Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


1. chpt1- my life

Dangerously insane; that is what i am described as. Though they are just rumours, in a world full of “he said, she said.”, the people around me would chant that i was hard to look at for long. Rumour has it that i am rough and broken. But does my physical appearance really reflect my mental wellbeing?

Sure, the contrast between my pale skin and the darkness of my lips is frightening. And perhaps it doesn’t help that i always possess a sinister smirk upon my lips, or the unreliable tendency for my eyes to change colour on their dark, ringed base. But does this make it okay for strangers to judge me?

My ugly mind was the first thing people apparently spotted about me.


However, i love a good challenge- i think you should know that about me. I like to dress up and look nice as if it was a massive “F you.” the the world.


It was a monday morning.

Freshly showered and awake, i slowly began to get dressed.

Bold, studded boots climbed up my legs, swiftly reaching the jet black jeans, scattered with holes. I wore a crop top, a silver skull embedded into the fabric with chains, and dark makeup. Contrasting, my straight black hair, hung down my back, flowing as i walked.


It was a oddly attractive look, brokenly beautiful, perhaps?


“I am leaving” I yell, pacing down the stairs, putting my phone into my pocket. Quickly, i stopped into the kitchen to grab an apple and a piece of gum before shrugging into my small black coat.

“Louis?” I called out again to my brother. Still no reply.

I frowned, making my way into the back room where Louis sat at the desk, typing furiously away at the computer.

He had his ear phone in, pressing against the fluffiness of his blonde hair as his diamond, coloured orbs scanned across the page of his laptop.

I live with my older brother, to be clear. Our parents had died mysteriously a few years back and Louis now took care of both of us, making up for our loss with his high paying job.

“Louis!” I screamed, chucking the couch pillow at him.

Surprised, his head shoots up at me. His mouth makes an ‘O’ shape as he quickly pulls the ear phones from his ears, rubbing his head.

“You going now, Kiddo?”

I nod, biting into my apple and gesturing for his laptop,

“Whatcha working on?”

“Oh it’s not work, it’s an email to social services.” He sighs, flexing his fingers forward until they click. My hunger vanished with my appetite.


I toss my apple into the bin and replace it with the gum.

“Yeah, they want to come over tonight and talk to Grandad.” He grumbles, running his fingers through his hair with stress.

Grandad had also died a few years back, heart attack. Louis and i thought it would be a good idea to say that we still had someone caring for us so we wouldn’t be put into care or put on neighbour watch.

“Louis, you are 24 now, you are an adult. Why can’t you look after me?” I moan, an anger boiling up inside of me. Louis snaps, glaring at me with cold eyes.

“We may be old enough to care for each other, but it’s your attitude at school, Kelsey! If you just stopped being so rude all the time, the teachers wouldn’t contact social services!”

I looked over my shoulder and swallowed the lump in my throat,

“I’m going now.” I change the subject quickly,

“I am going to be late.”

Louis disapprovingly looks down to his watch,

“You are already late.”


I wish i could say i ran to school, trying to make up for the loss of time. I wish i could say i had no problems with anyone when i got to school. And i wish that i could just go home.

However, wishes are only for fairy tales, and this was one heck of a nightmare.


One foot. Just one foot over the threshold of the school’s entrance. That was all it took because teachers swarmed me with questions to my whereabouts, enclosing me as they done so.

“I’m late to first class, i need to go.” I murmur, scraping past the science teacher as he pointed to his watch with irritation. He stepped in front of me again,

“Detention. Half an hour on friday.” He threatens and i shake my head,


“Are you refusing to follow instructions?” He tries again, his thick eyebrows knitting into one long monobrow as he frowns.

“Get out my way, you don’t want me to be any later, do you?”

My anger was peaking. Why do teachers have to be all in your face and repeat the same line over and over again?

“Ah, Miss casey!” A female teacher called out my name,

“I assume you had a pleasant snooze this morning judging by the time.”

I spun around on my heel and glared towards the science teacher, ignoring the woman behind me.

“Move out my way, old man.” I growled, stepping around him but not succeeding.

“Get into my office now, Kelsey!” The lady barked, chucking her finger towards the door on the far right. This woman was a thin, lovely lady who is the only teacher i respect, but she also asserted authority towards me, a lot of it. Her name was Miss Morris.

I sulked at each step, forcing myself to ignore the science teachers sniggers.


“What do you think you are playing at?” She snapped, slamming the door behind us. I took my usual seat and span in circles on it, playing with the height difference button.

“It is not even twenty minutes into the school day and you are in my office.”

She tutted before making her way around the corner of her desk and sitting down with a quiet thump.

“He started it.” I grumbled.

“Stop messing around on the chair, Kelsey. This is serious. Verbally assaulting a teacher could cost you a few days off of school.”

“That is a bad thing?” I joked, carrying on spinning.


Quickly, i stopped, peering up at her with pleading eyes,

“I’m just teasing you. Please don’t kick me out, Louis will be furious!”

“Last chance, i am warning you!” She threatens and i salute her mockingly,

“Yes, Sir!”

“Now get to class and behave!”


An hour later, i was walking into my second class, Physics, with boredom.

Discarded to the left of me, my bag rested against the desk as as i kicked back on my chair, yawning. It was easy to drown out the lecture on atoms as i fiddled with the locket in my hands.

My mother’s beautiful face stared up at me from the locket, smiling at me innocently. Her head was tossed back in a laugh as her hands clutched onto my father’s arm who was grinning like he just told a terrible dad joke. Both of them were stunning, with their perfect lips and glistening eyes.


“Care to give me an example of an atom, what it does and why it is there, Kelsey?” My teacher snapped me out of my little dream. I snapped the locket shut as all heads fly in my direction.

“You are the teacher, shouldn’t you be telling me?” I retort cheekily, rocking back on my chair and throwing my legs onto the desk.

Amused, the class laughs. Everyone except from the teacher, of course.

“I wish your brain was as big as your ego, Miss Casey.” He rolls his eyes and i stop swinging. With all four chair legs touching the ground, i lean forward and hissed with venom,

“If only your hair was as thick as your stomach.”

The room fell silent with gasps and terrified glances.

“Get out of my classroom now!” He boomed, echoing his deep voice around the room. I grabbed my bag and collected my things with a shaking anger,


A plastered grin remained on my face as i chewed upon a piece of chewing gum loudly (one of his many hated habits) and slammed the door loudly.


Rewrote this chapter, have not edited yet x






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