Candice Davidson and Trevor Moran just as anybody else strangers till they become friends or even more


1. Chapter 1: Flashback

Echo (trevor moran fanfiction)

I was in my classroom watching to the teacher look like a idiot teaching us about “‘whatever he was talking about in Spanish Class i didn't understand a word he said to us it seemed impossible to do that to me in every way possible. My table mates seemed to get it and  the others kids but not me it was like learning a new math subject to me not fun i hate math class, i know pathetic right haha i know but that day something awesome happened to lincoln high school.


As usually he did his thing and Mrs.Knox's come in with a boy i meet him before at a meet and greet before to my surprise it was Trevor Moran.

“This is Trevor Moran Class” said the teacher i was freaking out it was unbelieveable i could be dreaming to i ask the kid next to me to pinch me hard and she did it to hard it left a red mark on my arm that already hurt from P.E. class dodgeball isn't my thing people not at all.

“take a seat next to Miranda. Trevor” said the teacher and he walked over, i looked at him and he turned around and grinned, motioned his hand to a wave to me and i waved back and got back to work.



my dad called me to the living room to tell me something grand as he says to me from across the house to me. i walked down seeing a smile spread across his face it kind of scared me to be honest.

“hey candice so you know how i've been wanting to do a meet and greet with some trevor Moran guy?’ he asked and i nodded

“yeah dad” i said and he took out a ticket and it said “trevor Moran meet and greet i screamed at the top of my lungs for mixed girl and i hugged my dad

“omg dad trevor Moran! i love you i really do but only 1?” i asked my dad

“who said 1 sweetie more like 2 extras well one for me and a friend”

“awesomesauce dad let me call Abby” i said heading to the phone calling abby she was as thrilled as i was to tell you i really was in love with

Trevor Moran when he was on X Factor but it was sad when he didn't win i cried it was cray~cray in my house with ally.

when she come over we jumped up and down as we screamed “we are going see trevor moran”

after waiting for about a month it come to see him in los angeles the flight was kinda long but worth the wait to see him.

the line was so long took nearly an hour to see him and when we was just inches away from meeting the most talented guy that i know that i like to more honest with ya.

“hello there what are your guys name?” trevor asked us

“am candice and this is ally” i said and he gaves us a hug and we got a picture together and one he kissed my cheek and it was awesome my face was turning red it was embarrassing so much

“your blushing thats cute you know” trevor said making me blush even more

“haha thanks trevor it was nice to meet you” i said getting one last hug and he kissed my hand

“nice to meet you too Candice hope to see you and ally some other time i hope” he said and we walked away going to my dad we just told him that we had funny meeting him and hope to do it again very soon if thats possible again and headed for the hotel we were staying at the time and talked to ally for awhile and went on a walk around the hotel seeing the vending machine

Thank god i had some money to get something so i grabbed some fruit snacks and went on my way looking around some more and i ran into trevor

“well isnt it candice the most calmest fan ive ever meet!” he said smiling at me it looked perfecter in person then in photo i had on my phone and computer to tell you people.

“hey trevor” i said smiling and he took my hand

“want to walk together?” he asked me as we walked away going to the rooftop

“ive never been this far up you know” i said and trevor was off in space but finally said something    g to me

“sorry this is my thinking spot “ he said and he took my hand

“it was such a pleasure to meet candice i hope i meet you again haha” he said and i hugged him

“me too” i said going to the door saying goodbye to trevor and leaving los angeles for good goin to kansas the next day


~~~~flashback ends~~~~~

okay i've been working on this for awhile so yeah have a nice day people!



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