My reasons... - Liam Dunbar

When Casey McCall, moves in with her brother Scott and step mother Melissa, her world start rambling. She likes Liam and keep on doing that... but something goes wrong, especially when she finds out the secret of her brother and the guy she likes!


7. Lack Of Oxygen?

Hey! If you have been watching season 4 of teen wolf you know that the things in this fan fiction isn't in the right order. I kinda put the things in the story as I think they fit, so yeah no hate plz! ❤️


I woke up around midnight and just sat there on my bed looking down at my bed, thinking. Why would Scott bring Liam here? Why is Stiles so weird? I think Liam hates me! I laid down and then looked at the ceiling. Nothing. Thoughts. Why's. I don't know if there's something wrong with me! It feels like my heads pounding and my pulse is high. I feel like I just ran ten kilometres in a row! With no stop. I feel exhausted. But why? I have absolutely no reason to feel this way. I couldn't sleep so I decided to take at shower. It didn't help. I then drank water. Still nothing new. I looked at my phone, it was 1:24am. Fuck! If I don't go to bed soon I will be too tired in the morning. What the hell do I do? I tried laying down again with music in my ears and when I closed my eyes I felt like the whole room was spinning at 200km/h. I quickly got up threw my phone away and ran to the bathroom. As I threw up, Scott came into the bathroom holding up my hair for me. When I was done I washed my mouth and said thanks before hugging him." No problem" he said as he stroke my hair. I walked back into my room and laid down again. This time I could sleep cause the next thing I remember is me being woken up, by my alarm. It was 7:00am. I put on some clothes and walked downstairs. "Why aren't you sleeping?" I heard Scott say from behind when I reached the kitchen." I need to go to school?" I said laughing a little." You threw up, and I think you're sick" he said making over to my side." I'm not sick! I need to go to school I have to give my teacher my already late essay" I said getting some oatmeal and milk." School is not important if you're sick!" He said almost yelling at me." I'm telling you, I'm not sick" I said and started eating." You're not going to school!" He said walking out the front door. Then it hit me! He was my ride! " Scott wait! I need a ride to school!" I yelled running after him. He's gone!" Fuck!" I yelled smacking the door shut. Then I have to walk I guess. I took my bag and checked that the essay was there and then left. I started walking and then my head started spinning again." No, no, no! You don´t even dare!" I whispered angry to my head. I sat down on the side walk to take a break from my spinning wheel inside my head. Then Liam ran by? Wtf? He ran to school? I didn't know that, so that's how he keeps himself in shape. God Casey! Even when you're sick you fantasize about him! I'd like to see those muscles! I bet he has a six pack. Oh, God I have to go to school. I started walking again and I soon reached the school. Luckily I have English in first period so I could leave my essay there and head home. But then I saw Scott and Stiles talking to Liam. And I just couldn't control myself I had to know what they're talking about. So of course I walked over there!" Hey whatcha talking about?" I asked sounding as innocent as possible." What are you doing here? Didn't I say no school?" Scott asked, looking rather mad." I said I had an essay I needed to give my teacher!" I said, cause right now I didn't want to argue." Good God Casey!" He said pushing me aside." Hey you didn't answer!" I complained." It none of your business, so that's why you're going over here!" He said pushing in the direction of my locker. When I turned around to complain even more he just waved at me and went back to Stiles and Liam. Then I saw Liam rip something of his arm and leaving? What is going on?" Ah-" I was about to say something when my legs failed me and I fell to the ground. It was like everything was in slow motion. I saw Scott running to my side and saying something, but I couldn't hear anything. And then blackness. How dramatic!



I woke up in hospital bed. I saw Scott sitting in the chair across the room." How long?" I asked making him jump and run to my side." 7 hours. Oh, I'm so happy you're okay!" He said smiling and taking my hand." 7 hours?! Did the doctor say why?" I asked." They didn't know what happened, they thought it was because you where breathing to fast or lack of oxygen" he said looking rather worried." They said that they didn't know how long you were gonna be out and they said that you could have hit your head hard" he said squeezing my hand gently." There's something I gotta tell you, but we have to get home first." He stated." Sure! When the hell can I get out off this nightmare?" I asked smiling." I'll ask" he said and left. I was wandering what really happened, lack of oxygen? What? I know what it means I'm just like, what? I never had things like this. I wasn't out of breath so what could have caused me to pass out? Well I know why I was out so long. I didn't really sleep last night so that explains it, I know that the fast breathing might have something to do with my IED. But I wasn't angry! So why? Scott came back in." So?" I started." You can leave now, a doctor is coming to take those things out of you" he said, laughing a little." What so funny?" I asked, being a bit confused." Just that you have a lot of needles in you" he said trying to get serious. The doctor then walked in the room asking me if I was okay, I guess was my answer. When she had all the needles out, she took me to the office where we signed some papers and left." Where's mom?" I asked." At home. She was off early." He said starting the car.

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