Why did I do it?


2. Kindergarten


It all started in kindergarten. I had just moved to the town, and couldn’t wait to get some new friends, at the same time I was a bit worried. What if they didn’t like me? My mom said, “Don’t worry, they are probably nice”. My mom was always right, so I stopped worrying.

I have always been more with the boys than the girls, so when I started in kindergarten, I played with the boys. They didn’t always want me to be with them, because I was a girl. I kept trying and then one day they didn’t care anymore, so I could always play with them.

One rainy day, they suggested, that we could play hide and seek. I was totally cool with that, one of the boys should count to twenty with a little help from a nursery nurse. One of the boys, called Arthur, told me to follow him, because he knew the best place to hide. He opened a door to a broom cupboard. This was the best hiding spot? He told that he wanted me to win, and this was the best spot. I trusted him and hid in there, and then I heard a sound from outside the door. It sounded like somebody was locking the broom cupboard, and somebody laughing. It was the boys. They were laughing. I started screaming and banging on the door. The tears were running down my cheeks, and my hands were hurting. I gave up. Sat down, crying in the darkness.

It must have been hours, my body was hurting all over, when I heard my mom calling my name. I got up and stumbled towards the door. I started banging on it and screamed for her. I heard the door unlock and it swung open. My mom picked me up and wrapped her arms around me.

No one believed that it was the boys, who did it. From that day I never played with the boys anymore.

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