Candice Davidson and Trevor Moran just as anybody else strangers till they become friends or even more


2. Chapter 2

now back to present time folks as class went on that day i would throw some looks in at him seeing him look back at me. after school things went back to normal it was horrible i had to walk but at least ally was with me.

she was freaking out as was i not just because trevor was at our school but because i could talk to him  to him about once after that night that was 3 months ago so he might have forgotten who knows with guys really these days?

~next day~

after waking up from a long sleep i got up for school wanting to go back to bed i really wanted to it seemed legit to me don't you think people? just asking

so i changed into my blue ‘aeropostale” shirt and some ripped skinny jeans and some knee high black converse i own some of those they are really cool to tell ya haha.

i headed to the kitchen to grab some breakfast my dad was down there, i had a stepmom but she is normally asleep when i get it she calls it “beauty sleep” i call it my free time to do whatever i want so am good till i gotta wake up.

“hey there dad where is the step mom?’ i asked grabbing some strawberries from the fridge  and getting some

“she lifted early today to my surprise” my dad chuckled “but she left to run errands”

i was way too early it is 7:00 and she running some errands hmmm thats not weird at all.

“thats early ain't it?’ i asked my dad but it was time to go when i asked my question that i wanted answered on the spot not later NOW!

In school people were gathered by a table it was trevor’s table of course people just because he is a celebrity doesn’t mean anything he is just like us normal teens but just goes on tours and that good stuff, Ally was with me when we walked into the craziness.

i walked past the table seeing trevor i had a little thing for trevor everybody did but not like me i actually spent time with him for about 8 minutes but still thats good for me i guess?

so anyway i went about my way see the P.D.A going on and other stuff you know the high school stuff some old stuff you see. Spanish rolled by and boy i was happy for that class just cause trevor was in that class just putting that out there folks.

“¡Hola!” i said to kids in my class sitting down looking over to see trevor he was looking right at me too i was blushing but then the teacher called my name the same old stuff.

“senorita candice” he said pointing his finger at me his hand was like a hand you see in a horror movie and you ran away well in case that wasn’t going work with him

“yes, sir?” i asked looking at him good studying his face real good

“could you please sit next to trevor moran for a little awhile since he is new and all i think this would help him be more how can i say this….more spanish you understand?”

i looked at him with a what in the world i got a c- in this class for pete sakes mr.rowland

“umm sure mr.Rowland sure thing” i said nervous heading over to trevor’s table smiling at him sitting down i was scared over the max sitting next to my crush well sorta more like celebrity crush since ever.

“hey i know you its… ummm… ummm…..” trevor said

“candice” i said my facial expression turned sad

“yeah candice the most calmest fan ive have ever meet haha” he said

i put on my big smile and blushed

“yeah thats me i was hoping you remembered me” i said and the talk ended and class went on and on

the bell rang making everyone jump up and ran out of classroom i stayed behind packing up some more and ally walked in

“you know i saw trevor giving you the look when i walked in you know that right” ally said leading me to the door and school was out for the day and tomorrow come.

“trevor doesn't like me ally i mean come on am Candice not no Kelli” i said as we walked to my house it took awhile to get there to tell you.

“just saying i mean i think he may like you from that one night you know what i mean candice look on the bright side this time not the dark said” ally said opening up the door and we walked inside going up to my room listening to music while doing homework the same old stuff we do.

“candice i hope you you're seeing this” ally said looking out of the window and  i walked over seeing trevor with Kelli jones the most awful girl in the world i mean she could be nicer but nahh she is ‘bad to the bone’ haha.

“oh no Kelli is strikes again” i said rushing to my bed i was sad to be honest with you i could cry if i wanted to and i did but only for 1 minute and got up and told ally

“i really don't care right now they might break up or maybe they are just not dating he could of been walking her to her house hmmm…….ally the possibility are endless” i ran outta breath that time but i know that Kelli  had trevor under her fingertips now and i had no chance at all.

“ally think about it Kelli steals boys and you are miss. goodie goodie see the difference” ally

she was right she really was

“you're right i am miss goodie goodie” i said soaking it all in i really thought i had a chance i guess not stupid kelli.

After i had a long crying time ally went home  earlier but i had to go downstairs for dinner i wasn't hungry at all for dinner so i went down anyway seeing my dad and the stepmom eating without me again…..

“hello” i sat in my chair looking at them both as they ate whatever it was

“hi sweetie”

“hello Candice”

“so what you guys eating huh?” i asked i really didn't care what they were eating i just wanted to talk

“pizza pasta” said my dad and my step mom Jessica said “your dad made it surprise” she said smiling at me

Her smile was so big and bright it called light up a stadium if it could haha

“pizza and pasta my two favorite things in one meal well geez its my lucky day!’ i said grabbing some it was really good

“this is good but may i be excused?” i said they nodded and i spent my time upstairs on my phone on social media

“instagram no’ i scrolled through it all “twitter no’ i sighed “facebook no” i said closing the apps quickly but then my twitter had a 1 by it so i clicked on it

“trevor moran is FOLLOWING YOU!” i shouted and almost throw my phone across the room i was freaking out i screamed so loud my nosey neighbors could hear me serious they clicker their lights on and looked out of the window.

All i could think of is how did he figure out my twitter?????

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