All of my poems, except for the ones used for competitions, in one!
- I hope you'll enjoy them!
Sorry for the mixed themes, I just write what I feel for, so, yeah, haha! xx <3

Alle mine digte, udover dem der bliver brugt til konkurrencer, samlet i én. :) x
Håber i vil nyde dem!
Jeg beklager de meget blandede temaer, men er man i humør, er man i humør. :-D
- Sally Treasure xx

And yes, these are all mine, so please, if you repost them, tag me or something ♥


10. Wandering Wondering

Have you ever wondered,

far beyond in daze?

Have you ever wondered,
because you needed space?


Have you ever wandered,
off to God knows where?
Have you ever wandered,
just to come back here?


Have you ever pondered,
over someones I's?
Have you ever pondered,
when the 'us' between you dies?


Have you ever pondered,
over the look in their eyes?
Have you ever pondered,
when they were covering their lies.


I have never wandered,
long enough to become alone.
I have always wandered,
just enough to find my way home.


But long I do have wondered,
if we were ever real.
And further longer I've wondered,

If the wounds will ever heal. 

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