My reasons... - Liam Dunbar

When Casey McCall, moves in with her brother Scott and step mother Melissa, her world start rambling. She likes Liam and keep on doing that... but something goes wrong, especially when she finds out the secret of her brother and the guy she likes!


14. The Day Before

~~Brett leaned in and closed his eyes. I suddenly saw Liam's face I front of me and stumbled backwards." Casey, what's wrong?" Brett asked." Nothing I just need some air" I said making my way to the front door." Do you feel sick in anyway?" He asked rubbing my back gently." Yeah, my stomach is killing me" I said hugging my stomach tightly. I felt like puking. I haven't seen Liam in a little while and I just don't see myself being with anyone else than him. Brett is really nice and I love him, but it's not like that. Even though I wish it was. I opened the door and walked out to sit on the porch." What's wrong. Don't say nothing because I know that there is something wrong." He said sitting down next to me. The breeze caught my dark brown hair and slightly played with it." I love you Brett. And I really wish that I could." I said not looking at him." What do you mean?" He said with a voice that broke my heart." I can't love you when I also love Liam." I said looking up at him with tears in my eyes." Then stop loving him and start loving me." He said looking me in my eyes." You know I can't! You're like a brother to me and I don't want to loose that." I said letting a tear escape eye." It could still be like that" he said making me regret this whole conversation." Maybe I should just go home" I said standing up." You really want to leave me the day before a lunar eclipse?" He asked standing up as well." What's so special about a lunar eclipse?" I asked making him raise a brow towards me." We lose our powers, the werewolves loses their powers" he said frowning." But so does Liam and Scott! I should be there for them as well!" I said being a little angry with him and his selfishness." Fine. Leave me and go get your brother and lover. Bring them back here." He said making my jaw drop." Are you insane! Liam will never forgive me if he knew that I've slept with you, well not slept with you like that, you know what I mean" I said lowering my neck in shame." Go. Watch Liam. He's a new werewolf I know my powers he doesn't." He said pushing me inside the house." Go pack your things." He said his voice breaking." Brett I-"" just go!" He said turning around walking out without another word. I felt the tears burn in my eyes. I let them run and went up the stairs. I went to take off Brett's shirt and found my bra. I didn't really have anything here. I slept here one night. I felt really bad about making him cry. Just hearing his voice like that made my inside fall apart. I loved him and I really didn't want him to feel like that. A lunar eclipse? I've heard it should be wildly pretty. Why is it so hard for me to pick between my protecter and my love? I loved Brett, but Liam was something else to me. It's like twilight! Brett is Jacob and Liam is Edward. The only thing not as that, is that they're both werewolves. I sat on the bed and stared at the floor. I felt like in the movies and books. I always thought it was such a cliche but now I'm the one being a cliche. There is only one guy for every girl. I need to pick mine and let another girl get the other. I couldn't see it like that anymore. I wanted both! They were so different and I loved them both. I left the bed and walked down the stairs. Brett wasn't back yet. I didn't want to leave. At least not without saying goodbye. I went outside and yelled." Brett! Brett come on back!" He didn't respond. I had no idea of how long he had gone. I missed him already. I started to walk back to the hospital. I knew my way home from there. I let a few more tears escape. I didn't want him to feel like I didn't love him! I did. And I always will. He is something special and I can't put my finger on it. I could now see the hospital and I slowed down my walk a little. I kept on walking till I reached the hospital. I walked around it and walked against my home.


I could see the house now. I could see Scott's bike and Stiles jeep. I came closer and closer and when I was about 5 metres from the house I yelled." Hey SCOTT!" And ran the rest of the way home. I opened the door to be met by the lovely smell of home." Casey?" Scott asked walking out of the kitchen to meet me." Hey!" I said smiling brightly at him." Where the hell have you been!" He asked hugging me tightly." Just crashing at a friend's." I said taking of my shoes." Casey?" I heard Liam say as I walked into the kitchen." Hey you!" I said running against him with wide arms. He quickly shoved me into a hug and I hugged him back tightly." I love you Casey McCall!" He said making my heart beat faster." And I love you Liam Dunbar!" I said kissing his cheek." Okay lovebirds we've seen enough!" Stiles yelled from the living room." Why did you ran of?" Liam said pulling out of the hug." I just needed to swallow all of this werewolf stuff." I said looking at the floor instead of him." I guess you like the floor pretty much." Liam said making me looked confused at him." Since you look at it so much" he continued. I laughed slightly and hugged him once again." The game is tomorrow" Stiles said ruining the moment." Who are you playing?" I asked smiling brightly at Scott." I don't know yet" he said walking into the living room to talk to Stiles." How has life been? I mean I haven't been gone for so long but anyway" I asked looking curiously at him. My curiosity could get me killed. Or at least that's what my dad always told me." Not much. We were so close to call the police, but then you walked through the door." He said smiling brightly." I've missed you so much Casey! I thought you were dead." He said at tear escaping his one eye. He quickly removed it and looked at me." Oh, Liam!" I said hugging him tightly like a teddy bear. It wasn't the same as hugging Brett. It was very different. They were both strong have toned muscles. But Liam couldn't live without me and I couldn't live without him. I couldn't live without Brett either, but with Liam it was different. It was like he was my anchor, the one making me calm. I felt totally different with him." Don't cry over me! I'm not worth all of that!" I said kissing his cheek." You're right! You're worth so much more." He said pressing his soft lips against mine. I missed this. This felling in my belly telling me that this was right. Liam made that feeling appear but he could also removed it just as quickly. We pulled away and I could feel the heat rush beneath my skin." You're cute when you blush." He said kissing my forehead." I gotta leave, but I'll see you tomorrow?" He said walking to the door." Jep. Help me through my schedule?" I asked leaning against the door." I will!" He said opening the door and leaving." SCOTT!" I yelled through the house making him rush to my side." I know you know who you are playing tomorrow night." I said making Scott frown." Yeah I do. It's Devenford prep. Liam's old school" Scott said making my jaw drop to the floor." Oh god!" I said putting my hands on my head." I gotta go!" I said putting on my shoes and running out the door. I ran and kept on running until I reached Brett's aunt's house. I knocked on the door and waited for Brett to open it. When he did he was looking surprised ." How could you not tell me that you were going to play against Scott and Liam?" I asked walking into the house and waiting for his answer." Brett are you coming?" A girl asked coming down the stairs in nothing but her underwear. I turned my head to watch Brett's reaction but he didn't even look at me." Casey I can explain." He said walking towards me. A thousand thought ran through my mind. I avoided Brett and walked to the other side. I most of all wanted to hit him, but I couldn't. I loved this guy, but obviously he didn't love me back." I love you Brett!" I yelled looking at him with tears in my eyes." Love? Not loved?" He asked looking confused." No, I still do." I said and with that I left. I slammed the door shut behind me. How could he do this to me?


I've been walking for the last few minutes. I was looking at the ground as I heard someone coming from the front." Hey Casey! What are you doing out so late?" Mason asked." Oh, nothing just walking. What about you?" I asked just wanting to break down crying." I was at Liam's. He's acting a little weird. Maybe you should check on him. See you at school" Mason said and left. Maybe I should. I walked in the direction of Liam's home when I felt a weird kind of power rushing through me. I wasn't long from Liam's house I was actually in front of it. As I came closer to the house the power got stronger. I knocked on the door. The power got stronger and stronger as the time went. Liam opened the door and with that the power disappeared." Casey? What are you doing here?" He asked looking confused." I just thought about you and wanted to stop by." I said." This late?" He asked looking even more confused that before." Jup! Can I stay the night?" I asked really wanting to be with Liam." Sure why not" he said inviting me in. We went to his room where the only light source was a lamp next to his bed ." Sorry if I woke you up." I said looking at the floor." You didn't" he said walking over to his closet." Here you go!" He said throwing one of his t-shirts at me. I caught it raising a brow at him." You'll need something to sleep in." He said smiling at me. I pulled the shirt over my head and took of my other one. I then took of my bra and laid it next to the bed." I hope you're tired. Cause I command that we sleep now!" I said jumping down on his bed." Then let's sleep!" He said slightly laughing. I pulled the covers over me and snuggled into it. Liam laid down next to me and put his arm around my shoulder. I snuggled into his chest and enjoyed that someone actually cared for me. Of course Brett can be with who he finds best, but I don't know maybe just not 5 hours after I left the freaking house! I enjoyed Liam's warm body close to mine. This was the right thing to do. I was happy to be with Liam. He was all I needed

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