Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.



I had no clue what to wear for the party, therefore, google helped me. I wanted something totally sexy and easy to do yet something that matched the theme.

It was Halloween based therefore I dressed as a slutty maid with blood down her, more sexy than scary but everyone will like it... hopefully. Especially Alessio.

The dress was open breasted and a built in push-up-bra and enlarged my bum which made it look brilliant. My hair was down and I back combed it before adding a little maids hat and designing my makeup to be as slutty and sexy as possible. I had long high heel boots, travelling up to my knees and I hitched the skirt up to thigh height and added my long black gloves.

I took a look in the mirror and hardly recognised myself.. not to hoot my own horn or anything but I looked hot as fuck, enough to make me turn!

I left everything at home apart from bringing a tenner for emergency's and my phone which I placed them in my maids pockets.

" Babe, we got to go!" I heard Alessio shout downstairs as I finished off the look, a black choker and little loopy earrings.

" Coming" I holler back, grabbing the escalator down to him.

When I walked in, I was surprised to see nearly all our friends here. I thought they couldn't make it? I suppose we are all going to the party together, not that it made much difference. 

I looked around at everyone and we all looked amazing, fit and damn right sexy! Especially Alessio who was in a tux with blood on the white shirt and fake fangs in his mouth. Oh fuck yes!

" Wooh, You look fucking sexy!" Michael laughed and I giggled a bit, linking arms with Alessio who is just non-stop staring at me. Is it a bad choice?

"Do you really want me to fuck you in front of everyone?" Whimpered Alessio into my ear as we climbed into a limo,... how much money did that cost?

I moaned quietly at his request and threat with want but all he did was wrap his arms around my waist.

" So who's hosting the party?" Niall asked, as we pulled up outside the house. it was big but not huge. not like ours!

" Callum Draper," Alessio smiled as if he had memories with him but then he soon shook it off only to plant a delicate kiss on my lips, careful not to ruin the makeup. we entered.


We had been at the party for a few hours now and we were all pretty wasted as was everyone else. Alessio hung out with me, Michael, Tom and Niall whereas the others all had gone to dance or chat up people, but it didn't make a difference of talking wise.

The music was blaring and we were at the bar, the loudest part of the music.

" What do you want Hunny?" Alessio shouts over the music, his words just passing my ears,

" You decide!" I give him a sexy wink before he began ordering something to the bar tender.

" What about her?" Niall points out to Michael (who had now joined us) and I turn around to also look. A girl with long straight blonde hair, dressed in a strip of fabric which barely covers anything. that's it. apart from makeup and heels, that was all she wore.

" You are kidding me, right?" Michael laughs as well as me, she was pretty but she looked like a prostitute. I probably did too but I had a boyfriend so that counted me out,...

" Yeah, she looks hot," Nial yelped over the music and Michael already started pacing towards her, attempting to flirt. Tom's eyes pointed onto his boyfriend, watching him daringly.

"You think she is hot?" He glares. Nial shrugs,

"Yeah, i do. I think she is a very attractive woman."

"I knew you liked woman more than men!" Tom gasped, stepping backwards with fury. His arms linked together and he sulked like a toddler.

"Hey, Babe. Just because i think someone looks pretty doesn't mean i am attracted to them. I don't look at a fucking hamburger which looks delicious and want to fuck it!" Nial defended himself and i made an agreeing face. That was a pretty good metaphor.

" What you guys talking about?" Alessio voice mumbles seductively in my ear, nibbling on it a bit. I gasped before taking my drink out of his hands and shouting over the music,

"Michael is trying to get a girl, Nial thinks she is pretty and Tom is upset."

The two lovers glare at each other, crossing their arms and refusing to make eye contact. Alessio chuckles darkly before we all look over to Michael and the girl.

At this point her hand strikes across his face and she walked away with curses. We all began pissing ourselves in laughter but when Michael came over, we pretended we didn't see anything.

" d-did you s-see that?" He mumbles uneasily and we all shake our head like good friends-

" You getting bitch slapped? Nahh, course not," Nial blurted out and we started laughing again,

" It's not funny!" Michael pouted and I pulled him in, in a hug, laughing on his shoulder,

" We're sorry,"

I felt Alessio's hands grasp my hips and I pulled away from the hug and back into his arms, stumbling into him. I took another sip from my glass and Alessio pecked my lips before nodding his head to someone.

" Bruv!" Some guy called out and Alessio's arms swung open before some tall guy and Alessio had a awkward hug sort of thing.

" It's been too long!" Alessio laughed and the guy agreed, both of them grinning widely.

" Damn,-" The guys eyes tore towards me and I blushed slightly from his amusement,

" Did you fall from heaven baby?"

I scoffed, being pulled in by Alessio's protective arm,

" Yeah, I died ten years ago like that pickup line.."

The guy was defiantly amused now and so was the boys, all snickering, including Alessio.

" Feisty! And what's your name then darling?"

" Kelsey. You?"

He held out his hand in which this time Nial grabbed the strangers arm and yanked it down before whispering harshly into the guys ear. He looked at me, dark and pleased.

I don't shake hands, all my friends knew that by now. I never have, never will. It is a sign of mutual respect and if the gang taught me anything, hands are the fighting tools not a friendly gesture. The way i see it, if you go to shake my hand, you are disrespecting me. No one disrespected me and got away with it.

" Callum."

I tore my head at a smirking Alessio, who covered his grin by touching the tip of his nose and pretending like he didn't see me staring.

" You forgetting us?" Niall chuckled to Callum and his eyes immediately opened wide, pulling them all in a hug. I am so confused, how do they ALL know each other? Oh, their old school.

" nah how could I!" Callum shouted over the music before turning back to me and Alessio,

" So,...Kelsey," Callum stepped towards me a bit and Alessio's arms fiercely winded around me tightly 

I blushed hard and Callum's grin grew wide, 

" How old are you and where are you from?"

"She lives with me and is too young for you." Alessio butted in quickly before Callum chuckled lightly,

" I asked her,"

I looked up for approval from Alessio and didn't see a no so I answered for myself,

" Nineteen and Wentworth high. you?"

" twenty six. I work in town."

He is seven years older than me. Alessio is four years older than me so three years younger than Callum. Weird thing is, Alessio looked much more muscular.

" Cool," I smiled innocently before looking down to my feet and blushing.

" Brother and sister?" Callum's eyes shot up and I crumbled up my nose and so did Alessio,

" No, gir-" I began,

".. house mates." Alessio rudely snapped, hushing me completely and feeling embarrassed. Why doesn't he introduce me as his girlfriend? Is he embarrassed?

" Oh? is that so?" Callum winded his arm around my waist and Alessio flinched a little but I took another sip from my drink, if he wants to play, we will play.

" And Kelsey, are you single?"

I bit my lip slowly and seductively before innocently responding,

" I guess so,"

The boys all looked stunned but they were all a major part of the act we were playing.

" Good, then you don't mind if I buy you a drink?" Callum shrugged and I smiled thankfully as he began ordering the drinks.

" Your mine, what are you doing?" Alessio growled into my ear as he pulled me outside the party room so we were freezing our ass' off outside.

" Excuse me?" I spin around, spitting harshly,

" If I recall correctly, you were the one to cut me off and say we are only housemates... are you humiliated to be with me?"

Alessio let a throaty, dry chuckle out and his facial features hardened significantly as he yanked me closer to his body, making me feel horny but angry at the same time.

" Callum in there, he would fucking rape you if he had the chance!" Alessio yelled at me and I sent him nasty daggers,

" So why pretend i am single and alone? Surely that makes things worse!"

" I wasn't finished talking," Alessio hissed,

" I'm all ears.."

He grasps my arms hard and pushes me against the wall in one movement, his forehead resting against mine so our eyes would never loose contact. For once in my life, I felt threatened.

" He would only rape you if he knew it would piss me off.. if I pretend to not be with you, he will leave you alone."

It made sense but at the same time it didn't. Before I could think I blurted out,

" It's not rape if I want it though!"

He looked more hurt that he has ever been in his entire life and I felt sick because I didn't want it. it is the alcohol speaking for me.

" Listen here you fucking slut," Alessio grabs me nastily and slams my back harder to the wall which makes me cry out,

" Go home now before it's too late."

Tears threaten to appear and I want it to all be over, the pain, the sickness and the harsh alcohol.

" I hate you Alessio!" I scream and struggle to escape before his lips fluently slammed against mine. I could taste the beer from his lips and fireworks once again erupted. How could I stay mad at him?

He pulled away quickly and called a taxi to take me home. is he really being serious? 

Why is he being so horrible? Has the honeymoon phase of being in love wearing off? Will he turn into Jake?


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