All of my poems, except for the ones used for competitions, in one!
- I hope you'll enjoy them!
Sorry for the mixed themes, I just write what I feel for, so, yeah, haha! xx <3

Alle mine digte, udover dem der bliver brugt til konkurrencer, samlet i én. :) x
Håber i vil nyde dem!
Jeg beklager de meget blandede temaer, men er man i humør, er man i humør. :-D
- Sally Treasure xx

And yes, these are all mine, so please, if you repost them, tag me or something ♥


2. Better Without You

Lie to me, 
cheat on me, 
point out any vice. 
Just remember;
I'm not stupid enough, 
to let you do it twice. 

Break my trust, 

knock me down, 
it won't make me bend. 
Just remember; 
you took the last step, 
I won't let you in again. 

Push me forward, 

drag me out, 
get me off the track. 
Just remember; 
I know the way, 
and I won't bring you back. 

Hurt my feelings, 

push me away, 
do whatever you want to do. 
Just remember; 
I've been there before, 

And I know I'll do better without you.

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