5 seconds of one direction

hi my name is neela,s pov well hi mum what should I pack in my suitcase well few t-shirts and jumpers and few trousers and dresses and few coats well u must remember few things like jewellery and make and when I looked in the mirror I started thinking of Luke I wasn't anything special I always wanted highlights in my hair I just threw thing into my suitcase and I just got smaller bag and put jewellery and make up into it and it is surprise where we are going on holidays I took some money and went into my favourite saloon and it was huge, when I walked in I said hello to everybody and I smiled at some of the girls I want blonde highlights in my hair and do u think it would be suitable yeah no problem neela,s what ur name hi my name is Chelsea and I have no problem doing ur hair ok I sat down and stared at my hair thanks Chelsea for doing my hair u done fantastic job on my hair thank u neela,s for been nice to me and took selfie and posted it on instragm I am happy with my highlights.


1. neela nugget styles

 Well mum. are we going on any holidays yes we are Neela I took my suitcase and I opened it on my bed well what should bring? well what u going to wear ok I don't have much clothes and we are going for week ok  o come on Neela u should a collection well mum are we going shopping yes  we are ok then don't forget to bring small bag for jewellery and make up can I bring one of my friends yes can I bring a boyfriend ok who u bringing Luke I could stop looking in the mirror and starting staring in the mirror thinking of him. His he nice to u yes I went to school ok can I go get my hair yes no horrible colour ok my hair is brown and  I am getting blonde highlights ok hi Chelsea hi Neela can I get blonde highlights ok so Chelsea how are you I am fine how is your life and I am fine u know I am going out with Luke but my mum doesn't know about Luke and I Chelsea says I am happy for u and Neela says Luke is happy for me because I think he like me. we went out since primary school I use to mad to sit beside him and I was jealous if anybody spoke to him and thank you Chelsea for doing my hair I am going on holidays and he is coming with me, omg what parent u are lucky to bring a boyfriend I know I gave Chelsea the money and said thanks very much I went back home and took selfie and posted on instragm, and I then went to my room and took my laptop and share pic on instragm on twitter and then Facebook and I  was bored so I watched then horror movies  before I knew it was 11 I closed it down and put it my suitcase and text ash before sleep and notice me sampiiiiii she said back sweet dreams neels

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