no, no im not ok. My slutty sister finally shows up once I get my life back together with the guy that tried to rape my girlfriend."

His words hit me like a ton of bricks and I relaxed when I realised he wasn't mad at me.

" mate, c'mon we all know they will use each other and then forget." Tom butts in, trying to signal for me to get away from Alessio but I refused.

"Yeah, it's okay baby."

"No! No it is fucking not. None of you understand that!" He growls before storming out of the room, slamming the door behind him.








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