My reasons... - Liam Dunbar

When Casey McCall, moves in with her brother Scott and step mother Melissa, her world start rambling. She likes Liam and keep on doing that... but something goes wrong, especially when she finds out the secret of her brother and the guy she likes!


2. Eh, who is he?

I would like that Parrish dude, to help me out here, but nooo! He should talk with my brother and Stiles first. So I took the chance to talk to Derek." I'm Casey by the way" I said trying to start a conversation." I didn't ask for your name" he said facing the floor instead of me." No, that's why I said by the way" I said laughing a little, just shaking my head at myself." Are you new here?" He asked, making me a little surprised." No, I have lived a little in beacon hills before" I said making my story the shortest I could." Do you know anything about the Hale fire?" He asked looking at me... Crying?! What the hell?!" Yes, unfortunately I do" I said looking at him." Please tell me, I just got home and my house is in ruins!" He pleaded me." I'll tell you what I know" I said coming with a big explanation. He looked furious." Your brother is a selfish liar!" He yelled breaking out of the handcuffs. How the hell!?" How did you do that?" I asked a little scared to be honest. He just looked at me before he left. I finally got free and I jumped my so called brother. Well at least I tried. He caught me in the air and threw me on the ground." Don't ever try to jump me, it will hurt you more than it will hurt me!" He said going after Derek." He said you were a selfish liar!" I yelled at him causing him to turn around." Why? What did you tell him!" He yelled." I told him about the fire! He asked I answered!" I said afraid of what he was going to do." How could he ask you, when I told him not to talk to anyone?" He asked me with anger in his voice." I said hi, and he said hi! It's called a conversation dumbass!" I said getting pretty angry. I turned around trying to calm down. I'm an IED and I rather not say how my breakouts have been." Look at me!" He yelled. I didn't. He came closer and helped me on my feet." I said look at me" he said in a rather nice tone." I can't! I need to calm down" I said trying to stay calm." What do you mean?" He said." Are you an IED?" Another guy voice said. I looked up to meet a gorgeous boy with blue eyes and brown hair." Yes, how did you know?" I asked rather surprised. He came closer." Cause I'm one myself" he said smiling at me." Let me help you" he said.'' sure'' was everything I could manage to say.


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