My reasons... - Liam Dunbar

When Casey McCall, moves in with her brother Scott and step mother Melissa, her world start rambling. She likes Liam and keep on doing that... but something goes wrong, especially when she finds out the secret of her brother and the guy she likes!


5. Just An Accident

So I came to the tryout, and I must admit It was the most boring thing I've ever tried! I liked seeing Liam mostly because I think I have a crush on him, but Scott and stiles literally sucked! Liam reminds me of a cheetah, he's cute and fast, STOP IT CASEY! Put yourself together! I liked the way the game was, you needed to be fast and slim to play. Wait a sec! What just happened? Liam was laying on the ground, wincing in pain and I had no idea of what just happened! I ran to the field to see Stiles and Scott picking him up and leading him to the crap of a jeep Stiles drove, but it can wait." Liam are you okay?" I asked frowning." Yeah, I'm fi-ne" he said being interrupted by the pain in his ankle." No you're not we are going to the hospital" I said maybe a little too harsh. " I said I'm fine" he said bring a little angry with me." Too bad we are going to the hospital" I said calling Melissa." Who are you calling?" Scott asked." Melissa" I answered shortly and went into the back of the car next to Liam." Sorry if I seem harsh" I said trying to make an a apology." It's okay,I just don't need you to look out for me" he said trying to smile and took my hand. I looked at our hands and Liam quickly took his hand back. I took his hand and smiled at him." I promise that I won't look out for you anymore!" I said giving him a bigger smile." Okay lovebirds, you may stop kissing now" stiles said, waiting for Scott to react." WHAT THE HELL!" Scott yelled looking at us." Liam I swear to god if you don't move your hand, I will personally kill you!" Scott said warning Liam and I then suddenly realized that our hands were in my lab. He tried to get out of my apparently strong grip." She won't let go" he said sounding so innocent." CASEY, LET THE HELL GO!" Scott yelled." Overprotective much?" I asked making him flinch in anger." I said let go!" He tried again." And I said no! He's in pain and I won't let go until he's okay!" I said making Scott turn back and mumbling something I didn't hear. But I did hear Stiles laugh. Why is he like this? Last time I was here he acted totally different he wasn't protecting me at all he was just a jerk, but now he's trying to protect me from getting together with Liam? I don't get it! Maybe it's an act and he don't even care, that would be Scott and Stiles in a nutshell. What if they do care? Casey seriously?" We're here!" I heard Stiles yell. I tried to help Liam out but the fact that I was pretty weak, just got worse! He is pretty heavy! He's not fat, just heavy there's a difference! Scott pushed me away and helped Liam instead. Rude to push people! But as long as Liam got in the hospital I'm fine.












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