How do you make a book?

Some asked me how I make my books, how my inspiration comes, ... So here are my things and tips for the ones who wants to have them


1. The plot/concept

Hello everyone! I'm Eline and I got asked by someone to make a book to help people how they could make a book. 

I'm originally a fanfiction writer but I'm also interested to do some fictionbooks. I think my advice or how do I do it is applicable for every writer or book. I hope my advice can help and that I could explain it good or that you have something for it.

The first lesson or chapter is about two of the most important things in a book: 

The plot or the concept of a book :

So what's a plot or concept of a book? 

It's the core of a whole book. The concept is the core of the book. So it's very important to have a plot before you really write yourself. The plot is most of the time also the blurb you put in a book. At the back of the book there is most of the time a sort of plot or blurb of the book.


How do I invent my plots?

Most of the time, I have my ideas thanks to films, my favourite bands and singers. Or just because reality. 

Sometimes you can just invent a plot with daily things of live but you make a special thing of it. For example for the romantic people(I write it quickly in blurb style, it happens a lot that I just can make it quicker in a blurb then just in a 'concept' style):

Bike buddies, what does that mean? We always met each other on the way to school? He comes from the right of a street and I always meet him on the same time. He always smiles but I can't help it. Maybe I should speak to him or not? 

So you see it's about a girl and a boy who meets each other on their bike when they go to school. A daily thing(riding with the bike) can be more interesting than you think. You can make plot with for example characteristics of Titanic but a plot twist that they don't die or sink or something else. So that doesn't mean you have to copy it(so no plagiarism). 

One of my ideas of books came also thanks to Pitch Perfect(that book isn't published yet, but it stands in drafts normally). It's about a girls and boysgroup, they can't get in touch(it's against the rules), it's not the same like the movie in the book but it just had some similarities. 

The blurb!

So we arrived at the blurb. You have found a concept or plot? You have to attract the readers to read your book! The blurb has to make attention on it. It has to say : READ ME READ ME

And how can you make your blurb that succesfull? 

- spend enough time of it, read it a few times to check fault or to check the sentence constructions

- has to attract people: this means tensions, plottwist maybe, reveal a little bit of the whole book, but not too much. 

- is a short text it's not a whole page or romance book 


Maybe a little example for a horror book: 

Tick tock, says the clock on the wall. Animals are moving around my space. I want to go out of this mess! I want to go out of this mess! The clock goes tick tock, tick tock, and the clock won't stop.... 

It doesn't matter if this is really short, it can be longer but I think maximum 10 lines. Not more. 


A little example for a romance book:

If he could know the future, I'll give him my future. If he would know the truth, he had to say it. Could he love me as I do when I met him? Yes, this is the story of Kate, Kate Harrods. And he, he's my hero, my existance of life, my inspiration of life. Maybe I'm exaggerating. Shut up Kate! Mind empty! Please! Please! 


Note: it depends from plot to plot how you could write your blurb so don't expect these sort of blurb could be used in every romance or horror book or could be based on other genres. 

If there are other questions or more questions about it you, can comment them or just ask me it :) 

This was lesson 1 and hopefully I can post lesson 2 soon!

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