Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


40. 8 months pregnant



A soft purring of a machine buzzed through my bones as it relaxed my bones swiftly. In sync, I tried to move my eyelids but they were frozen shut, as was the rest of my body. Then, I panicked. I thrusted back and forth, side to side to try to escape the noise which was attempting to have a nasty affect on my body as I yelped for help. I couldn't control myself, I was shaking violently; feeling swollen to the core and screaming as loud as I could through gasp of whimpers.

" Kelsey? KELSEY!" I heard a distant voice scream followed by a man hollering something but I was too busy crying. The tears now flew down my cheeks like water on a waterfall as my eyes tore open, leaving the rest of my body paralysed.

My eyes whipped around the room and what felt like hundreds of nurses and doctors worked quickly, holding me down and yelling things to each other. My vision was blurry resulting in even more worriedness. What was going on?

Now a clearer cry for help escaped my lips as all limbs went back into action but too harshly. My arms tore straight, my back arched painfully and my head tossed back as I screamed In agony. I could hear Kennedy and Alessio screaming for me as they were pushed out the room, both of them attempting to fight from what I could hear as I constantly cried out curses.

My eyes felt blood shot and my skin felt incredibly sensitive and chalky which stung like a knife. Surrounding me, all the doctors and nurses had now grasped each of my limbs and held me down tightly... WHAT WAS GOING ON!?

" It's a month early!" One lady shouted which snapped me into reality... I'M GOING INTO LABOUR?

" I-I'm not r-ready, S-she's not ready! I CANT BE!" I argue but it's no use, mother nature does what she fucking wants!

" S-she's right! she will die if she does it virginally!" One man shouts making me feel incredibly sick... die? No No NO! I TAKE BACK WHAT I SAID A YEAR AGO! I WANT TO LIVE! I WANT TO LIVE! I WANT TO L-

" GET DR.BUSHICAL NOW! HE CAN DO SURGERY!" Another Lady shouted as wires, gas, injections and every drug was stabbed into my body. The world became hazy and so did my eyes before the sharp pain tore into my belly before I was out like a light.



I paced around nervously out side the waiting room, trying to get into the room but the doctors wouldn't let me because I will freak Kelsey out. FUCK EM!

" C-calm down," Kennedy tries to comfort me, rubbing my arm slightly. I grip her wrist tightly and hiss cruely,


I didn't know what I was thinking, why was having ago at Kennedy going to make me feel better?

" AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!" I yell again as more doctors try to separate us, me trying to scream at her and Kennedy crying her eyes out. In the other room, I could hear Kelsey's gut wrenchingly loud screams of pain and people yelling things.

" FUCKKKK!" I curse loud and clear, clenching my fists tightly.. THIS FUCKER IS GONNA DIE!

" MR.Harding! If you can not control yourself, we will have to ask you to leave!" The doctor shouts at me as a guard has practically pinned me to the chair before allowing me to sit on my own.

" I'M CALM ALRIGHT!" I scream back and then sink in my chair, silently praying for Kelsey and the little girl to be okay, mainly Kelsey. We were just getting our life back together and getting married with a little girl but some fuck head had to scare the shit out of her and she lived in utter fear of everyone... all because of KENNEDY! UGHHHH! FUCK!

Beside me, Kennedy sobbed into her knee's, rocking slightly. Crap, I feel bad now. NO- you shouldn't feel bad, she caused all of this!
" Someone call Louis!" I gasp forgetting her brother may want to know she's in labour.

" I will,"  Kennedys miniature voice whimpers before she scurries down the hall to reception. Good.



I pick up the phone to Kennedy whimpering loudly through sobs and gasps. After a while of spluttering, she finally tells me about Kelsey and what hospital they were at. My heart felt as if it stopped beating; my lungs practically exploded and all organs just shrunk. She is only nineteen and only eight months pregnant! I know that's a lot but she is too weak and fragile to be going into labour!

Stacey was at home with the twins, who were born healthy and strong two months ago, and it would take too long to get everyone in the car so i left alone.

I raced to my car and sped into the ward searching hopelessly for the right maternity wing. I saw Alessio sitting in his chair, fists clenched and looking murderous and worried sick. I sprinted up to him and he looked up at me worriedly with pain built into his stone cold glare.

" Any news-" I began to say before shrieks of pain exploded from the room in front of us and Alessio doubled over in fear and streaming tears, blocking his hands over his ears and constantly repeating " Please be alright,".

I tore my head towards the door and felt Alessio's grip around my arm and a puffy face peered up from his lap,

" I've tried, they wont let us,"

I felt sorry for this boy for once. I had always given him a hard time in thinking he will knock my sister up and move on, but he is different. He has tried everything and is here praying for his wife.

" Come here," I say to him as we do a bro-hug and he cries into my shoulder loudly whilst I'm frozen in shock. Another ear splittingly loud cry let loose as it all went silent. No, No, No! It cant be!

Alessio pulled away, trembling with both our eyes drawn to the door which opened revealing a nurse covered in blood. 



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