All of my poems, except for the ones used for competitions, in one!
- I hope you'll enjoy them!
Sorry for the mixed themes, I just write what I feel for, so, yeah, haha! xx <3

Alle mine digte, udover dem der bliver brugt til konkurrencer, samlet i én. :) x
Håber i vil nyde dem!
Jeg beklager de meget blandede temaer, men er man i humør, er man i humør. :-D
- Sally Treasure xx

And yes, these are all mine, so please, if you repost them, tag me or something ♥


14. No Longer Me

Towers tilted,

bridges rotten.

A wonderful place,

seems so forgotten.


I remember the sky,

so blue and so open.

Now it's just dark,

over dreams so broken.


I remember the hills,

so green and alive.

Now the flowers has withered,

and the life has died.


I remember the river,

babbling, always loud.

Now it's silent,

all dried out.


I remember this place,

with its beauty and peace.

And I thought to myself,

"This place will never cease."


I used to come here;

my place to be.

But now it's all shattered,

and I am no longer me. 

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