The Girl In The Window

Amy is about to have the worst Halloween ever...


1. Ice-cream please!

It was Halloween. I was round at Mr and Mrs Honey's house babysitting there little 7yr old girl, Abbie. This night was the scariest night of my life. I just didn't know it yet. Here is what happened....

After Mr and Mrs Honey left for the night, I gave Abbie her dinner. It was fish fingers, mashed potato and baked beans. My favourite. She wolfed it down and after she cried out to me, 'Ice-cream please!'

I didn't know the house very well, so, naturally, I asked her where the ice-cream was.

'In the basement, of course!' Abbie giggled.

So I trudged down the stone stairs to the basement to find the ice-cream. I looked out of the window and cried out in surprise. There was a little girl outside, but she had her back to me so I couldn't see who it was. I didn't think much of it, however, as it was Halloween, so there would be people everywhere. I went back up the stairs and gave Abbie the ice-cream.

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