Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


5. cafe talks

The time screamed 9:00 as i stumbled into school, slipping my shoe on quickly as i half skipped and tripped through the school’s entrance. Again, i was late.

“Well look who is back,” Grinned Miss morris, approaching me at the door. I leant onto the hardwood, tying up my shoelaces as my eyes never left her smirking ones.

“Miss me?” I tease and she pats me on the head patronisingly,

“Remember, you need to see the science teacher today at ten o’clock for your punishment.”

My smile faltered and i my eyes silently begged,

“Please don’t make me look after snotty new kids!”

She threw her head back and laughed loudly, earning a few dodgy looks from other students. I crossed my arms and looked unimpressed, hiding the humour professionally.

“You need to serve your punishment!” She exclaimed, trying to hide the smirk on her lips.

“What is so funny?”

“Oh, Nothing…”

She trails off into silence, observing me carefully before bursting out laughing again. I roll my eyes and walk to class, her laughter fading out when the school bell rings.. Second class then.

It felt like the lecture was never going to end as i drummed my pencil against the desk, thinking of ways i could escape this punishment.

Maybe if i find the kid some friends, i could use that as my excuse.

“I don’t want to interfere.” I would say if the student rats me out. Or perhaps use threats to scare the new bee into shoving off and saying i am the best mentor ever? That would easily earn me some brownie points.

Or maybe i don’t show up? Yeah, let’s do that for now; baby steps.

I skip the meeting and rush towards third lesson, never being early for any school related thing until now.

“Kelsey!” My french teacher beams as i rush in and take my seat. My bag is emptied and i am completing the worksheet quickly and efficiently. My thought process was that if someone walks in to lead me away, i could pretend i was doing my work and i really wanted to finish it. Also, it makes me look like a studious girl. Would that mean i could have my punishment halved?

Half an hour later, i grew impatient, stretching out this mental suffering for longer than it should have been.

What if they have called Louis? Social services? Would they kick into the second option without me even knowing?

“I am here for Kelsey.” Miss Morris asks at the door, shooting me evil glares. I gulp nervously and act surprised,

“Why are you here? Am i in trouble?”

“You know exactly why i am here, get out here! Now.” She hisses and i begin packing my things up slowly, readying myself for the snotty, repulsive kid i will probably have to babysit for the rest of my life.

I grabbed my marked paper on the desk, hoping my A grade will boost her spirits.

Head down, eyes lower and baby steps out the door. I was a pig being led into the slaughter house.

“I reminded you this morning to be on time, Kelsey!” Miss morris screamed at me as we made our way down to the reception area.

“I forgot!” I lied and the teacher glares even more,

“Stop hiding the fact you tried to escape your punishment.”

I held up my test when we reached our destination,

“I had an exam. I got an A!”

Her eyes widened and she beamed at me proudly, but then shook her head,

“You knew where you needed to be. Stop making excuses.”

I rolled my eyes as she opened the door,

“So you are not happy with my results?” I tease, slowly winding her up.

“I am beyond pleased, Kelsey! It’s just your arrogant behaviour is getting you into more trouble than not.”

I shrug, this was not a battle i was going to win.

“Ah, Evening Miss Casey!” The science teacher grimaced at me. I held back the smile, the welcoming and any pleasantries- i just stared at him irritably.

“This is Alessio Harding.” He brushes his hands over to the man in the corner of the room.

No. Freaking. Way.

“Hello Kelsey.” Alessio smugly grinned, his eyes flickering with amusement. A wide smirk appears on my face as i look back over to Miss Morris who winks at me.

“Now, Kelsey. Behave and make sure you treat Alessio with kindness and respect. He can report any bad things you do back to me.” The science teacher glares at me pointedly and i bite back the slurs threatening to spill. Alessio sent a cheeky wink in my direction as i bit my lip and rolled my head back,

“I don’t want to babysit.” I groan, keeping up my reputation. Alessio’s eyes flash with amusement as he turns to the science teacher,

“I don’t want to be babysat by her.”

The teacher looks back and forth between us as i continue,

“Besides, i am wearing red and he is in grey. It doesn’t match.”

“Yeah, both our eyes are brown so we are not individual either, complete fashion disaster.” Alessio joined in, mocking the teacher subtly.

“Yeah, even Adam agrees with me.” I throw my arms up, pointing towards Alessio.

“It is Alessio, Kim.”

“It’s Kelsey, Albert.”

Miss Morris is grinning widely but the science teacher is not amused by our playful banter.

“Enough!” He half yells, trying to establish some authority.

I bite my lip, containing the smirk appearing. Alessio doesn’t hide his laugh.

“Both of you, out my classroom now!”


I lead the way, glaring past the teacher on the way out.

“So, Kelsey, where are you going to show me first?” Alessio smirks, pretending to be bored as he looks around with a sigh.

“You know my name?” I gasp with fake shock,

“I am so flattered! Mr. Adam Hardon knows my name!”

He grins mischievously and laughs at my joke. Score.


“You cheeky little-” He began but Miss Morris cut him off by walking out of the classroom and addressing me,

“kelsey, please show him the bistro first. Followed by his classrooms.”

I smile innocently,


Alessio bites his tongue as i lead him down the winding hallway,

“How’s your head? Got a hangover?” He teased, observing me as we walk.

“Pur-lease,” I sounded out the words,

“I’m fit and young, i just bounce back. Unlike you old man.”

Alessio pretends to look wounded,

“I am only four years older than you!”

“Why are you starting university now?” I asked curiously as we took a sharp left followed by a right.

“I never went when i was younger. I didn’t have time and it’s always been a dream of mine to study and not sleep.”

His teasing words made me laugh.

“Yeah, i guess. We are here!” I boredly point towards the campus cafe. It was a large, silver and white room with ugly circled tables in red, and fluorescent yellow chairs. Because this university was on campus with a college and a high school, we had three rooms to eat in, so i showed him each room briefly.

“You would make an excellent tour guide.” Alessio Mocks me as we finish coming out of a classroom.

“Thanks, i am actually in university to study that. Busy, busy, busy!”  

He grins at my sarcasm and then gently brushes his hand against mine, sending chills through me.

“I was wondering,” Alessio began, drawing my attention in closer,

“If you would like to go out soon, on a date somewhere.”
My mouth dropped and i stumbled over my thoughts. This gorgeous god wants to date broken ol me?

“Ur- i,... Alessio, wow…” i stuttered, forcing myself to think of a reason not to and a reason for.

“What about Louis?”

He shrugs and smirks,

“I already asked him if i could invite you out.”

“He is cool with it?” I asked in awe.

“Your brother and i go way back, we trust each other. Plus, he said you would never agree.”

I smirked, he shouldn’t have said that. How to annoy my brother? Do the opposite to what he said.

“Yes, Alessio. I will go on a date with you.”

We left school early with permission from Miss Morris. It was a warm monday morning so we decided to head to the cozy little coffee shop on the corner of the street. I loved this shop.

“Two hot chocolates please.” Alessio said,

“One with extra sprinkles and cream…”

He stopped to think for a second,

“And fluffy, heart shaped marshmallows.”

I felt my heart do flips. How did he know how i liked my hot chocolate?

“Okay,” The lady behind the till smiled,

“That will be £6.80”

I reached for my purse but Alessio swat it away, plugging his card into the machine and paying. I did put up a fight but he easily let me down.

“How did you know how i liked my hot chocolate?” I grin as we sat in a far away boothe, sipping upon these heavenly creations.

“I told you that i have met you before. You were only young back then, you wouldn’t remember me.”

I felt guilty. If this man had managed to remember exactly how i like my drinks, surely i should remember his face or at least a name?

“Don’t feel bad,” He reached out and touched my hand gently,

“Besides, we have met now properly.”

A grin formed on my lips,

“Who are you again?”

He pulled back with awe and amusement as he observed me sipping my drink.

“So tell me a little about yourself, Kelsey.” He smiled warmly, such a gorgeous smile on a dangerous body.

I thought for a moment. Why does your brain go blank when someone asks you a question about yourself?

“I work at the bar around the corner, it’s good money.” I blurt out, then thinking against my topic.

“Oh okay, what is it called?”

“Shelia’s” I smile half heartedly and Alessio tilted his head to the side,

“The strip club?”

“The bar.” I corrected. It was a strip club but i served the drinks, i wanted nothing to do with dancing around on the poles. However, i still had to wear the skimpy clothing, but that was okay because i got a lot of tips from it.

“Oh yeah?” Alessio smirked, clearly amused,

“What are you studying in university?”

I smiled warmly,

“English, law, french and psychology. I am dropping science next week since i would have completed a year of a mandatory class.”

“You are clearly a clever girl then, i never heard of anyone taking five subjects at once.” Alessio complimented me, grinning and observing my blush.

“Not really… What have you taken?” I gush, smirking and taking in the gorgeous hot chocolate aroma.

“Law, psychology and PE.” He shrugs,

“But i don’t need to take any subjects since i already have a business.”

“You are employed?” I am taken aback. He looked too dangerous to work for anyone.

“I am an employer.”
Well that explains it.

“You own a company?” I gasp, shuffling closer on the chair and sipping my drink.

“Yeah, yeah i do.” He smirked, clearly proud of himself,

“I hope you have never heard of it though.”

I frown,

“Why not?”

Who doesn’t want their company to be known?

“My company are the top branch of the FBI. We hunt down criminals and punish them.” He grimaces, wincing as if there is some unknown message behind his words.

“Do you hurt people?” I ask quietly. Alessio shakes his head no, but his eyes scream another thing. The waiter comes over and asks if we want any food, i politely smile and say no. Alessio, however, glares towards this man with a burning hatred.

“What is that look for?” I nervously chuckle when the waiter went away.

“What look?”

“You glared at that man. Do you know him?”

Alessio stared at me as if i had lost my mind and then chuckled.

“I am a company owner, Kelsey. I have to look professional and assertive at all time. Heartless, if you will.” He nods and then looks back over to the man who is scurrying away. I frown slightly,

“You don’t come across heartless.”

“That is because i like you.”

I blush and stumble upon my words again. Why does the whole world obliterate when he looks at me the way he does?

“There is something about you, Kelsey. I can’t put my finger on it.” He smirks, leaning forward seductively.

“You think?”

He nods attentively and then his eyes scan the room.

“You are dangerously attractive yet there is nothing sinister about you.”

I shake my head, clearly he didn’t know my past very well.

“I am not attractive, Alessio.”

“Oh, but you are. The prettiest little thing i have ever laid eyes on.”

I blush,

“You are just saying that.”

“To get what gain out of it?”

My cheeks heat up even more when i thought about him using me to get into my pants. Why was he in my head when i should be teasing his? My main personality trait was manipulative, so what is this man doing to me?

He chuckles loudly, such an enchanting tune. When was the last time he laughed so freely?

“I would never use a woman for sex, Kelsey.” He says bluntly. Embarrassment heats me up as he lays a hand upon mine, drawing me closer.

“Alessio, if you don’t mind me asking.” I quietly pull myself closer towards him, the table in the middle stopping us from getting too close.

“How long did you serve in the army and why did you leave?”

Alessio sits back and thinks for a bit.

“I joined when i was sixteen, met your brother, it was his first year too. I left when i turned twenty. Your brother served for three years and i done four. I left because..." He trailed off into silence and a cold flicker past his eyes.

"Solider's are suppose to help people not torture the enemy."

I stayed quiet, tracing circles around his hand with silent reassurance. My eyes couldn't leave his face and it hurt to think about a time before i knew him. Love at first sight, perhaps?

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