All of my poems, except for the ones used for competitions, in one!
- I hope you'll enjoy them!
Sorry for the mixed themes, I just write what I feel for, so, yeah, haha! xx <3

Alle mine digte, udover dem der bliver brugt til konkurrencer, samlet i én. :) x
Håber i vil nyde dem!
Jeg beklager de meget blandede temaer, men er man i humør, er man i humør. :-D
- Sally Treasure xx

And yes, these are all mine, so please, if you repost them, tag me or something ♥


6. So Short A Life

Life is short,

no time to waste.

There’s places to go,

and food to taste.


Songs to hear,

words to write.

Stars to look at,

all through the night.


People to love,

friends to make.

Hearts to conquer,

chances to take.


Dances to dance,

paths to go. 

A world to discover,

a lot of things to know.


The world is never boring,

there’s always things to do.

You just have to keep dreaming,

your whole life through. 

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