How do you make a book?

Some asked me how I make my books, how my inspiration comes, ... So here are my things and tips for the ones who wants to have them


6. The Ending

As an ending you choose it on your own. But better make it different then your normal chapters. Here a few options: 


* Make an ending which continue in a new book, a new sequel. (If you love to work with series or sequels) 

* Make a spectacular ending which blew everyone away (maybe a good ending or a bad, your own choice)

 * make it an unexpectable ending , which is completely different then what 'is suggested' in the book 

But there is one condition of all these things: only if you believe in your book and your ending! 

I can't give a lot of tips for a book, it's just writing, writing, writing! So that's the way to improve your writing and sometimes re-read your stories so you could evaluate your previous books. What were the best and the worst things you have ever written ? 

So with these points you can improve your writing maybe ? Or just to write and feel what's right or wrong in your eyes. 

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