The Girl In The Window

Amy is about to have the worst Halloween ever...


3. Chocolate Sauce

'I take it you didn't get my chocolate sauce whilst you were down there, did you?' Abbie asked as I handed her the sprinkles pot.

'No, I didn't, but let me guess, there in the basement?' I asked, getting really irritated with this spoiled brat. 

'Yeah. Go get them, then!'

I huffed down the basement stairs, and, once again, looked out the window. This time, the young girl was facing me, but she was holding a knife. I screamed, grabbed the chocolate sauce and ran up the stairs. I tripped and fell. 

Blood was trickling down my leg when I handed Abbie the chocolate sauce.

'I also want a cherry for the top!' Abbie said, giggling in a really annoying way.

'But I need to wipe up my knee!' I wailed.

'Do I look like I care? GO AND GET MY CHERRY!!!'

God, I wanted to punch this kid. Just think of the money, Amy, just think of the money.

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