Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


34. House

We enter the house and imediatey, I whip my bags and coats to the floor before yanking Alessio's face into my hands. My lips flutter to his and I push him quickly to the wall, uncontrollably snogging him.

" K-Kelsey, st-stop," Alessio pants but I ignore him and carry on as if I was drugged to him. I feel his body try to push me away slightly but I just slide down before jolting upwards to his hands now rest on my breasts and I smirk into the kiss. Yes, when I jumped up- it hurt like mad because my body is becoming very sensitive and delicate but I am NOT going to stop now.

" P-Pleasee?" he begs as I began trying to un- button his shirt but he grasps my hands and I'm stuck staring into his eyes anxiously. I'm torn between upset and seductive.

" The baby..." Alessio reminds me and I attempt to step closer,

" Our baby.. now show me how we made the baby,"

I grin widely and chew delicately onto his neck whilst he moans.


Alessio pov;:

"Our baby... now show me how we made the baby," She says and begins sucking my neck; earning a grunt from me. What is she doing? Whenever she says 'our' baby, it turns me on like mad but i can't hurt her. I know i will end up losing control and... No, i wont, i wont put her in that position.

" Kelsey, look at me," I say firmly as her eyes meet mine seductively. She licks her lips and I feel her hand travel slowly down to my crotch. Quickly, I grab her hands gently but firmly and she giggles,

" Okay, baby... You're in charge,"


" No. we need to stop or I will hurt you and baby junior," I try to act harsh but it makes her chuckle lightly and I see her heart rate quickens,

" Hurt me baby... hurt me hard,"

Crap. I feel the blood in my system drain as her top has now been flown across the room and she's undoing her bra straps.

" Wooh! This pregnancy thing is working for you like hell!" I hear myself gasp as the next thing I know, I have pushed her on the sofa and began playing with her exposed breasts with her moaning and trying to wrap her legs around me. What am I doing?

" Tell me baby, How is it working then?" She urges on, toying the back of my hair which I love!

" Your b-breasts used to b-be massive but n-now it's l-like they have f-fucking doubled!! And it's only month five!" I grunt and she moans into my mouth as I enjoy all her sweet tastes. Our tongues fight for dominance and I win before I scoop her up into my arms and she wraps her legs tighter around my waist and I carry her into the elevator.

" Ohh Baby!" She yelps as I feel my  member rub against her lady area. She moves around which makes us both groan and half scream. FUCK! No, Alessio... calm down you will hurt her and the baby!

" Alessio," She whimpers into my shoulder as I try to lift her up a bit but she ends up digging further onto my member and she begins crying out in pleasure,

" P-Please! Hurt m-me! I love you S-Sir!"

I want to tear off both our clothes and fuck her brains our but we are parents and suppose to be responsible- but her huge, perky breasts are bouncing in front of my face; her moans are pleasured angels and she looks absolutely heavenly.

Hurriedly, I sprint into our bedroom and gently plant her on the bed.

" M-more Alessio," She tries to say but she was too caught up in undoing her jeans that it makes he forget to breath. I shook my head.

"Kelsey, baby. Breath." I instruct as she pouts up to me, her big eyes taking me fully in. Just as she goes to speak, the phone goes off. Kelsey lays down on the bed with a sigh as i answer it.

"Hello-" I began but Louis cut me off,

"It's Stacey! She is going into labour!" 

The blood drained from my face and Kelsey noticed it because now she was upright on the bed, cocking her head.

"Where is she?" I barked, throwing Kelsey's bra back to her. Hesitantly, she puts it back on as her eyes stayed glued to me. I toss her shirt over too.

"Okay. King's cross. London, right?" I say after Louis instructs where about they are.

"I am on my way. Kelsey will be coming too." 

Then they hang up.

"Who was that?" Kelsey peered up to me with shock as she dressed herself quickly. A grin plastered across my lips,

"The twins are arriving." 



That sobered me up. 

The twins are coming? Stacey was eight months pregnant, the twins were due at 6 months but then decided they didn't want to leave. And they are coming now?

"Well lets go!" 

We rushed to the hospital, arriving straight after the twins were born. Stacey had managed to deliver both of them only with gas and air. You got to give it to the woman, brave. 

"Hey, how are you feeling?" i say as we creep into the Delivery room. Stacey lie there, exhausted with a puffy face from crying. It melted my heart. 

Louis stood next to her, clutching her hand desperately as they were talking quietly to one another.

"Where are they?" Alessio asked nervously, holding onto my waist.

Stacey shakily pointed over to one cot where both the tiny babies lay. 

"A girl and a boy." She smiled weakly, looking up to Louis with a look of clear affection.

"Daisy and Mason."  

My heart lurched. My Niece Daisy and my nephew Mason.

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