Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


33. back to work (5 months prego)


Ugh, I am fat. The baby should be coming in four months and I am actually in pain during the day. One minute I'm fine and the next I'm an emotional wreck with pain everywhere... and I mean everywhere.

It's only been five months and the bump is really easy to see. Today, is the first day that I'm allowed to go to work with Alessio but he wont let me do any work cause it might stress the baby out but I think I can work, he's just too protective. I hide the lack of sleep under my eyes and my weak frame with a baggy, warm top which exposes the bump clearly but also keeps it warm along with black leggings and my makeup is done professionally and heavily. But not over the top.

" Here," Alessio offers as I struggle to sit down to put my shoes on. He lowers me down and then grabs my black flats which have a built in foot massager because this baby is getting heavier by the day, and slips them on before planting a lingering kiss on my lips.

" You look beautiful," He says and helps me up, pulling me gently into hug and placing his arms around my waist.

" I feel fat..." I grumble with a pout on my face and pull my top up at my swollen belly.

" See!"

He crouches down onto his knees and plants a kiss to my bare stomach,

" Hello baby, Daddy's here and he loves you ever so much as does mummy," He begins as usual as I smile down at them,

" She's in a lot of pain and thinks she is fat. Daddy doesn't think she is fat though and daddy hates to see mummy in pain,"

The way he calls me mummy and himself daddy turns me on like mad and I wish the baby wasn't here so we could play.... a game ;)

" So, if you be a good little baby, Daddy will make it up to you but Mummy can not know how, okay?"

Alessio says as his eyes met mine, smirking sarcastically and I rolled my eyes, placing my hands on my stomach and talking for myself,

" Don't listen to daddy- Mummy knows everything!"

Alessio now stands up in front of me and grins ear to ear,

"Is that so?"

he raises an eyebrow before pulling me into a sensitive, loving kiss, snaking his arms around my stomach again, soothing it massively. I feel the fireworks strike again and all my worries drift away and it feels as if I am trapped in a trance.

" Let's go before something happens we will regret later," he chuckles and drags me to the limo,

" But I want to kiss,"

" So do I, maybe later?" He agrees and I sigh,

" Fine, but it better be the wait."
I cross my arms and he wraps an arm around me as I rest my head on his shoulder.


Alessio POV:

Unfortunately, Kelsey practically begged me to take her out to work because she has been caged in at home because of her pregnancy. Whilst I have been doing short shifts at work, one of the girls or boys have taken care of her every minute of the day but now she has resorted to coming to work with me so I can keep a closer eye on her. So it's a win, win situation.

However, during the pregnancy, the sheet of things that will happen to her, says she can be mega horny really easily which is not good because if she gets her way- I will either hurt her or the baby and I just cant hurt them. I just cant.

" So, If you want to go home I will call a limo to take us home and-" I babbled on to her in the limo as she played with my fingers, hushing me with her voice,

"Baby... I know my way around that place like the back of my hand so I wont be lost and it's early in the pregnancy so I wont be in pain... your plan wont be necessary, "

She lies about not being in pain because it's obvious when she is because she winces, grunts, complains or nervously laughs or something small that she does, signals something is wrong but she hates to admit she's in pain.

" I know but- I will be by your side today so just tell me if you need-" I begin and once again she shuts me up but this time with her soft lips. Amazing. Her teeth fumble around with my lower lip and I release a moan a little and she smiles with satisfaction. Control Alessio, control.

" Baby, later," I say through gritted teeth and she chuckles darkly,

" You sure you don't want it now?"

I feel her hands glide onto my legs and it takes every urge in my body to not jump on her. At that moment of pure bliss and painful fighting, I realised we had stopped. THANK GOODNESS!

" Looks like we have came to stop," I say and clamber out the limo and rush to open her door which she gladly takes.

I link her arm as she hobbles out of the limo and we begin walking into the building and we get loads of congratulations and merry welcomes which makes her smile widely which has me relieved. 




As we walk through the door, people non stop congratulate us and they are non-stop telling me how much Alessio has been talking about me and the baby which makes me even more hornier as we walk through the corridors. I WANT HIM NOW!

His hands fumble around with mine as we enter his office and he sits me down on my normal black chair.

" My chair! I missed you!" I almost yell as I hug it tightly. I swear this was one of the most cosiest thing I have ever sat on!

Alessio chuckles and pulls something out from behind his back... slippers?

" Slippers?" I cock my head to the side and he laughs again, kneeling down and changing my shoes,

" Yeah, it helps takes the pressure off your feet,"

I smile at this beautiful gesture and his lips run up to mine, pulling me deep between love and lust. Why does he have to be so fucking sexy?

" Alessio," I whimper trying to pull him closer to me and he does it but doesn't go any further than his muscles touching the bump and my breasts barely.

" Closer," I complain and open my eyes to look at him almost trembling with want,

" Take it slow babygirl," He objects and I huff before he plants a lingering kiss on my lips and my lips burn with wanting more.

" I hate being pregnant," I complain as he sits down on his chair with a huge grin,

" Nah you love it, it will all be worth it after, I promise."

I smirk back, unable to keep the frown without bursting into laughter,

" Yeah it will be worth going to toilet every ten minutes after!" I sarcastically roll my eyes and so does he before he logs onto his computer,

" I'm going to go for a walk," I say and start to get up before he races to my side, helping me,

" I will come too then,"

I turn to face him and send him puppy eyes,

" You stay here, I wont be long only ten minutes at the most, please... I will be fine."

" Not gonna happen," He shakes his head and I huff back into my chair with a slight ump.

" I just wanted to talk to Rose," I cross my arms and Alessio gently flicks my pouted bottom lip,

" Just Rose then, okay?"

" Yay!" I jolt upwards regretting it soon after when a tear rips through my back and stomach. Alessio quickly sits me back down and I force myself to hold back tears,

" And you want to go walking... On yourself?!" He jokes and kisses my cheek and I grunt,

" I will wheel you over to her then,"

He pushes me to Roses desk, directly opposite the office and she politely asks Alessio,

" Sir, can I have a break please to talk to Kelsey over by the lounge?"

She points to the lounge in the same room as us and Alessio nods his head nervously before hesitantly walking back to his office and Rose pushes me to the lounge.

" Sooo, five months in then?" She chuckles, sitting on the sofa and I laugh out loud.

" Yeah, next week I find out if it is a girl or boy!" I squeal and so does she before she crosses her legs and leans in close,

" Do you realise how concerned and excited Alessio is?"

" He is?" I ask knowing that he is and look over to him who pretends to look away when I catch him staring.

" Yes! He is so much happier now he has met you and now you are becoming a family!" She exclaims and I feel very flustered and emotionally happy.

" I love him so much," I grimace and she pulls me in for a hug,

" And he loves you more, trust me. It's the way he looks at you is just magical,"

I feel my heart bounce out of my chest and had just skipped a beat at how in love i am with him right now. and the fact he makes other's notice? How can he just be so perfect?

" So you got any names?" She pulls back from the hug and leans onto the sofa,

" Maybe, I can't tell you yet though," I smile and so does she.

" eh, does Alessio know or want any names?"

" He said I could choose if it is a girl and he chooses if it is a boy." I shrug and she smiles again before I switch the conversation back to her,

" So, How's everything doing back at home?"

She starts talking about a new dog that she got which was a springer spaniel and how much she loves it and everything. I get so engaged with how she loves her dogs and how her and how her boyfriend both have a dog each which had puppies that I loose track of time and end up talking to her for the whole day which I thought was really great. She was the third greatest friend I have ever had after Alessio and Louis. And I think she likes me!

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