Why did I do it?


4. Death...


When I was in 8th grade the worst thing that could ever happen happened. My mom... died. We were driving home. We had been out shopping clothes, shoes and jewellery. We got a haircut and were on café. Spoke a bit about school and we were going to go on a holiday together as a family. It was an awesome day.

She did really understand me, and in a month we could move away from all of these awful people. To a new city far away from this one. I was going to a new school with new people. Away from the boys and everyone else who had bullied me through all of these years. My dad had gotten a new job in this city and my mom was going to quit her job.

As told, we were driving down the highway, when a car suddenly was driving against us. It was driving the wrong way and crashed right into us. I don’t remember much after that, an ambulance and some policemen that wanted to talk to me, but what should I say. The driving to the hospital was strangely long.

When I woke up there was a nurse smiling to me and asked me how I was feeling. I tried to sit up and then the pain came. The nurse told me, that I had broke two ribs and my left arm. A door opened and a man came in. I guessed he was a doctor and I was right. He was checking my condition and then he nodded to the nurse. She walked out of the room and came back with two men dressed formally. They told me, that they were from the police and had to ask me some questions about the accident. I told them everything I could remember. They said that it was useful information and they would leave me for now, but I was probably going to see them again. “How is my mom?” I asked. They got a serious look on their face and turned around. “I’m sorry, but she’s dead” one of the men answered. What? It couldn’t be true. My mom... gone... forever.

I got home and heard that the plan about moving and the holiday were cancelled.

The driver of the other car was also dead, so he couldn’t be trailed for this. After the funeral my dad stopped working but started drinking heavily. He got very violent and was blaming me for her death. I had a lot of bruises on my arms, so I kept them hidden from everyone. From this day I decided to never trust anyone ever again.

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