Louis Tomlinson's Little Sister!

Hey, I'm Kiera, a normal girl who goes out with Harry Styles, my brother is older than me and his name is Louis Tomlinson. My best friend, who is like a sister, is called Lexii Horan, one of her brothers is Niall Horan and the other is called Josh, yes they are all Irish, and funnily enough, Lex fancies a certain boy and mate who is Mr Zayn Malik. My brother goes out with one of our friends called Eleanor. Liam doesn't have any relation to us but he's one of our mates. We all live in Doncaster, even though some of us aren't from here, me and Lou are. We are all really good friends and spend a lot of time together, but there are some faults in our lives and relationships.


8. Chapter 8- I love you!!

Harry's P.O.V:

I was looking around to see if I could see Zayn and Lex, eventually I saw them and they were holding hands. "Kiera" I whispered. "what were you going to tell me earlier, before we left for the beach??" "oh yea, well Lex has fancied Zayn for a long, long long time and I just thought I would tell you, cause ya know he's your mate and, yea." she replied still whispering. "oh that's why she hasn't spoke to him properly In ages, I thought she had a problem with him, I think they might go out considering they are holding hands now"


Kiera's P.O.V:

I was so happy they now go out, but I wanted some time with Harry so I pulled him up, telling the others we will be back later. They wolf whistled and I just waved my hand and told them to shut up and we walked off.

Whilst we were walking I had to ask Harry a question. "Harry?" "yea babe?" "Do you love me?" "why do you ask that, of course I do." "good" I said taking his hand. I pulled him to run along the beach with me, he ran in front of me and then stopped me by acting as a barrier and I crashed into him and fell on the sand. He picked me up and threw me into the sea by the time I got out Harry had disappeared. I looked down to see rose petals on the sand leading up to a candle lit beach house. I followed them and when I reached the beach house I saw a small box in the middle of a ring of petals, with a note saying open me. I started to well up and then I opened it. Inside was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. I looked down at my waist and saw two arms wrapped around it, I turned around and saw a smirking Harry, he took the ring from my hand and got down on one knee, by this point I was bawling. "Kiera Louise Tomlinson, will you make me the happiest man alive by doing me the honour of being my future wife?" I was speechless and couldn't say a word, so I had to nod my head. He put the diamond ring on my finger and I buried my head into his chest crying. "I love you so much baby" He said. i sobbed but managed to reply with " I love you too Harold."


After all this excitement and crying I started to run back to the others, I stopped and grabbed Harrys hand and again pulled him making him run. The others saw us and stood up, Lexii asked me "What's happened to you? your grinning like a Cheshire cat." She smiled. I ran to Lex who let go of Zayn's hand because I shoved my left hand in her face and she grabbed it and then hugged me. "OMG, YOUR GETTING MARRIED?!? AHHHH CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!" she squealed jumping up and down. The others came over and congratulated us hugging me and patting Harry on the back. Niall congratulated me but said " I still think spaghetti is from France, we have to celebrate, lets get food because I am hungry." We all just laughed at him. Zayn said whilst grabbing Lexii's hand "Niall man your always hungry" chuckling to himself. He tugged Lexii's arm to go to the car. "c'mon we better go now its getting really dark" we all nodded and piled in the car, and Louis drove back to our house. Lexii sighed. "What's up Lex-Bug?" I asked, "Well not being rude or nothing Ki, but do we have to go back to your house? You know, because your parents are there?" I thought for a moment and replied with "I suppose your right but it doesn't matter because they are out for dinner tonight with Sally and Michael" "yeah dinner" Louis said making quotation marks with his fingers when he said dinner and winked. "Louis!" I moaned "That's disgusting they're our parents!" everyone started laughing and Louis said "Well its true though!" I just made a disgusted face and smiled at my ring the rest of the way home.

'Mrs Kiera Louise Styles hmm that has a ring to it' I thought to myself.

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