Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


43. Day old

I had waited until it was 9;00am before opening the window to let some light in. Alessio groaned and rolled over whilst luckily, the sun didn't touch Julia's cot because I left the right curtain shut.

I tip toed into the walk through closet to find something for Julia to wear and I found the cutest clothes! 

It was an all white, cotton one-zee with a pink tiny cow on her right shoulder and a light pink rim around the top. It covered her feet luckily so i didn't have to worry about shoes or socks and I grabbed a small pink hat which had a pink cows face on it and it drooped past her ears to keep it warm too. The outfit itself was picked out because it was thick and look incredibly warm... and adorable!

I snuck into the room and picked up Julia before carrying her into our room along with the clothes and laid her down on my bed which she just laid there still half asleep. She was tiny!

Her tiny little eyes peered up at me as she just looked at me emotionless, mainly because she didn't know any better. I began undressing her and gently changed her nappy and cleaned her with a baby wipe. She just stared at me in confusion as I cleaned her tiny little body.

After, i carefully re-dressed her into the clothes I picked out this morning and kissed up and down her body making her tiny fisted hands, rest on my head. CUTEE!


How exactly do you breathe again?


Once I had finished I pecked her forehead delicately and stroked her cheeks lightly. I felt dirty, greasy and ugly but I couldn't do anything at the moment so I just laid her on my bed and put pillows around her so it was impossible for her to move. Besides, she drifted of to sleep with in seconds as I rushed to bathroom and quickly had a five minute shower at the most, washing everything.

Silently, I got out and I checked on Julia who was still sound asleep and changed into black leggings and a dark blue top which fell to my bum and fortunately, showed no baby fat which I was DETERMIND to get rid of. ( of course with a matching black bra and pants )


I dried my hair the best I could with the towel, afraid if I use the hair dryer it will scare Julia. Quickly, to fill the spare time, I painted my nails dark blue and applied a light coating of makeup so I didn't look as shattered as I did, all in time to wake Julia up to feed her.

I sat on the bed and gently lifted her up carefully with her cradled in my arms. I realised soon after that she was already awake and looking at me With wide eyes:!I lifted my top down a bit and took out my swollen breat before putting it to the entrance of her mouth. She started sucking gently as I stroked her head which had the tiniest little brown hairs on her head.

I placed her gently back on the bed before grabbing a baby wipe, wiping my breast and putting it back in my bra and then wiping Julia's little face delicately. Her skin felt so soft and smooth which built up the loving sensations which fired around in my heart. She had Alessio's eyes, my nose shape and both our face shapes. Her face was really slim as was she but I assume that was just because she was a day old... perhaps?

" No, No, keep that out, it was good!" Alessi chuckled as he entered the room with a sexy morning voice. He strolled over to us and kissed my lips lovingly before crouching down to Julia and pecking her forehead. She looked very intrigued by him and constantly stared at him, her eyes flickering back between me and Alessio.

" Hello my precious little Julia," He whispered so softly it made a flickered smile bounce onto my face like he pressed a button and it naturally happened,

" I am daddy and I love you very much," He said again, picking up one of her little hands with a finger and her hand clasped round it.(  What is it with little kids grabbing people's fingers? )

" But Mummy loves you more," I chuckled as Alessio faced me with a devilish smile,

" Which one of us?" He tested and a frown appeared on my face teasingly,

" EASY! Julia,"

His grin grew wider and his eye brows rose upwards with that cocky, dimple smirk appearing on his face,

" Is that so?"

" May-"

I couldn't finish the sentence before his lips slam onto mine and he pulls me into his lap making me straddle him. I feel his member growing harder by the second which made me smirk but my area was still very sore making me wince,

" I'm still sore baby," I pout within the kiss as I re-open my eyes and stare constantly at his lips,

" Can I fix that?"

There we go again! That cocky smile which wins my heart every time!

" Not in front of your Daughter," I chuckle as we turn to look at Julia who is staring at us with such force and anxiousness that I felt as if her eyes were glued to her Mummy and Daddy flirting.

" Anyway, You hungry?" I asked Alessio, climbing off him and lifting Julia up. I felt His hand squeeze my bum and I waited the horny comment,

" For you? Always."

See, there it is.

I clicked the ground floor when we were in the elevator and I sarcastically rolled my eyes,

" F me,"

I didn't say the actual word because Harry and I both agreed no foul language around Julia because it is bad for her child hood memories. Doesn't matter what age. 


" When?" He laughed as I cough 'asshole' under my breath,

" I said when not where!" Harry chuckled as I scoffed teasingly,

" There's no shutting you up, is there?"

" Nope,"


I walked out the elevator still cradling Julia as we entered the kitchen. I grabbed a banana and held it between my teeth as I walked into the living room to put Julia down whilst I ate. I sat her on a bright pink cushion so Alessio wouldn't sit on her and ate my banana as she drifted off to sleep again,

" So Let's watch a film," Alessio said as he walked in with popcorn...are you kidding me, I need to loose weight not gain it! But, I suppose I do deserve one cheeky day off because of labour does count as a physical exercise.. so PHA!

" Okay, nothing loud because Julia is sleeping next to me," I say grabbing a handful of popcorn.

" she's always sleeping!" He grunts as he switches on the tv and I lecture,

" That's because she is a day old and at this age, she would only be awake for around 5 or 6 hours. Next week she will be awake for 12 hours a day so we can do proper stuff then like we can all go swimming once her belly button chord falls out,"

Alessio nods in agreement as he switches on 'finding Nemo' and snuggles in closer to me.

" You know this is my favourite film," I smile against his chest making sure Julia was still half asleep or at least safe.

" So I have been told by a little birdy," He grins and he leaves me wondering, was that secret code that he has been talking about what I like to someone.. Louis? Rose? Who?


Sorry these chapters were the original ones with different names so it is terrible!! But filler chapters are better than none... no, no they are not. Lol x


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