Don't be naughty

Stay tune for this steamy, dangerous novel.
Read with caution.
I am re-writing my once famous book. I have all ready got 200+ chapters in draft and i am editing it with a better plot.


47. 2 years later :)


Julia is 4 now and we have had another child, Tommy. Tommy is 2 and is the image of his older sister. They both are gorgeous and we have them in for modelling as a family for extra money which is £500,000 per modelling shoot so it is amazing. In the past two years, we have bought a house up by the beach.

" DAADDDYYYYYY!" Julia screams as she runs in, straight into my legs and scrambles into my arms.

" What's the matter baby girl?"

She smiles hugely before I see tommy wonder in, waddling and grinning as well. But, he is covered in something. It is not chalk, not paste.... IT'S MAKEUP!

" MUUUMMMMYYY!" I yell hoping Kelsey would know what to do because I was about to cry with laughter. He had bright red face from Kelsey makeup, bright red lipstick!

She walks in, stunning as always and yet again she has a huge six pack despite the fact she has had two kids! Her hair is flowing brown so our hair colour matches as a family and she's wearing a black bikini which covers barely anything which turns me on like a hound.

I cat call and she rolls her eyes before placing a kiss on my lips.

" Why did you call me? I was on the phone to the photo shoot man... we gotta go in half-"

She stops when she see's Tommy. Her eyebrows merged as she crumpled up her nose in trying to find what Tommy has on,


I burst into laughter and so does she. I put Julia down as she scrambles over to Tommy and struggles to pick him up which he accepts with a chuckle. Kelsey runs out for a second before comes back in with a camera and camera stand.

" Get in!" She says as she clicks the button and then races back to Tommy, Julia and I before there is a flash with Kelsey and I laughing obviously and our children pulling funny faces.

" P-PHA-PHAHAHAHAH!" I laugh so loud, I double over in pain because of the stiches. Julia jumps onto my back and Tommy waddles over to Julia, pulling on her leg. I swiped him up into one arm so I have both children in each arm and Kelsey takes another picture of me and my gorgeous children.

" Come here baby!" I shout and she paces over... boy, did her breasts jiggle! O-OH-MY-GAWD!

I kiss her passionately and the camera takes another picture, brilliant! Then we all put our faces in-line to each other and pull a funny face. click, the camera snaps another picture.

" L-let me check!" Julia shouts as she sprints as fast as her little legs could take her to the camera and reaching for the photo which just came out. She burst into laughter again before trumping back to us, skipping quickly.

" Ju-ju!" Tommy calls before stretching out to Julia who quickly hands me the picture and grabs Tommy off of me.

Next to me, I sneakily sweep my arm around Kelsey's waist and hold the photo up to four grids with a different photo in each.

" I LOVE IT! OUR FAMILYY!!" Kelsey squeals with excitement before hugging me tightly and my hands swiftly drift downwards. I slap. She gasps and so does Julia.

" No Daddy!" Julia frowns stomping over and grabbing my hand and tearing it away from Kelsey's gorgeous, perky bum that I just wanna-

" No smacking, it's not nice! Say sorry!" She demands with a furious little pout on her face. I smirk slyly before crouching down to Julia's height and pinching her cheeks delicately,

" Julia," I begin thinking of my excuse.

" SAY SORRY!" Tommy shouts, waddling over and stomping next to Julia. I feel out numbered. Is that stupid?

" Yeah, Daddy... say sorry," Kelsey sarcastically pouts before joining their line and crouching down. Fuck. No, no,no! I can't get a boner in front of my children!

" Uur, e-err, Sorry?"

" Mean it!" Julia hisses.

" M-mym et!" Tommy copies her, showing his adorable little teeth.

" Mean it," Kelsey joins in... now it is on.

" No."

They all gasp.

" Naughty Daddy!" Julia looks terrified. She has never ever said No before in her life and to hear her dad say it, it's crazy.

" N-No!" Tommy shouts beginning to run around like a crazy man.

" NOOOO!" Kelsey screams as they all begin screaming and running around the room like lunatics.  BEST DAD AWARD, GOES TO MEEEE!!!!!!!!!

" FINE FINE FINE!" I yell.

" I'm so sorry for slapping Mummy's bum."

Kelsey bursts out laughing as do all of them. I go bright red and then swoop them all into a huge family hug and we all fall onto the sofa with laughter.

" Happy now?" I pout as Kelsey tuts, flicking my lip gently. She places her lips to mine as passionately sucks into the kiss,

" TOMMY!! DON'T LOOK!" Julia screams covering her eyes and Tommy's eyes with her tiny little hands, covered with.. dimples!!! I FREAKIN LOVE DIMPLES ON CHILDREN! That sounded pervy. Wait- I mean it's cute. can we just clear it up that I am NOT a pervert. Thankyou.

" Haha, very clever chatterbox!" Kelsey scoffs to Julia and she bundles her,

" I am NOT a chatterbox!"

" Yes you are,"

" I'm not,"

" are,"
" not,"


" I AM NOT!" Julia yells, fuming and Kelsey exchanges the 'don't you dare shout at me' look which Julia quickly takes in and apologises. You know what, I think we done a good job on these kids. Well mannered and better looking than I have ever seen on children. Hear comes the pervert sounding guy but I AM NOT A FUCKING PERVERT!

" Sorry Mummy,"

" Awh, baby, I love you mummy could never be mad," Kelsey giggles, pecking her nose.

" Mwumma!" Tommy sniffles before plopping himself next to her head and doing a lip wobble.

" Mummy loves you too Tommy!"

She pulls him in for a hug and then we all rested in a bundle,

" But we need to get that makeup off you."

Then..... and then, the look of FRIGHT.... Tommy looked petrified........ He was no longer going to be a... GIRL!

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