My reasons... - Liam Dunbar

When Casey McCall, moves in with her brother Scott and step mother Melissa, her world start rambling. She likes Liam and keep on doing that... but something goes wrong, especially when she finds out the secret of her brother and the guy she likes!


13. The Stay

I was woken up by a sudden sound. My eyes quickly shot open and I felt a shiver traveling down my spine. All my muscles froze and I felt like a cube of ice. My heartbeat raised and my hands got cold. I felt myself breathing faster and I just wanted Brett. I felt so protected when I was near him. He was much taller than Liam and I kinda think that he's stronger. All this being scared all started when I say my feet in Beacon Hills. I'm so tired of being scared all the time." Brett" I whispered out. But I then remembered that I'm sleeping in the guest bedroom and he is of course in "his" room. I was afraid to move and I couldn't yell. I slowly stretched out my legs and swung them over the side. The bed made noises and with every noise my body made a little jump. My goal was to get into Brett's room. I let my feet touch the cold wooden floor and made my way to the door without too much noise. I opened the door and went into the hall. Luckily for me was Brett's room just on the opposite side of the hall. I slowly opened Brett's door. What I saw made my heart melt.


A sleeping Brett was the cutest thing ever. He was laying curled together and he was snoring lightly. How can you not LOVE him? I mean come on? I was just staring at him. I made my way to his bed and sat down on the edge. His sudden movement made me jump right of the bed. But Brett didn't wake up. I sat back on the edge and just looked at him. I slowly removed the blanket he was hugging and laid over him. That I took his blanket made him wake up." Casey? What are you doing in here?" He asked and rubbed his eyes looking at me." Sorry I woke you up" I said about to leave when Brett took my wrist and held it tight." There must be a reason you woke me up" he said looking seriously at me." I just woke up and wanted to check on you." I said looking at the floor." The truth please." He said making me look at him." I heard something and it scared the living shit out of me, and I just wanted to feel protected like I do when I'm with you." I said rather fast. And before I knew it Brett pulled me down on his bed and put his arms around me." Shit you're cold!" Brett said. I didn't answer I just felt my body heating up. Brett lifted my chin and looked me in the eyes." Have you been outside?" Brett asked looking curiously at me." No? I've just been sitting on the edge of your bed." I said closing my eyes moving closer to Brett if even possible. His body was so warm. I felt protected and warm." Sleep well." Brett said kissing my forehead. When his warm lips touched my forehead I froze and quickly looked up at him. He looked confused at me and then embarrassed. I just looked at me. We didn't say anything. We just looked each other in the eyes without moving. I the kissed his cheek and hugged him tightly. He hugged me back and I felt his breath on my neck. It send shivers down my spine and it felt nice. I fell asleep quickly.


I woke up and felt to strong arms hug me tightly to a toned chest. I knew instantly that it was Brett. I could smell it. He always smelled the same. The nice sweet sent made me sure. I've known him for I don't know like about five days. But I felt so protected in his arms I can't explain why. But I just did. There was something about him. Like something that just pulled me towards him. I guess I needed him, more than even knew. He shifted a little and I felt in the way. I tried to move out of his grip but he just held me tighter." I won't let you go" he said and opened his eyes looking at me." Shoot! I just thought I could leave." I said pouting." Nope not yet" he said kissing my forehead once again. I smiled and snuggled my face into his chest." I didn't know you were a person who loved cuddling." I said making him smile down at me." Well you don't really know anything about me." He said making me think things through. If Liam knew he would get so sad." Then tell me" I said waiting for him to say something." What's wrong?" He asked partly letting me go to look better at me." I was just thinking about Scott and Liam." I said not wanting to look at him." They'll never know" he said smiling brightly at me like a little kid." It's not funny!" I said punching his chest while laughing a little myself." Ouch!" He exclaimed and pushed me away. I laid a little there looking at him." I'm cold" I said fake sobbing." Aw you poor little thing!" He said cuddling me again." I'm hungry! I want breakfast!" I said trying to get out of his grip." Nope! You're not going anywhere!" He said holding me closer for every time I struggled." But I'm dying!" I said looking sadly up at him." Then you have to wait dying. Cause I'm not done cuddling." He said snuggling his head into the crook of my neck." Stop! It's tickling!" I said starting to laugh." Can you wait dying?" He said kissing my cheek." Jup!" I said catching my breath once again. And then we just laid there. It was getting hot under the blanket." Now I laid here for ten minutes. And I'm starving!" I said snuggling out of his grip." Food!" I yelled as jumped around on the floor. I went over to Brett's closet and took a shirt and pulled it over my own. I was BIG! It was so fun walking around in his way to big shirt." Haha! I feel like a fish!" I said laughing and laying down on the floor." Are you sick or something?" Brett asked and I quickly sat up." No" I said trying to look serious. I guess it didn't work because Brett just sat there on the edge of the bed and laughed at me." I'm hungry! I'm weird when I'm hungry" I said making my way to the bed.

"You don't say!" He said pushing me with his shoulder." Okay then mister sass. Are we ready for breakfast?" I asked making my best puppy eyes." Jep, I guess so" he said leaving the bed and walking out the door." Wait for me!" I yelled running after him. I then quickly stopped." Brett!" I yelled and gazed at the floor." Casey? What's wrong!?" He asked hurrying to my side once again." My rips don't hurt anymore. It like they're healed completely." I said looking at him for some advice." Impossible! May I?" He asked and I looked a little confused at him. I then understood and pulled up the shirt I was wearing. He looked in shock. He then pushed me into the bathroom so I could see what he saw. It was healed completely. I had no bruises at all. Everything was gone." Maybe we should ask your brother what this means." He said looked worryingly at me." No! My brother can't know this. Neither can Liam. Promise me you won't tell anyone!" I said quickly turning around to face him." No promise" he said looking shocked at me." Right now we need to get breakfast we can take everything afterwards" I said walking out of the bathroom. We walked down to the kitchen without a word and got some cereal." Okay what do we do now?" Brett asked with his mouth full of cereal. I quickly swallowed mine and started laughing." What?" He said as he swallowed his cereal." You just sound funny when your mouth is full of cereal." I said still laughing a little." Take this serious Casey. You just healed to broken rips over night! That's not normal!" He said making me stop laughing." I'm sorry I just don't like taking things seriously. When I do I get scared and right now I'm scared of my self." I said taking a spoon full of cereal and stuffing it in my mouth." Don't be, we're gonna find out how to take this." He said and I swallowed." When are you going to play that game of yours?" I asked pointing at him with my spoon." Tomorrow. I'm gonna break them in half out there." He said smirking. I choked a little in my cereal." Seriously?" I asked taking a sip on my water." No, I mean we're going to win." He said smiling brightly." Is that so?" I asked crossing my arms and smirked at him." Oh hell yeah!" He said bragging." Nah bro! I don't think so!" I said taking my bowl of cereal and put it in the sink." Did you just call me bro?" He asked raising an eyebrow towards me." Jup" I said and leaned against the kitchen counter.

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