My reasons... - Liam Dunbar

When Casey McCall, moves in with her brother Scott and step mother Melissa, her world start rambling. She likes Liam and keep on doing that... but something goes wrong, especially when she finds out the secret of her brother and the guy she likes!


9. I Guess



I guess I fell a sleep in the bathtub, cause it was where I woke up. I guess I should let Scott explain. As I was away in my thoughts Liam walked in." Hey" he said sitting down next to me." I'm sorry" I said quite as I made my way away from him so I didn't touch him." Come on here!" He said smiling big at me." I'm scared you know" I said burying my face in my knees." Of me?" He said moving closer." Kind of" I said looking up at him." I won't hurt you. Even though I found out that you weren't lying" he said pulling me into a hug." What happened when he bit you?" I asked burying my face in his shirt. Again." I was about to fall of the hospitals roof. And he tried to pull me up, but this guy with blood all over him held his arms. I was about to fall of the roof, when your brother sat his teeth in my arm... But he saved my life you know" he said explaining the pretty much unexplainable." So you were dying anyway?" I asked starting to sob a little and moving back." Why are you crying? I won't be dying! I'm actually better than ever!" He said catching a tear from my cheek." So you´re not dying?" I asked." No? Why would I die?" He asked laughing a little." I don't know, I guess it was just the first thought. I don't wanna lose you, I just met you and I think I like you, so it would suck bad if you disappeared." I said blushing by the fact that I just said that I liked him." Y-you like me?" He stuttered, and lifted my head up looking him in the eyes." I guess" I said smiling at my feet. He lifted my head again and leaned forward tilting his head closing his eyes. I looked shocked at him and started to lean forward as well. I closed my eyes, but I guess that was stupid cause the next thing that happened was our heads bumping together. He let out a chuckle as he opened his eyes." Not as romantic as I thought!" He said laughing." Nope, I guess that's not my thing" I said smiling bright." Well if we just say that I kissed you, I-" was what he could say before Scott bursted through the door." SCOTT! What would you do if we were taking a shower? I mean if we were naked?" I asked trying to let of the obvious shock I got." Well then I would have ripped Liam's throat out!" He yelled." Oh, and Liam keep your fingers of my sister!" He continued." Yes sir!" Liam yelled." What if I want his hands all over me?" I asked raising an eyebrow and crossing my arms." You're both 15! Chill out!" He said walking out shutting the door behind him." Sorry about that..." I said facing my feet again." So you want my hands all over you?" Liam asked with a big smirk." I don't know. Do I?" Was everything I could manage to say." About before... If we say that I kissed you. Would we then be together? I mean I REALLY like you and I was just wandering if it was the kiss that kind of made it that way and I-" I cut him of my smashing my lips to his. All his muscles relaxed and he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me on to his lap." Wow! You're strong!" I said resting my forehead on his forehead." It comes with the bite!" I heard Scott yell from his room." Do you think he listened to everything we said?" I asked Liam laughing a little." Yes I did!" Scott yelled from his room." Darn it! Then we can't have sex!" Liam yelled. I knew exactly what Liam wanted and I knew that in a moment Scott would burst through that door. But he didn't." Okay, we're gone play this on Scott okay?" I whispered close to his ear." I don't want this to be a play! I want it to be real" he whispered back." Then let's make it real!" I said and started kissing down his neck. And Liam moaned loudly. I just couldn't keep it up. I feel on top of him laughing." Why did you stop?" He asked and started to move his hand up my thigh." I kinda think Scott know it's a joke" I whispered and continued to laugh." Stop laughing! It's tickling!" He yelled started laughing which just caused me to laugh even harder." Okay I give up!" I said out of breath." My turn then!" He the flipped me over so he was on top." I hope that you don't fall on top of me!" I said laughing." So you really think I'm that heavy?" He asked smirking." You don't dare!" I yelled. He then crashed body on top of me causing me to lose my breath." Oh my god! I'm so sorry!" He said sitting up." Where do you think you are going?" I said as I pulled him back." I thought you couldn't breathe!" He said laughing." Now I know what you meant about the tickling." I said laughing." Keep it down in there!" Scott yelled." I thought you liked listening to our teen sex!" I yelled laughing." And that's when Scott bursted through the door. I quickly pulled Liam's shirt over his head revealing his fantastic stomach and kissed him." THATS IT!" Scott yelled pulling Liam away from me and out the bathroom and then he threw Liam's shirt right in the face of him. And I couldn't help but laugh when Liam fell backwards and landed on his ass." ITS NOT FUNNY YOU LITTLE!" Liam stormed in the bathroom and threw me over his shoulder." put me down!" I demanded and so I was. Well. I was thrown on my bed and being hovered by a very handsome guy. Unfortunately not for long. Scott took Liam by the neck and pulled him out of my room, before Scott shut the door he yelled " goodbye Liam! Please never come back!". Scott then made his way to me. I laughed and rolled around in my bed like a sick person." What so funny?" Scott asked looked absolutely clueless." You!" I said in between breaths. He just sighed and left my room with the words " stupid teenagers"

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