Why did I do it?


3. Mobile!


A couple of years had passed and I was in 5th grade. The boys from kindergarten were in my class, and I had not forgotten, what they did to me. In school I was an outsider. I was primarily alone.

I had just got my first mobile, which was a birthday gift from my parents. I was setting it up, choosing background, making the text looking cool and set up date and time. In the breaks I would watch videos, play games and search on the internet. Actually doing, what I like to do.

One break the boys came over to me, and told me about a game, that you could get on your phone. It sounded so cool, and I really wanted it, but they had to borrow my phone to make sure it was the right one I installed. I was so excited to get it, that I just gave it to them. They clicked around a bit, and told me they had started the install. Suddenly they just started running away with my mobile. I ran after them, shouting stop. They ran out on the toilet and threw my mobile in the toilet and flushed. The only thing I reach to see was my mobile disappear into the drain.

I ran home and told my parents what had happened. They talked to the headmaster of the school, but the boys didn’t get scolded for what they did, just because one of the boy’s parents was wealthy.

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