What if...?

What if it wasn't Harry's parents who died? What if it was Ron's? What if it was Ron who had Harry's scar, and Ron who had to face Voldemort? OMG....


2. The Knight Bus...?

Ron regretted leaving home, more than he'd regretted anything in his life. No, he reminded himself, that was not home. Thomas wasn't even related to him! But now, as he sat on the curb of a street far from home, rain pouring down onto his head, he wished that his parents were alive. Suddenly, Ron saw a purple bus coming towards him. Ron stood up, and backed away from the curb so that he wouldn't get run over. Then, he heard the ear-piercing sound of squealing brakes, as the purple bus stopped in front of him. The doors opened automatically to reveal a pimpled man dressed in a baggy purple suit. "Oy, don' waste me time! Get in, or freeze to yer death! I'm Stan Shunpike, and this is da Knight Bus for stranded magic people. I ain't a wizard meself, I'm a  Squib. Anyways... Where do ya wanna go?" he said. Ron looked down at the letter. "Uh...Diagon Alley? " Ron said timidly.  He took a seat on a bed near the back of the bus and sighed. This was so weird.....

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