Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.





The rest of the week had nothing interesting occurred.

"You look sexy," Alessio lent me against his car, out side school as I peered down at my reddish semi top, plain black leggings which exposed my curves delicately and ankle stud boots. I had my makeup done to look stunning because i had work after school and wouldn't have time to redo it all beforehand.

"Thank you baby," I blush as he slowly lent in and I felt the muscles in his arm tense. However, I realised something was wrong when he didn't respond the kiss that i started.

I titled his head down at me with my fingers so I could examine his face closely. I was drowning in this piece on art which I wanted all to myself.

" You alright?" I pecked his nose quickly. The colour drained from his face as I peered behind me at Jake who is standing there with some girl. I spun around quickly as they approached us.

"Hello?" I asked uncertainly, eyeing up the girl with suspicion. Alessio was a little too shocked to see her for it to be a coincidence. 

"My names Kennedy Langful," she stuck out her hand and I blankly stared at it. Behind me, Alessio chuckled and then tightened his grip on my hips.

"Kelsey." I didn't smile at her, why would i?

"Nice to see you again. It's been a while." Kennedy winked at Alessio, sending fury through me. I kind of hissed, cocking my head to the side.

"Okay?" She uncertainly backed away from me staring emotionless at her.

" I'm gonna go-" then she disappeared into school.

"Who's that?" I half heartily chuckled to hide the nerve in my body. Don't say she's an Ex. Please don't be an ex.

"Kennedy is our friend. Close friend." Jake looked terribly smug and I couldn't help wondering why Alessio was so shocked.

"We need to talk-" Alessio snapped at Jake whilst i stood there, in sheer utter annoyance that there's a secret from me.

"Shall I go?"

There was silence and I began backing away before Alessio practically swung me by his side, making me feel dizzy.

"No, you should hear this."

It felt as if all eyes were struck on us but we were the only ones out side of school, most likely late.

"That girl went to my old school. She-" Alessio snarled at Jake, as I could feel my heart pumping load and fast,

"Urm, is.... "

Spit it out!

"My step sister."

Well that was unexpected. What was all the fuss for?

"She seems sweet," I lie before Jake snorts and Alessio's eyes glare into mine,

"Stay away from her, she's bad news!"


During lessons, Kennedy was the only thought in my mind. Why was she bad news? Who does she think she is? And why was my boyfriend gobsmacked at her? Step sister, sure. But bitch? Probably. 

Meanwhile, Alessio seemed really jumpy and very tensed which was unlike him and I hated the way he was blocking everybody out, including me.

"Baby?" I whimper, standing in the hall way because it was break. No response apart from a slight mumble.

"Look at me," I tilted his head in my direction and his dark orbs locked in with my hazel ones. I was lost in concentration and all he was doing is blankly staring at me.

I slowly gave him a hug, trying to make him feel better or at least relax a bit. It worked a little but he soon stiffened when I pulled away. He opened his mouth to say something but then thought better of it, looking away quickly.

"Come with me," I grinned taking his hand and leading him as far as we could go on the field which stretched on for around 1 mile maybe 2.

He still looked emotionless when I sat him down, sitting opposite him. 

"Please talk to me, Alessio." I whisper, taking his hand and kissing it. This earned a little flicker of life.

My lips gently pressed to his.

Hesitantly, He responded but not as willing. I crawled onto his lap, sitting directly on his crotch which made him grunt and kiss a little more passionately. Perfect.

He rolled on top of me, glaring down on my body,

"Fuck." He growled and i smirked, knowing i have him where i want him.

His lips crashed down on mine again and I felt his hands smoothly flow to my breasts, causing my nipples to stand on end. He knew how to control me already.

"d-don't tease!" I panted through kisses, he got my hands above my head and I almost screamed when his lips started licking the top of my breasts and he kissed them quickly. I liked this side of him, the sexy and gentle yet fast and passionate.

"Babyy!" I groaned in pleasure, head tipping back and arching my back so Alessio gets a better shot.

As soon as his hand wanders up my shirt, the school bell is set off signally class again. Alessio let's out a sexually frustrated grunt and we begin to sort our clothes out.

"Please talk to me." I smile sadly and Alessio pulls me close, kissing me gently.

"I am sorry, Kelsey. I didn't mean to upset you."

I shrug and stroke his cheek softly as my eyes peer up into his dead ones.


Finally, I reach Alessio's home after walking the full 75 minutes, legs burning but my mind being too worried about him. As I walked in the stench of alcohol fogged up my senses and I immediately knew someone was drunk because there was cursing and a glass smashed.

"Fucking twat! Finally get a girlfriend and then she fucking shows up-" Alessio was downing whisky and his eyes looked as if he had been none stop crying.

"What the fuck!" I shriek, dumping my bags to the side and rushing in. I slide to my knees, grabbing Alessio's face as he leans against the sofa, talking to himself crazily. I force him to link eyes with me and check to see how alert he was; let's just say, the cloudy fog was taking over his pupils.

"Alessio, what are you doing!" I cry out, taking the whisky bottle from him and dumping it onto the table.

"Kelsey?" His hoarse voice croaks as his head drops, struggling to hold his head straight.

"Yeah, it's me. What are you playing at? Pissed at six o'clock!"

He shakes his head with sadness.

"I love you Kelsey, please don't hate me." He stutters, opening his arms and pulling me into a big hug. My heart lurched for him as i kissed him on the cheek, wiping spilt whiskey off of him.

"Come on, come to bed, baby." I whisper, hauling him to his feet. Unwillingly, he follows behind me up the stairs before sitting on the bed and passing out. Whoever this girl was, effected my boyfriend and i didn't like it. At all.

An hour later, i had cleaned up the mess in the kitchen and the living room, leaving it sparkling. A sense of pride washed over me as i looked around to the dazzling cleanliness compared to what is was a while ago.

I called up Louis, tears threatening to spill.

"Louis?" I croaked into the phone.

"Kelsey? Where are you, are you okay?"

I smiled even though Louis wouldn't see it.

"I- I am at Alessio's house. He... he is upstairs."

"What is he doing? Is everything okay? Kelsey, you are scaring me." My older brother's voice soothed me but i still felt sick.

"Louis? Who is Kennedy?" I blurt and the phone went silent for a second for i heard the wind rushing past the phone before the sound of a car being unlocked.

"Do not move, Kelsey. You here me? I am coming over, make sure Alessio stays there with you too!" 

Suddenly the line went dead. Fear coursed through my veins as i pulled my legs up to my chest and waited in silence.

The silence was stolen by the sound of my phone dinging.

I checked Facebook and my heart stopped when I saw the updates of Harry's step sister,

@KENNYBABE: ...... awhh, my Brothers girlfriend @KELSEYCASEY is fucking @JAK.ECOLE at the same time #yolo

My voice caught in my throat as i let out a strangled cry. There were six attachments below her comment. 

The first download was a picture of Jake and i from three years ago, his wrist firmly around my wrist as he kissed me harshly against the school gate. It was obvious i didn't like it because you could see my eyes scrunched up and my mouth was open in a scream. The bile rose in my throat.

Shakily, my fingers clicked onto the second attachment. This was a video, one that cut deep into my soul. A film of me running into the kitchen when i was twelve, sprinting into my dad's arms with the loudest giggle as he tickled me playfully. You could hear my childish giggles as my mother walked in, rolling her eyes and kissing my dad on the cheek. The love was obvious between them as my dad lets me go to pull my mother into a deeper kiss. You could see me repulsed as i grabbed my bag and left for school. The camera seemed to follow me as a boy jumped out into the road. Again, it was Jake. Jake then smacked me around the face, him being seventeen then, picking on a twelve year old. He grabbed me and chucked me into the near by bush. There, he abused me in all the places no one would see.

Sickness was now rising upwards quickly. Who was sick enough to film this and not help twelve year old me? All the things i forced myself to forget was now being published for the world to see.

The third one was worse. Each attachment growing closer and closer to home as tears now pricked my vision and a burning heat raced through me. It was a picture of Louis and i with an edited circle, highlighting a massive bruise and self harm cuts up my wrist. 

In real life, my hand smacked my mouth as i let out a strangled cry. Why was Kennedy doing this to me? 

Fourth click was an image of Jake raping me in my room. His hand was tightly around my mouth as he was about to thrust into me. Painfully, my eyes were wide and tear stained, begging him for mercy; of course he had none. 

My eyes scanned the room, tears flowing freely as the sound was muffled by my hand, also covering my cries. They settled on my school bag. Pathetically, i jumped from the sofa and slid onto the floor besides my school bag and fished out my drugs.

Then with a nervousness, i began the fifth tape. It was the night club the other night with Jake's hand down my pants. It was completely out of context as it was a three second video of me yelling his name out.

I couldn't bring myself to watch the sixth, i had seen enough.

My tablets lie in their tin, begging me to ooze the tears and pain. Who was i to deny such a beautiful request?

One tablet became two. Two became three. Three became four and it kept going till I felt no more pain and empty.

I looked at my phone one last time, seeing a text from random strangers,

stupid whore. Who do you think you are having sex with Harry and Jake? Go kill yourself! Or I will kill you.

 no wonder your family died, to ESCAPE you! Fucking sket. I have seen that locket and your pathetic life. You don't deserve to be alive!!!

I dropped my phone and the pills before collapsing myself soon after. What happened to me? I was coping being the miserable person that everyone feared and now I'm the girl everyone wants to fuck and kill. Another pill popped into my mouth, my eyes heavily strained. My body was weakening quickly.

Suddenly, the door slammed open and i caught sight of my brother staring at me with shock.

"Kelsey?" He said calmly and then his eyes fell over to the scattered pills every.

"Oh! Fuck, fuck fuck! No, Kelsey! What have you done?" He panicked, throwing himself to his knees and grabbing my numb body. I wish i could say that i felt guilty, but i didn't. He could now care for his baby and hopefully wife without tip toeing around the mental burden of me.

My vision became hazy.

"Look after Stacey and the baby." I whimper, my voice croaky and sore as my head became heavy.

"No! Don't say that, you will help me. You need to help me, Kelsey. Don't you dare close your eyes!" 

Louis was panicking and began screaming things out to whoever was at the door. I couldn't even strain my neck without waves of agony rippling through me. Is this what it is like to die?

Louis' head pressed against my heart which makes him gurgle louder, his tears staining my shirt.

"Why, Kelsey?" He bellowed, using his hands to tilt my head to the side, letting the foam which now began to seep out of me, fall onto the floor.

Weakly, my eyes tried to peer over to my phone which was next to me, displaying the second to last image. Louis' eyes widen as he grabs the phone, chucking it onto the table before his hands ran up to my face. A tear smacked my cheek, i could hear the connection but i was too numb to even feel it. 

" y-your goings to be okay. Yourrxgoing to be-" he was croaking now, smothering down my hair. 

The air smells like alcohol and drugs but I am only focused on the door which is now opened to Alessio. Wide, panicked eyes lay upon his face as he sprinted towards us.

"Kelsey!" He shrieked his arms quickly pulling my head up into his lap.

"The ambulance are on their way!" Louis sobbed and the burning sensation in my heart grew warmer and heavier. The pain was too much and i felt my leg twitch, a convulsion radiating through me. I tried to scream as my head flew back and my body began to shake but the foam quickly choked me, stopping any noise.

Alessio's hands slap onto his mouth and he makes horrible sounds, tears flowing effortlessly down his face.

" she's not breathing," Louis cried before Alessio pushes down forcefully onto my heart making me gasp. I'm not breathing? Then how am i still thinking and aware of my surroundings?

He once again frantically pushes my heart cursing under his breath. Louis struggles to my phone and scrolls through it, his eyes widening with horror.

" Stay with me, please. P-please please please don't leave me. Please." Alessio was beginning to hurt me now as he broke through my bones to my heart, making me gasp slightly each time.

" I- I love you. P-please, stay with me!" His lips crashed onto mine, blowing air into my mouth and still pumping my chest.

Then the door flew open as Nial and the paramedics ran in, checking my heat and pulse.

"She doesn't have long!" One man yelled, his two fingers on my wrist.

"Depression. She's had an overdose." A lady says and I hear Louis cursing as he hides the phone. Why would he do that?

" by the time we get to hospital she will be dead," the lady repeats.

"DEAD! She can't be! " screams Alessio shaking his head.

My exact thoughts... I am still very much aware of my surroundings. Agony and confusion, is this what it is like to be dead? I don't want this for eternity. I wanna grow old with Alessio, see Louis' baby, I want Miss.Morris to yell at me again. I want anything but death. Is it too late?

"Get me the shocks!" The doctor demands, applying a blood monitor to my arms which squeezes it very tightly.

I force myself to stay calm and look into Alessio's eyes with all my strength, his dark stained orbs giving me the power i need. Yes, this is who i want to grow old with. Sure, it was a blurred vision but it was better than nothing.

"She's strong enough. She won't die, I know she won't." Alessio is clutching onto my hand tightly squeezing and crying.

"Missy, pull through." The doctor was putting a mask over my head for oxygen. A strangling noise was screaming from the back of my throat. Agony! So much pain!

Suddenly, Something lands on my chest and shoots waves of energy through my bones. I let out a shriek and I feel my eyes become more prone to the light, vision returning. The blinding light shocks me as i throw myself to the side, escaping everyone's grasp as i choke.

My breathing quickens, longer breaths than the short, strangled ones from before as i take in as much oxygen from the mask as i could.

"KELSEY!" Alessio gasped, his hands quickly supporting my shoulders. Weakly, i lent back into him, not being strong enough to sit alone.

"She's ok." The doctor stepped back with a satisfied sigh,

"But the drugs will still circulating her body."
Quickly, the doctor pulled out an injection from his medical box and inserted it into my arm. Wide eyes, a strangled cry left my lips as i felt the liquid dissolve into my blood stream.

"Shh, baby. You're okay." I hear Alessio coo as his arms gently stroked me. His eyes were heavy, dark and still clouded over with a slight drunkenness. 

"She will need to rest for a week. Her moods will be everywhere thanks to the long break down of the pills she took, just make sure she takes it slow." The doctor instructs, giving a pointed look towards Louis and Alessio. Then, he twists his hand into his jacket and pulls out a flyer,

"You do not need to come to hospital, the injection should slowly break down the drugs. However, i do recommend therapy sessions to get through this traumatic attempted suicide." 

I looked away, humiliated. Now i would be branded with being suicidal. Another reason for people to try and creep around me.

"Thank you doc," Louis says, escorting them to the door. My cheeks flushed red and hot, what do i do now?

"I fail so much, i can't even kill myself right." I whimper out, hiding my face into Alessio's chest. His strong arms scoop me up and he hugs me tight, the dampness of his eyes staining into my shirt again.

"Why, Kelsey? Was it something i did? I can't live without you, babe, i just cant-" He broke off into a muffled sob, my shoulder preventing the sounds to be heard.

"The phone." Louis growls from behind, pulling it from his pocket and flashing it towards Alessio. I felt weak at the sight of the first five attachments, covering my ears and crying hard. But then curiousness filed through me when Louis flicked to the sixth attachment.

It was a photo of me, receiving CPR a few minutes ago.

Kennedy was quick, i would give her that much. 

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