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1. YouNow

"Jackson?" Dan called out, making his way to his adopted four year old son's room. "Time to get ready for bed -" He paused as he saw that Jackson was curled up in a ball on his bed, crying. Dan scooped him up in his arms and walked slowly up and down the room with Jackson cradled against him. Jackson had always loved it when Dan did that. It made him feel safer, in the funny way that young children do. "I miss Daddy." He sobbed into Dan's chest. "I know, baby. He'll be back next week." Dan said soothingly, trying to comfort himself as much as Jackson. He thought of his husband, Phil Howell - Lester, who had gone travelling for two months as part of a new contract he had been signed to by BBC Radio 1. He missed him just as much as Jackson did. "I know." He said at last. "How about you get ready for bed nice and quick now and then you can be in my YouNow afterwards?" Jackson lifted his head up from Dan's chest. "Really?" He asked, his face brightening. He was smiling when there were tears running down his cheeks, and for some reason that made Dan want to cry. "Yes. Come on then, let's be quick." He put Jackson down and walked over to get his son's pyjamas out of his closet. "No, I can do it myself, Dad." Dan smiled and left the room to set up the computer.

"Look! I got ready for bed all my myself, Dad. I'm a really big boy now, aren't I?" Jackson said proudly. Dan smiled at how much his son had grown up in the past three years that he had been his father. "Yes. You're very, very big boy now." He picked his son up and sat him on his lap. Everyone watching the YouNow went crazy. They loved seeing Jackson. "Jack's here today, everyone. He's having a very late night aren't you, sweetheart?" Jackson shrugged. "I'm a big boy now." Dan laughed. "Look, Jack. Look at the questions. Emily C wants to know what your middle name is." Jackson leant his head back on Dan's shoulder. "It's Philip after my Daddy. And Daniel after my Dad. I have two middle names." He said. Dan nodded proudly. "Lauren F wants to know why you're on this YouNow today." Jackson was fidgeting about on Dan's lap, pulling funny faces at the camera. He didn't even seem to have heard the question, which made Dan laugh. "Okay then, Lauren F. He's on here to cheer him up a bit because he was missing Daddy Phil. And you lot also like him coming on here and all that shit so..." And then Dan saw a comment pop up. From Phil L. It said "NO SWEARING IN FRONT OF JACK!!!!!" Dan laughed. "Daddy's watching, sweetie." He told Jackson. Jackson grinned broadly. "Hi daddy! I miss you and I love you lots and lots and lots and lots!" He said cheerfully, waving his hand. Dan smiled and kissed his son on the cheek.

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