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I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


12. bedRidden

I opened my eyes confused as hell, in my room, tucked into my bed. In the room, Alessio's eyes were blood shot and looks as if hadn't stopped crying. He was siting on the floor, propped up against the wall with four cans of Stella lining up beside him.


" baby?" My voice was croaky and I am sure as hell I looked like shit. His eyes darted towards me and he gasped, chucking his head back and thanking someone who was not visible. Was he praying?

" y-you're awake?" He stumbled towards me, crouching next to my bed.

"what day is it?" I gulped afraid of the answer.

"...3rd of june."


Fuck! Social services came round when I'm passed out on my bed from overdosing in order for suicide.

" social services?" I squeaked and a midst fog swept over his dark orbs, him tilting his head back slightly.

" Louis will tell you about that." He chuckled a bit and I was completely lost at why that was funny.

" where is Louis?" I nervously ask, petrified that I'm gonna have to face him after he told me to stop the drugs.

" he's asleep."

Why is he asleep isn't it morning?

" what's the time? And how long have I been out for?" I was now beginning to worry. Why was Alessio still with me? He should be worried about himself.

He gulped and whimpered,

"3:45am... You have been knocked out for three days."

What? It only felt like an hour.

"Alessio?" My voice croaked,

" sleep with me?"

He looked incredibly tired and ill ,although, it was exceedingly obvious he had been working out.

" Kay." His eyes looked down as he slid under my covers and pulled me close to him.

" I though you were dead," he whimpered, sucking me into a gentle, lustful kiss.

" you ain't getting rid of me that easy," I felt him smirk against my lips and I was need happier to feel him with me.

I was snuggled into his chest and we just laid in silence, enjoying each others company until I heard light snoring and soon after, I was asleep too.


" SHE'S HERE!" Someone screamed as I plodded downstairs to find Louis. Alessio was vary wary this morning, constantly by my side and kissing me which made me feel safe and secure but the unknown numbers messages still burned the back of my mind.

I was greeted by a huge group hug from Jack, Nial, Tom, Louis,and Harry with them saying their mini lectures at how much they missed me. It was humiliating to let people know how i weak i was, but with Alessio at my side, anything was possible.

" I made breakfast. Lucky that you finally woke up to enjoy it with us." Louis said proudly as we all gathered round the table.

Louis dished out waffles and we all helped ourselves to sugar, lemon and syrup.

" can I tell her now?" Nial blurted out as I sent a quick glance to him who was grinning from ear to ear at me.

" tell me what?"

" there's so much that we need to tell you," Louis peers down at his lap suddenly making me worry.

" w-what is it? " I say, my voice starting to croak and I look round at Alessio who was eating the pancakes, avoiding all topics.

"... social services"

I feel a huge pressure collapse in my heart and I was lost for words, instead I just heavily breathed.

"They feel that you shouldn't be in a house with a new born child." I feel a tear trickle down my face,

" but I'm nineteen! I'm responsible enough to look after my niece!" I croak, burning reforming at the back of my throat. Was my brother really going to kick me out of the house in front of everyone?

"After the stunt you barely lived through, they are having second thoughts."

Second thoughts? No. No. No. I'm not going to live in a mental home. No!

" w-where will I go?" I stutter, fury building up in me as Alessio smirks.

" why are you smiling?" His head tore up at me, still smiling dramatically.

" you're living with me," he smirks and I feel suddenly surprised, the relief flushing through me.

" h-how did you pull it off? I thought suicide was a crime..." I had tears from joy and fear running down my cheeks and I linked my hands in with Alessio's.

" it is. But because of the threats on your phone and what you have been through, the judge decided to drop all charges against you."

I tightly fling myself on Alessio, nuzzling my head into the crook of his shoulder and smiling like an idiot.

" but-" he began making me pull away to study his face.

" I have to be with you at all times "

My lips crash to his, fallen head over heals in love with Him all over again. He stayed with me until I was better, he was there when I was laying dead and he Is still with me now.

" I love you so much Alessio I'm so sorry for everything that's happened," I could still see the pain and uncertainty in his eyes which broke my heart,

" just promise me one thing?" His voice rippled to me like a flame,

" never, ever leave me like that again."

My eyes swelled up with tears and I started laughing to hide the insecurity of my past,

" I promise. Yes, I really promise." I allowed my lips to slightly ajar to his and then I forcefully sucked onto his lower lip, refusing to break the kiss.

" we need to leave soon so you might want to say goodbye," Alessio pulls away before I push the kiss back forcefully,

" they can wait."

" excuse me? The ones who practically raised you are still waiting..." Louis interrupts with a sarcastic cough and I release Alessio to throw myself on all three of them.

" I am so sorry about everything." I squeeze them tightly, feeling them wrap me closer and them Tom pulled me into an individual hug.

" your like a little sister to me. Please don't ever leave me again Kelsey," Tom wiped some tears from under his eyes and squeezed me tightly in his embrace. Nial nudged him cheekily, silently comforting his boyfriend.

" you kidding? Your never going to get rid of me..." I smiled back at him before I planted a sneaky peck on his cheek and headed over to Niall who sat there looking smug as fuck.

" wipe that grin off your face or I will slap it off!" I sarcastically grunt before he pulled me in a big hug.

" haha still a sneaky bitch! Have a safe one and see you in school! "

I pulled back before he gently pressed his lips to my forehead and I got up to turn to Louis.

" I promise I will stop with the drugs and I am really-" I began apologising before Louis cut me off in a tight hug,

" it's cute that you think you've had the choice! I have already burned all the drugs in the house" I could here the sly grin in the hug but I didn't want to ruin the moment.

After we said our hellos and good byes, I rushed upstairs along with Alessio to change into clothes we haven't slept in, in my room.

" everything's Gone to our house." I smugly smile at Alessio, doing up my tight black jeans which show all my curves.

" say that again, it sounds amazing." He stepped forwards to me, bare chested but his jeans were resting on his 'v' Line.



"Our house."I grinned as his hands caressed over my body trailing up my bare stomach to my boobs.

"Perfect," he breathed, pulling my lips into a deep kiss allowing his hands to rest on my breasts without movement.

" c'mon I can't wait to see our house! " I fling my red checker ed top on and do my makeup lightly.

Maybe things can get better after all?


(A quick filler chapter!! Sorry, everything got too depressing! Please comment ideas and any advice. The comments really inspire me and make me work harder, knowing that i am writing for a reason. I want to befriend my followers, so please don't be a stranger. Comment Hi! Let's start random conversations. 

I don't bite... or do i? MWHAAHAHAH 

Love you all!)

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