How do you make a book?

Some asked me how I make my books, how my inspiration comes, ... So here are my things and tips for the ones who wants to have them


3. Cover

The third thing or lesson, we're gonna talk about Covers:

I don't know a lot about it, I have my cover made by friends. But if you're doing it yourself, maybe you can use this tips: 

1. Don't forget to mention the title of your book, and of course yourself as author. People has to know that you wrote that book instead of someone else. People has to know if they 'would have questions' where they could go to.  

2. maybe the main characters would be useful to show on the cover. So for example if Harry Styles stands on the cover we know it's fanfic or just a story about Harry Styles. 

3. make it interesting so not something boring or a boring picture. if you use main characters make them fit in the cover with maybe a smile, a sad face, just according to the story. Or maybe just a 'nerd' picture if it's a nerd in the story;


Further on, you just have to experiment I think. Make it original. I hope you find this useful. Sorry for this short chapter 


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