How do you make a book?

Some asked me how I make my books, how my inspiration comes, ... So here are my things and tips for the ones who wants to have them


2. Prologue/Introduction of the characters

So... Here's lesson 2. After the blurb you have to choose between: 

- a prologue

- an introduction with the characters

- or just immediately beginning with the story, like I learned in my school we can do that in two ways: 

          * In medias res(I don't know if it's the same in English): it means we're in the middle of action, you don't know                the characters and their habits, characteristics,... So the readers had to concentrate and keep reading of it...

          * Ab ovo : it means that you start the story but you find slowly out how it goes, who it is, all the things of the

Because you maybe want to know what suits your story I will give you examples of it. The first one:

The Prologue

A prologue is like an epilogue in the end. You can use both in one story. A prologue could describe the situation before what will happen in the book or it can be a flashback of the person who lived in the story or how he/she just thought about the situation which is described in the book. You have different chooses. An little example of the flashback thing:

Love can go anywhere they said. Love could give you butterflies they said. But love gave me a broken heart. He was the first one who gave me the feeling to be special, to beloved, to be honoured. It started with dates, with sleepovers, with traveldates, with everything until he wanted something from me.... Only from me... Money and just 'love' ,what he calls love. I don't find that it was love. He claimed that it was love... 

It's an example of a 'prologue'. The advantage of a prologue is you can make it short or as long as you want. It is a sort of cause for the story. Further on, just make the prologue just good enough to attract people who try to read a prologue if they aren't convinced with the blurb and think: maybe the prologue would be better!

So the advice is also: check your faults and spelling. Sometimes I just read prologues if I'm not convinced by the blurb. So I don't know if people do that too. 

Introduction of the characters

Well, you can do this but if you do it, you just have to introduce only the main players not the players who just play once a chapter. 

So for example: the girl, the boy, the best friends and not their parents because they won't come a lot in it. 

You have different ways to introduce your characters. I'll explain two ways who are the most used I think. 


First one is just with name: ... age:... and every part of information you want to give in advance so they can follow but don't exaggerate with that. To vary and to show the appearance of the character you can add pictures of the character. 

Another example that I want to show you is an introduction with a text about the characters. In this example I shall introduce a character Megan and a character Harry(Sorry Megan if you read this but I didn't had any idea and I thought you wouldn't mind) : 

The story contains a few personages: 

It's about Megan, a funny happy girl. Everyone could love her. Just a brown haired girl. Works hard for school. She's 14 and likes to have fun with her friends. She can be friends with everyone. But when she met her idol her 'insure' side will be appeared instead of her loudly character where she's herself. 

Harry is a young man at the age of 20. Things the world would go around when he could ask it. The fame is a good thing for him but sometimes he has enough of it. When he find a happy fun girl. Would his world be better? 

It's maybe not a very good example but I hope you understand the meaning of introduction in a text. 


Immediately starting with the story

So if you start immediately with the story you have two choices: 

* slowly coming up with characters 

* immediately the actions


1. Slowly coming up with the characters: it's a way but not very common and if you want to do it, you could better introduce your characters like I did before in this chapter then this. 

I hope this would be over the day when I wake up out of this nightmare. It isn't a nightmare, I realized. 'Carol, stand up.' A voice ordered me. My name is Carol, Carol Hays. Just like every girl on my age, 13 I want to have some fun, not being locked in a weird room. My parents, Yves and Linda, wanted to learn me some manners


'You're brother Erik is smarter than you!' They screamed and his me in the face. My dad hit me in the face. I hurt when your parents hate you and find your brother better than you...

- end flashback - 

It's a short part but I want to show you in the first chapter there would be more information than 'actions' in the parts. You could read here it's a character, Carol, 13 years, who doesn't have a good life. 

You know her parents... It 'slowly come up'.


2. Immediately the action

I ran around and hoped nobody would see me. What if they found me? I ran into one of the streets of London. 'Come here, come here!' A voice whispered trough my body. I don't know what to do. The cars chased around the streets. 

I was scared to cross around the road. Maybe, he , he would get me. 

It's maybe a short thing but you know nothing now about the story, after a few alineas or pages you know the story better. An advantage of this method is that you have immediately action and tension; 


I hope you learned something about it and see you the next lesson! :) Questions are always welcome! 



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