My reasons... - Liam Dunbar

When Casey McCall, moves in with her brother Scott and step mother Melissa, her world start rambling. She likes Liam and keep on doing that... but something goes wrong, especially when she finds out the secret of her brother and the guy she likes!


8. A What?!



As we started driving he started talking." I was really afraid that you wouldn't wake up!" He said frowning." But I did!" I said making jazz hands." The thing I wanted to tell you-" he said." What about it?" I asked getting curious." We are just stopping by the woods. I'll tell you there." He said focusing on the road." Okay, I guess?" I said. Why the woods? Makes no sense, but anyway he never does. We made our way to the woods and stopped." So, what did you want to tell me?" I asked getting a bit annoyed." Come on." He said walking out of the car and into the woods. Oh god!" Just tell me!" I said." I'm a werewolf Casey! I don't know how to explain" he said looking at the ground. I started laughing!" Yeah, and I'm a vampire" I looked at him and got a shock! His eyes were red and he had a lot more hair in his face than he had for about three seconds ago!" That's not funny Scott!" I said getting a little scared." No it's not, do you believe me now?" He said, and I paid a lot of attention to those teeth of his!" Is stiles a werewolf as well?" I asked getting closer. "No but Liam is" when the words left his mouth every thing stopped. Why wouldn't he tell me? Why didn't he? Didn't he think he could trust me or something? Oh god, he don't like me! He hates me and thats why he didn't tell me!" I feel terrible!" I said and sat on the ground." OMG! CASEY BREATH!" He yelled getting next to me rather quickly." I am breathing you idiot! I just feel terrible because Liam didn't tell me!" I said taking a leaf and started playing with it." He didn't tell you because he don't know it yet! I bit him the other day and he didn't die so therefore he's a werewolf" he said." YOU MADE HIM LIKE THIS! YOU IDIOT! NOW HE WILL NEVER HAVE A LIFE!" I yelled getting up and started running. On the way I ran into Liam." Hey, what's wrong?" He asked stopping me and pulling me into a hug." I'm so sorry" I said falling to the ground crying." Why, why are you sorry?" He asked getting a little nervous. He kneeled beside me and hugged me. I just held on to him crying." I'm sorry!" I yelled, letting go and running away." CASEY WAIT!" He yelled running after me. I ran a while before sitting down against a tree." Why are you sorry?!" He asked getting a little angry with me, but he still hugged me. He sat down next to me, and kissed my forehead." I'm sorry for what Scott have done to you!" I said burying my face in his shirt. It smelled nice. Well of cause he did! He's Liam." What do you mean?" He asked looking at me." That's right you don't know. He turned you into a-" I started but I was interrupted." Casey you don't dare!" Scott said coming from behind." A what?" Liam asked looking me in the eyes." Werewolf" I said before Scott could stop me." What?! That's not even funny!" He said, standing up." Liam it's true!" I said standing up as well." Liam, it is..." Scott said making his eyes shift colour to a bright red. It creeped me out! And now the person I like is the same monster!" What?! You're all nut jobs!" He said running off." THIS IS YOUR FAULT!" I said running home, up the stairs, into my room and slamming the door. I went into the bathroom and sat in the bathtub. Right where Liam sat.

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