My reasons... - Liam Dunbar

When Casey McCall, moves in with her brother Scott and step mother Melissa, her world start rambling. She likes Liam and keep on doing that... but something goes wrong, especially when she finds out the secret of her brother and the guy she likes!


6. In The Bathtub

Stiles drove me home and I maked some toast cause I didn't need a lot of food and I wasn't hungry but Scott said that I should eat so why not? I was at home, in my room when I heard something from the bathroom. I ran downstairs, to get a knife,which was kind of stupid! If there's a murder in the house I just told the person that I was home! Stupid, stupid me! Omg! Get yourself together! Okay, relax. I got the knife and started walking up the stairs, slowly. I went back up and slowly opened the door to the bathroom, there was something behind the curtain. I quickly pulled it aside, to see... Liam wtf!? Tied up with duct tape? Is this some kind of joke? It's not funny!I decided to get the duck tape of his mouth so he at least could tell me what the heck he was doing here and if this was a joke. Didn't Scott know? I freaking hate jokes! Especially if it's something like this. I counted to three as I pulled of the duct tape. He winced in pain as I pulled it of. I sat down in the bathtub in the other end. " What are you doing here?!" I asked practically yelling." Your brother and his idiot of a friend brought me here" he said as he cried." Shh, it's gonna be okay" I said as I caught one of his tears with my thumb. I was about to take my hand back, but he kept it on his cheek. I started rubbing his cheek with my thumb as I smiled at him." Why are you crying?" I asked taking his hand in mine." I-" was all he said before Scott and Stiles came into the bathroom." Casey! What the hmm, are you doing here?" He said fake smiling." Well I was doing my homework when I heard a noise from the bathroom. Then I went downstairs to get a knife and then I found Liam here tied up! What the fuck Scott?!" I said crossing my arms." I think you should go back to making your homework." Scott said and pulled me up from the bathtub and pushed me out the door. He quickly closed the door behind me and I tried to get back in, but he held the door closed and locked it!" Arh! Son of a bitch!" I yelled banging on the door!" Let me in!" I yelled as I tried to kick the door open. No respond and I couldn't kick the door open. Why do I have to be so fucking weak! Then I heard Scott wince from his room? Wtf? I ran out of my room and saw Liam standing there untied! I ran to hug him but he avoided and continued in direction of the stairs. He stood there as my brother and Stiles tackled him down the stairs! Ow, that must have hurt. I ran down the stairs to help, but Liam was already out the door. Stiles and Scott laid there catching each other's feet?" Wtf guys? Liam already left!" I said pointing at the open door. I laughed and got up to my room. Why wouldn't Liam hug me? Why would he rather fall down the stairs? I don't even know what he was doing here anyway.

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