My reasons... - Liam Dunbar

When Casey McCall, moves in with her brother Scott and step mother Melissa, her world start rambling. She likes Liam and keep on doing that... but something goes wrong, especially when she finds out the secret of her brother and the guy she likes!


12. Moving in with Brett

I fell to the ground cussing of whoever stood in my way." Hello again Beautiful. Do you have Liam hidden in your back pocket again?" I heard a guy ask and when I heard the voice I knew who it was." No not this time. Actually I was wondering if I could stay with you for some time?" I answered." Is some kind of joke?" He asked helping me back up on my feet." No. I can't really be around my brother or Liam right now. And you are the only one they would never ask." I said looking up at him." Never ask what?" He asked with a smirk." They would never think that I would run to you." I said with a little chuckle." You know, your laugh is adorable." He said sticking his hand out for me to take and I did." So where do you live?" I asked getting curios." Right now? I live at my aunts house while waiting for the big game we're here to play. But when I'm home I live outside Beacon Hills but still in Beacon County though" he said slowing down the walk a little." Do you have any hot siblings?" I asked jokingly punching his arm." Nope! The only hot one is me!" He said pointing at his face." But I thought you were with Liam?" He asked stopping and looking serious at me." I did too." I said looking at the ground instead of him." What happened?" He asked lifting my chin so I looked him in his green eyes. A tear escaped my eye and ran down my cheek." I don't really want to talk about it." I said looking away from his hypnotizing eyes." But if you want to talk, I'll be there. Promise." He said making me smile a little." Thanks" I said taking his hand. His wide eyes shot directly at me." I need it right now." I said beginning to walk again.


We eventually reached his aunts house." Hey, I'm not getting into any trouble for having you here right?" He asked stopping on the doorstep in front of me." Probably." I said quick trying to get past him." Seriously now." He said grabbing my arm." I don't know. Yet." I said as I tried again. This time it worked and we entered the house. It was big! I didn't look so big from the outside." Like it?" He asked playfully pushing me with his shoulder." Yes!" I exclaimed giving him a big hug." Thanks for letting me stay!" I said squeezing him a little." Brett is that you?" I heard a woman ask from what I assumed to be the living room." Yes, and I have a guest with me." He answered walking to into the living room. I followed like a little puppy." Aunt Liza this is?" He said pushing me in the side with his elbow." Casey" I said smiling brightly and taking the hand she was holding out for me to take and gave it a quick shake." Is it okay if she stays with us a little?" Brett asked and looked at me." Sure honey!" She said giving Brett a hug and a kiss on the cheek as she left the room." So I guess you want to know where you are sleeping?" He asked and I nodded widely." Okay, you decide whether you want to sleep with me or in the guest bedroom. Well not sleep with me like that, I mean... You know what I mean." He said shaking his head at him self." I think I'll just stay in the guest bedroom." I said smiling at him. He nodded and went up the stairs. I followed him up the big stair. The rail had a beautiful petal pattern carved in to it. And I'm pretty sure it was cherrywood. It had a dark colour but wasn't to dark. I followed the pattern with my fingers slowly until I was interrupted by my head facing the stairs." Ouch!" was all I could say as I slammed my rip case into the stairs. I lost my breath and just laid there." CASEY! Are you okay?" Brett asked helping me up from the stairs." Y-yeah I'm fine." I said stuttering a little from the lack of air in my lungs. Brett put his arm around my waist and helped me up the last couple of stairs." Thanks" I said as he sat me down on his bed." No problem" he said as he pulled up my shirt." WTF BRETT?!" I exclaimed and slapped his hand away." What? I have to check your rips!" He said looking at me." You could have said that before you pulled up my shirt!" I said pulling up my shirt for him." Sorry about th-" he was cut of and his eyes widened." You need to go to the hospital!" He said pulling his arm around my waist again." Wait! Why?" I asked stopping him. Everything then slowly blurred." B-Brett w-what's going o-on?" I blurred out and slowly started to fall." Oh shit !" He said catching me. Everything then just went black, like the other day at School.


I woke up in a hospital bed. With a pain centred in my right side. My right rips. I saw Brett sitting half asleep in a hospital chair in the other side of the room." What happened?" I asked pushing myself up in a sitting position. It hurt. A lot. When I asked Brett's eyes shot straight at me and he hurried to my side." I'm okay" I said lying slightly." Two of your right rips are broken." He said taking my hand. Slowly the pain started fading. I looked shocked at Brett and quickly pulled my hand away." What did you do?" I asked suddenly being afraid of him." Nothing. I just held your hand" he said shocked from my sudden movement." Are you sure, cause my pain is almost gone now" I said slightly moving away from him." What is going on with you?" He asked taking my hand again. I tried to pull it away but Brett held it in his hand with a strong grip." Please." I said as a tear found it's way down my cheek." Why are you so afraid of everything?" He asked catching the teardrop." Werewolves" I said letting another tear escape my eye. He then quickly let go of my hand." You're one of them!" I exclaimed, grabbing my knees." Please you have to understand!" He said sitting next to me." Get away from me!" I yelled as he placed his hand on my right knee." Please relax I won't hurt you!" He said stroking my hair." That's what Liam said." I said looking in his eyes." Wait what?" He asked looking widely at me." Liam said he wouldn't hurt me. But in my dream he did. It felt so real!" I said grabbing his hand and held it tight." So you are leaving him because of a realistic dream?" He asked." No, not when you say it that way." I said looking at my knees in shame." Hey, it's gonna be okay. You just have to trust me." He said looking serious. I nodded and let go of his hand." I'm gonna get us out of here. But you can't leave the house before you're 100% healed okay?" He asked. I nodded and he left. If this is going to work, I have to put my fears behind me! You can do this Casey! Brett entered the room wi-. Everything froze and I could feel myself breathing faster." No, no! Relax okay. You can't breathe like that you'll just hurt yourself!" Brett said as he hurried to my side." Casey? What are you doing here? What happened?" Melissa asked." You to know each other? " Brett asked looking very confused." She's my ex- husbands daughter." Melissa said smiling at me." Please Melissa you can't tell Scott or Liam that I've been here." I said pleadingly." Why not?" She asked looking confused." Or Stiles for that matter. It's just I ran away and I really don't want them to find me." I said looking at Brett." Okay? If that's makes you feel better." She said smiling and pulling out all of the needles." So I can guess that you are staying with this handsome guy?" Melissa said smiling at me." Jup, just till all these things are in place. And until he leaves "I said laughing a little bit quickly stopped as it hurt really bad in my rips." Here let me help you." Brett said and took my hand. I could feel the pain fade again. It was a nice feeling." So don't injure yourself anymore okay?" Melissa said as she removed the last needle. I nodded and stood up. Only to feel pain in my side. Brett knew and quickly put his arm around my waist. We were about to walk out when I saw Liam, Scott and Stiles stand in the reception." We're screwed!" I whispered giving up on all of this." No we're not." Brett said." I'll go over and talk to them, and 10 seconds after you'll just leave the hospital." Brett continued." But I can't walk!" I exclaimed looking up at him." Yes you can!" Brett said and took my hand. The pain started once again to fade and I could stand up myself." Thanks." I said smiling up at him. He walked over and I saw how Liam's face changed when he saw Brett. Liam looked at him in disgust. Brett just smirked and looked like a complete prat, like the first time I saw him. I started walking towards the door and I came closer for every step I took. I just looked at the floor as I walked. I finally reached the door and walked outside. I signed and started walking away so they wouldn't suspect anything. I was going to walk back to Brett's house, but I didn't know which way to go. I was about to go left when the pain came back. Hard. I lost my breath and quickly sat down. Everything was spinning around and I couldn't make it stop. I closed my eyes but it only made it worse." Brett I can't breathe" was the only thing I could whisper out between my breaths. I was fighting for air and I heard someone coming." Help" I whispered." Casey are you okay!" I didn't sound like Brett and I hope I was just hearing wrong." I can't breathe" I said. The person was definitely strong, cause he pulled me up easily. I began to breathe somehow normally." Thanks" I said standing by my own now." What happened?" He asked. I turned around to see someone pretty familiar." I'm sorry but have I seen you before?" I asked looking at the ground." Yeah, I'm Garret. You've probably seen me play lacrosse with your boyfriend." He smirked letting me know that most people thought we were together." That's right! And Liam isn't my boyfriend." I said looking at the ground blushing deeply." Whatever!" He chuckled." Sorry it took so long I- who the hell is this?" He asked quickly changing the subject when he saw Garret." I'm Garret and who the hell are you?" Garret asked crossing his arm, sending Brett looks." I'm Brett, and I'm pretty sure that if you don't stop your game I'm gonna kick that little ass of yours." Brett said, posing of next to me." Is that so? Unless you're a werewolf it's gonna be pretty hard for you." Garret said checking out Brett." Sure about that?" Brett said walking against Garret. I quickly slipped in between the to guys and put my hands on his chest." You better not come in my way Casey" Brett said removing my hands from his chest." No!" I said standing still." What?" Brett said looking down at me." I said no. I'm not moving and you really need to calm down!" I said looking him in the eyes. They flickered between a light gold and his normally green eyes." I'm sorry Garret but we need to go now." I said smiling at him before pushing Brett hard in the chest, but he didn't move at all." Brett." I whispered making him pay attention to me. I hugged him tightly like a big teddy bear." What the -?" He said being surprised by my action." Let's go okay?" I said burying my face in his chest, smelling his sweet cologne. Brett took a deep breath and then hugged me back, it was a nice feeling. I felt protected." Okay" he said letting go of me. I looked behind me and saw that Garret was long gone. I took Brett's hand and we left." So I can't really remember the way to your home" I said with a slight chuckle." That I could kinda guess." Brett said making me squeeze his hand a little." No need to be sassy." I said bumping my hip into his side.we walked like this all the way home. It was nice to feel protected. I really loved this guy.


" Auntie! We're home!" Brett yelled as he opened the door. It smelled good in here." God! I'm so hungry!" I exclaimed as me and Brett walked into the kitchen." Then I hope this is enough" Brett's aunt said as she placed the lasagna on the table." Yes! Lasagna! My favourite!" I exclaimed as I rushed to sit down at the table." I guess I'm not gonna fuck with your hunger" Brett chuckled out from beside me." No. When I'm hungry I will eat anything." I said smiling brightly.

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