How do you make a book?

Some asked me how I make my books, how my inspiration comes, ... So here are my things and tips for the ones who wants to have them


5. Writers block ?

Maybe a lot of you have heard about the phenomenon : writers block. 

Meaning writers block

Even a lot of famous writers could have it too. It's the period when you don't have any inspiration to write or even don't know how to write your ideas in a book. I have it sometimes too, sometimes not. But some tips could help for it. Not all the tips could you apply on yourself. It depends just how you are... 

How long does writers block last?

It depends from writer to writer, some have it a month, some have it a few weeks, a week or just a day. It depends on what your inspiration is for your books too I think. 

What DOESN'T HELP writers block? 

First of all, DON'T panic or stress because you have a writers block. Accept that it happens, it can happen to every writer. DON'T look at lot at your stories where you have writers block, if you are everyday on drafts looking at your story it will cause more stress or pressure to write further but it won't help, believe me, I did that and it caused me more writers block for that story. 

What CAN help writers block? 

Some of them I use, some of them I don't use but I have heard these tips from someone. Hope it can help for writers block people:

- You have difficulties with writing it in English and English isn't your main language? Search someone who have the same mainlanguage as you, who can help you with translation or with tips how she/he does it. Or just put your sentences in your main language and translate them when you're ready with your whole chapter. Maybe it costs a lot of time but if it can helps you...

- Writers block? Walk a little bit around in your environment, maybe you find elements you can use in your story, but just don't think about your story when you're walking around your environment. It will pop into your head immediately when you have ideas for your story.

- Childhood memories or just memories from now helps me for my inspiration sometimes. Sometimes I make a twist with the reality. 

- Maybe your favourite films or favourite singers could help you trough it? Music helps me sometimes to find inspiration. 

- Do you know some writers? Ask help! 

- If you have a lot of writers block maybe a co-writer can help you when you're stuck into writers blocks.. She writes when you're stuck... 

- Let your book stands for a week, and start maybe a new one and when you have some inspiration for your old book you combine writing your new book with your old book. 

- IF I have more tips I put it here again, I'll update the chapters then :)


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