5 seconds of one direction

hi my name is neela,s pov well hi mum what should I pack in my suitcase well few t-shirts and jumpers and few trousers and dresses and few coats well u must remember few things like jewellery and make and when I looked in the mirror I started thinking of Luke I wasn't anything special I always wanted highlights in my hair I just threw thing into my suitcase and I just got smaller bag and put jewellery and make up into it and it is surprise where we are going on holidays I took some money and went into my favourite saloon and it was huge, when I walked in I said hello to everybody and I smiled at some of the girls I want blonde highlights in my hair and do u think it would be suitable yeah no problem neela,s what ur name hi my name is Chelsea and I have no problem doing ur hair ok I sat down and stared at my hair thanks Chelsea for doing my hair u done fantastic job on my hair thank u neela,s for been nice to me and took selfie and posted it on instragm I am happy with my highlights.


2. what happens next?

I woke at 7pm and my alarm is by don't wake me up by Chris brown, and then I got dressed I wore black skinny jeans and a light blue t-shirt and my black leather jacket I walked downstairs and there was least 10 suitcases and boys, goo u look amazing I smiled at Luke when your crush tells you aou re amazing, omg best feelings ever, nice highlights ever how come you never told me u were getting highlights,  I started laughing, well where we going first London or Paris or Spain ur choice ok then London, I finally forgot about them he reminds of me of them again k didn't spread bad energy.

I looked out the window I could see London lights it was dark when we got there I said to Luke I love this town he says it is awesome but I don't  know if I live here it was still dark outside and it  cool different time zone we heard a voice saying put ur seatbelts on we are landing soon I said out loud I just smiled a little as we landed go out of the plane one direction was waiting for us they were talking shit and Kay we go I actually seen 5 faces that I see almost everyday on j 14 magazines website the curly  hair his name is harry and blonde is niall and black haired is zayn and the other two is Louis and Liam hey guys how was it  hey who this with u  I am Callum and ash Ashton  Michael he pointed at them this is my sister Neela she going to be on  tour with us. well what hotel we staying Wembley stadium ok that awesome I booked  it for us all and she looks so perfect and my heart just melted and smiled like an idiot. well u want anything no not really ok I raised my eyebrows I am fan of urs I love rock and pop music 10 likes and 10 favourites I really want ur cd in shops Neela says. bye night

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