All of my poems, except for the ones used for competitions, in one!
- I hope you'll enjoy them!
Sorry for the mixed themes, I just write what I feel for, so, yeah, haha! xx <3

Alle mine digte, udover dem der bliver brugt til konkurrencer, samlet i én. :) x
Håber i vil nyde dem!
Jeg beklager de meget blandede temaer, men er man i humør, er man i humør. :-D
- Sally Treasure xx

And yes, these are all mine, so please, if you repost them, tag me or something ♥


9. To Be Human

It's painful to be human,

it's painful to grow old.

To realise the truth,

of the lies you have been told.


It's hurtful to be living,

It's hurtful to lose youth.

But the dying at the end,

can be a painless truth.


Some lies were for the better,

some lies you can look past,

But just like life, it seems,

most lies do never last.


I've lied, and I regret it.

I've lied, and lost so much.

The only truth I now have left,

is how I miss your touch.


I miss they way we were,

I miss what we could have been.

How life it could have changed,

and all the things we could have seen.


That's one truth that hurts.

That's one truth, that lives in me,

The fact that "WE" are in the past

That "WE" will never be.

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