Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


31. Hospital


Alessio drove us both to the hospital for a check in his red BMW and on the way he had a huge dazzling, smirk scattered on his perky lips.

We walked into the ward with him constantly by my side, never removing his grip around my waist and this whole thing just felt perfect.

" Good morning Kelsey, how are you doing?" Greeted my usual doctor, Dr.Kay,  as she applied rubber gloves,

" If you can just sit on the bed for me please," She said as I hopped onto the bed with Alessio on the other side of me, clutching my hand.

" This may be a bit odd or cold but it is a scan,"

Freezing cold cream was now being rubbed on my bare tummy and then a black tube thing was making circular movements on my stomach. I flinched and winced and so did Alessio but then he squeezed my hand for reassurance.

" Ah, Congratulations Miss Casey and Mr Harding,.... you have a baby."

I squealed and Alessio breathed a sigh of relief before he pulled me in another hug, his hands trailing down and then stopping above my bum which made me giggle. we pulled away to the sound of Dr.Kay's voice,

" However, I need to talk to Kelsey alone to allow her to know the things she can and can't do,"

Alessio's grip tightened on my hand and I felt sick again. Peering up at him, his eyes were already fixed on me and It was as if he was frightened to leave me alone, especially now I am pregnant with his child.

" I'm sorry Alessio, she has to be on her own, it's a small room." Dr.Kay said as she led me out with him looking frustrated and worried. I blew him a kiss before following the doctor out.

Alessio pov:

She's pregnant! The women I adore and practically am head over heels in love with, is having our baby! We are going to be a family with tons of love and care.

Likewise, I had made a promise to myself this morning that wherever she is, I will be because I will not allow her to get hurt, I love her too much! But... I guess I already broke my promise. fuck.

" Excuse me Sir?"

A voice behind me chirped as I turned around to a young nurse with enthusiasm.

" Yeah?"

" Your wife will be only a minute and she will meet you in the waiting room," She said and I blushed hugely... Wife? I wish!

" U-urm okay?"

I get escorted into the waiting room to see Kelsey with a huge grin on her face, she looked so delicate and gorgeous.

" Heyy Babygirl," I kiss her forehead and I feel her smile bigger before we were discharged and we entered my car.

" So? Spill the details then," I chuckle and she squirms in her seat with a even bigger smile.

" We are having a child for sure!"

" Yes!" I cheer and a frown appears on her face suddenly,

" They told me to give this to you though," She hands me a letter which indicates how to help her, mood swings and general knowledge in what she can and can't do.

" Brilliant, I will read this when we get home,"

a look of innocence and eagerness sweeps her face,

" How will we tell our friends?"

" The good old, fashioned way... Gather them at our house for a sleepover and tell them at dinner, which I will make!" I chuckle and I feel her nod quickly.  She smirked wider and I placed a lingering kiss on her forehead and began the car imagining all plans for our future.

This is the life.

"Three months pregnant, Alessio." She whispers with a smile,

"Three months"

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